My gf moves in and becomes involved with my father – Cucked by my Father

It was April 2020 and we all got the dreaded news we were expecting. A national COVID lockdown. All the BS- not allowed to go to work, not allowed to leave the house unless absolutely necessary etc. etc. we’ve all had to live though it so I don’t need to remind you of the details.

Barely an hour after the news was broadcast I received a phone call from my girlfriend Rachel.

“Ohh god baby, it’s so terrible,” she cried down the phone.

I understood that she would be upset, but her sadness seemed a little exaggerated. It was just lockdown; anyone would have thought someone had died from her tone.

“I know baby, I know, but it won’t last long. It’ll be a couple of months then we can see each other again,” I replied putting on my best calming voice.

“But it’s my mom. We’ve been fighting nonstop for the last month. How the hell am I going to cope being stuck in the house with her all this time, not able to get away? It’s going to be awful.”

Rachel would often come to blows with her mom, it seemed they just had incompatible personalities. The smallest, most inconvenient things would turn into screaming matches. I think part of it lay with her mom not only having Rachel when she was just 17, but also having to raise her on her own. She missed out on a lot of her youth so I think she unconsciously blamed Rachel for a lot of her problems. She wasn’t abusive though and it was clear despite their fights that they both loved each other very much.

“Well do you have to stay there?”

“Of course I do. You heard the rules. I have to stay in the house, I can’t leave to go visit you or anything.”

“Yeah, the rules say you can’t leave the house. But what if you moved in with me and my dad?”

“I-I could do that?” she asked suddenly cheering up.

“Yeah I don’t see why not, and my dad won’t care. It’ll be great- we can hang out all day… and all night”

“Haha you horn dog! But I like the way you think. I’ll check with my mom but I doubt she’ll care.”

“Great! Sounds like a plan!”

I hung up the phone and was grinning ear to ear. This would be a dream come true; Rachel wasn’t just my girlfriend, but my best friend too. We liked all the same stuff and she was as much as a nerd as I was. We could spend all day watching TV and playing games. And I was also very excited at the idea of sleeping with her every night. Currently we only really got to meet up for sex a few times each month. Rachel was 18 and still had school to worry about so couldn’t spend weekdays staying with me, and I was 21 and working in retail so had to take the weekend shift more often than I would have liked. But now lockdown would be a blessing in disguise for us.

It was moving in day at last and I heard Rachel pull up on the driveway around midday. I quickly opened the door to see her skipping across the lawn with two very large holdalls in each hand with her mom unloading a third from the car- how could a girl have so many clothes? Rachel looked amazing (as always), dressed in tiny Daisy Duke shorts, a light grey halter top stretched over her 32C boobs and her blonde hair glistening in the sun like some kind of halo. She dropped her bags at the doorstep and launched herself at me. I managed to catch her in my arms and somehow avoided falling backwards as she wrapped her legs round me, showering me with little kisses all over my face. Rachel was only 5ft2 and very petite, so even a weakling like me could hold her weight quite easily.

After finally untangling herself from me she went back to her car to pick up the remaining bag whilst I took on the role of busboy and hauled her surprisingly heavy bags up the stairs to my room. As I came down panting slightly, she was just dropping her last bag off at the bottom of the stairs; my dad had eventually appeared and was standing in the hallway. Rachel was bent over and my dad’s eyes were firmly fixed on her ass. I couldn’t blame him to be honest- it was one of the peachiest little asses I had even seen and in those tiny shorts it looked an absolute treat. Frankly I was punching well above my weight with Rachel, my only saving grace for once was my nerdiness. I was the only guy who really connected with Rachel on a personal level, everyone else who dated her before was just interested in her incredible looks. She said she could always be herself with me, able to nerd out, play games and watch anime without being judged.

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