My Girlfriend first and only Girlfriend

About 20 years ago, before I knew her, my gf went for a job orientation thing for our current job. My gf is a platinum blond of average build but a very nice full ass. She is sitting in her seat when this 6 foot tall black woman with huge breasts walks in. She sees my gf and without hesitating comes right over and sits next to her. My gf is shy everywhere but in the bedroom and the black woman is shy nowhere and very aggressive. Some how they instantly became friends. They did have one thing in common and that was they both loved to drink. So not surprisingly they both went to a bar after the orientation and got to know each other. Chief among them is my gf is a single mother and the black woman just had a baby.

Starting with the first day at their new jobs, the black woman drove my gf to work each day because my gf dosn’t drive. The black woman was a stickler for buckling up in the car but my gf couldn’t get the buckle to catch for her seat. So the black woman would lean over her seat, pushing her huge tits into my gf as she buckled her in. My gf already knew that the black woman was a very touchy feely sort and though she was uncomfortable with her doing this, she tolerated it as she is not one to speak up about a minor annoyance. She would rather take it than cause trouble. Something the black woman quickly caught on to.That and she really needed the ride to work.

After a few weeks, the black woman started touching my gf even more. She might pat her ass as she walked by or give her a message on the shoulders. And of course the black woman would hug her for almost any reason. My gf by now was growing use to the body contact and really didn’t think too much of it any more. Sometimes my gf would go over the black woman’s house. My gf likes to be helpful and often would wash the dishes for her. This soon turned into a game of the black woman sneaking up behind her and scaring her as she grabbed her waist. This soon carried over to happening at work.

Soon more things began to happen that my gf caught onto only in hind site. My gf would be sitting on the couch and the black woman would sit on the chair in front of her and rub my gf’s feet after work. Often her feet were very near or touching the black woman’s breasts. My gf said this was the first time she noticed that she was getting little thrills from the black woman touching her and it’s around the time she started trying to get little peeks at the black woman’s breasts as they fascinated her because of the size. The black woman caught her looking several times but pretended she didn’t.

Next, one day my gf came over the black woman’s house and she answered the door in her bathrobe that seemed a bit too small. Several times the black woman bent over giving my gf quick glimpses of her breasts and towards the end of the day, the robe came completely open for just a moment as the black woman retied the robe. That night my gf said she had her first wet dream about another woman.

About a week later they were watching tv on the couch and the black woman got up to get her baby because he was crying. She came back a few minutes later wearing the bathrobe and with the baby. She sat down and pulled out one giant breast and began breast feeding the baby right in front of my gf like nothing at all. My gf said later that her mouth got so wet she had to swallow before she could talk and when she did she was stuttering all over the place. That night my gf couldn’t sleep until she masturbated to what she saw earlier that day.

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