My friends little sister

Ok, This is my first story, and i do have alot of them. This is 100% real and true, as are all of my stories. This isn’t a “sex” story per se but you’ll get the drift once i start telling it. First here’s a little about me. I’m a 25yo SWM, i stand about 6’1, 220lbs, shaved head, goatee, hazel/green eyes, with an exceptionally large cock (i do have pix to proove it).

This happened to me about 3 years ago. I was at my friends house early in the morning, i would say that it was about 9am. My friend was about 2 hours away and his mom asked me if i would want to wait for him. I was a regular at his house so his mom was comfortable with me so i decided to stay and watch some TV. Well, About 5 minutes after i got there my friends little sister came home who i will call Laura from a sleep over the previous night. I’m not going to tell you how old she was but i will say that she had some nice sized tits for how old she was. She stood about 5’2, long brown haird, brown eyes, and a nice thin body. She said that she hadn’t gotten any sleep and that she was extremely tired. So, She layed on the couch and literally almost passed out. About 20 minutes later, with Laura fast asleep, her mom came in and told me to try and wake her up to see if she wanted something to eat. Well, I went over to her and shook her and almost yelled to try and wake her up to no avail. She was out cold. Her mom shrugged and told me that she was going upstairs to take a shower. I said ok and she went on her way. Now, It was just Laura and I in the living room. I sat and watched TV for a little bit and i kept looking over at her. She was wearing a tight white tanktop shirt, her nice sized tits were squeezing it extremely tight and of course as soon as i looked at her my cock started to get hard, Extremely Hard. So, I started thinking about when i tried to wake her up. She wouldn’t wake up so i could probably whip my cock out and stroke it in front of her right? Well, To be honest with you, thats what i did. I stood up from my chair very slowly trying to make as little noise as humanly possible. I undid my belt and pulled my shorts and my boxers completely off, freeing my cock which was so ubnelievably hard. I started to slowly stroke it and i moved closer to her wanting to get as close as possible. My cock was so hard that i couldn’t even believe it.

I then thought to myself, when i shook her she didn’t even move. So, I moved in. I reached down with my right hand and started to feel and squeeze her tits, and man were they soft yet firm! I started to get very bold and i leaned down a little bit and put my cock directly across her lips as i was squeezing her tits. As my cock was rubbing on her lips she took a deep breath and blew out very hard, which felt great. But what felt even better was the fact that she now left her mouth open with her lips nice a moiste. My cock began to slide from one side of her mouth to the other. By this time there was no turnning back so i took my cock away and leaned down and pulled the tanktop down to expose her tits which were beautiful. I think started to pinch on her nipples and squeeze them lightly. She let out a light moan which scared me because i thought she was waking up. After i found out all was ok, i layed my cock directly on her right tit and rubbed the head on her nipple. I kept doing this for about maybe 5 minutes before it was all over. I could feel a gallon of cum about to rush out of my cock. I debated on what to do but i just said fuck it. I positioned myself over her and stroked my cock. I stroked until i literally exploded. I started to cum so hard that it must have shot 3 feet. The first bit of cum landed on her tits, but the second shot i moved up to her face and started to cum on her, and in her mouth which was open. I must have cum a whole pint which was worrying me because i kept cumming, and cumming. After her face was nearly covered i moved down and came on her little tits again. By the time i was done, Laura was covered in cum and i started to wonder if she was going to wake up. So I took alot of tissues and carefully wiped her face off, but i purposly left some cum in her mouth, and the cum that i squirted on her tits i rubbed into her skin.

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