My First Triple Penetration

I was sixteen and an expert in sex! I’d done it on my own, with implements, with my Rocky and then my brother. I’d gone boldly to the varsity football team’s private party and let them know my body was available to them. All forty-five team members made free use of me through that night and I ended up covered and full of cum, exhausted from more orgasms than I could ever imagine, amazed at how erotic it was to watch black cocks go into my white pussy and contracted syphilis. Yes, I’d experienced it all since my sixteenth birthday! Or so I thought in my immature teenage mind.

The uproar that resulted from my revelation of whom I’d had sex with when I was found to be infected was one I’d prefer to forget, but never will. The treatment I received from all the students at school made me cringe until I realized that many of them were jealous that it hadn’t been them. Some others disliked me because their boyfriend was one of the guys and shared the STD with them. Of course there was also the fact I’d had sex with their possession. After a few weeks, however, the majority of it blew over and I was left with the learned ability to ignore the babble around me and just focus on what I wanted and needed while keeping the feelings and outlooks of others in mind but not as absolute values I had to follow.

Towards the end of the school year, one of the three black players who had fucked me at the varsity party approached me during a Friday lunch. He was shy, I could tell, but wanted to talk to me and, I thought, ask me out. I responded openly to him and did my sixteen year old best to put him at ease. He finally asked me out and I eagerly accepted. I told him where I lived and he said he’d pick me up about 7:00.

When I got home, I was trebmling in excitement at the thought of going on a date with an older boy and a black one at that. I was hoping he’d try to seduce me, since I was anxious to have him fuck me again. I wanted to lay back and watch his hard black cock sliding into me and feel his cum squirting into where it belonged. As I walked through the door of my house, my pussy was sopping wet and I was on the verge of an anticipatory orgasm.

I shut the door, tossed my book bag and coat into the closet and stood in the middle of the living room. I shoved my hands up under my uniform skirt and under the soaked panties covering my hot, wet pussy. Without thinking, I plunged two fingers from each hand into my cunt. I moaned at the feelings shooting through my body and dropped to my knees. I never heard my brother approach, drawn by my moans. Kneeling there, thrusting my fingers in and out of myself, eyes closed, my orgasm building rapidly, I never knew he was standing just in front of me until the tip of his cock touched my lips. I gasped, opened my eyes, saw what had touched me, opened my mouth and slid my lips down his hard length. I didn’t stop my forward movement until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I held myself there, rippling my tongue and throat around his shaft as I finally reached my self-induced climax.

My body shuddered on the fingers buried deeply inside me! I moaned continuously around the cock filling my mouth and throat. My hips rocked spasmodically, totally out of my control. My groin suddenly grew painfully hard as the muscles there began to spasm. I hiccupped and then felt a tremendous release of pressure from my lower body and heard the sound of fluid splashing onto the floor. My thighs were suddenly soaked, fluid running freely down them. I could feel my vaginal fluids spraying out of my pussy around my fingers and all over my hands. Wave after wave rushed through me, making wave after wave of fluid squirt out of me! Through it all, I kept my brother’s stiff cock fully lodged in my mouth and throat.

As the last spasm passed and the flood from my pussy subsided, I drew my mouth back slightly. Josh wrapped his hand in my long blonde hair and put his palm flat on my head. I knew what he wanted and surrendered to him. He pulled my face forward, back to his groin, his entire cock lodged inside me. He then drew my head back until only half his cock was inside me, then pushed me forward again. He continued a steady rhythm, sliding his stiff prick in and out of my face. I could only pant and fight for breath as I became more and more aroused. Suddenly, he pulled me back hard and his cock popped out from between my lips.

I looked up at him, shocked and ready to cry. I wanted his cock in my mouth and I wanted his cum! He pushed me and I fell onto my back, my legs spread wide, my hands still between my legs with my fingers lodged inside me. Josh lunged forward as soon as I was on my back and ripped my panties off of me! Pulling on my wrists, he forced me to slip my fingers out of my hole. As soon as it was empty, my brother pushed his cock forward and I moaned happily as I felt it slide fullly into my womb. I sighed joyfully as I realized that my date was going to be getting sloppy seconds.

As I felt him beginning to ride me in earnest, I wrapped my arms around his back and brought my legs up around his hips. Moaning softly into his ear, I arched up to meet his every thrust, letting him know how much I welcomed his passionate fucking. Since the first time, I’ve always welcomed my brother’s cock into my body, no matter what hole he chose.

Soon, our motions were in synch and the room was filled with the sounds of our bodies slapping hard together. The slurping and sloshing of his hard cock in my sopping wet pussy added to the cacophon., As I lost myself, once again, in the powerful pleasures that were overpowering me, loud moans and cries constantly escaped my mouty. I felt the passionate arousal growing rapidly and my body becoming burning hot. I knew I was close and I wanted to be there! I began to pant and thrust harder up onto my brother’s pounding cock, panting shallow and quick. My nipples, rubbing against my blouse, crushed against his chest, were totally erect and painfully hard. Each touch of them was sending waves of pleasure straight to my stuffed pussy and then outward to my entire body.

A major, earth-shattering orgasm overpowered me! My body heaved and went rigid, almost dismounting my brother. Feeling him begin to slip, I locked my arms and legs around him, clamping down on his cock with my pussy. He was mine and he wasn’t going to escape me! Orgasmic spasms ripped through me, a heated flush covering my entire body, even the skin under my blonde hair. At last, my brother couldn’t resist my demands any longer and he gave up his seed, pouring his perfect gift into the depths of my unprotected womb. The realization sent me into another spasm and we became one mass of fused orgasmic flesh!

Finally, the flood slowed to a trickle, his cum running into me as my womb milked it from him. Our emotional and physical state began to return to normal and our fucking motions subsided. We lay there, exhausted, our bodies still locked together. My pussy remained locked tightly around his cock, assuring that I wasn’t going to be a unique individual, but remain part of a mated pair. I felt hot, wet, sticky and perfect with the contents of my brother’s balls now housed in me.

Gradually, I relaxed my vaginal muscles and loosened my grip on Josh’s cock. He sighed as the pressure ended and he was finally able to slip out of me. I moaned in sorrow as I lost that wonderfully full feeling of him inside me. I got past the loss by focusing on the fact that I’d soon have another, very black and beautiful cock inside me.

Pushing myself up, I rolled over on top of my brother’s prone, exhausted body. I wriggled my groin against his and his drained cock. I smiled down at him, staring into his blue eyes, in which I saw the same satisfaction and happiness I knew were in mine. I dropped my face down to his and kissed him hard and passionately. As I felt his arms coming up around me, I pushed my tongue out of my mouth and into his. We lay there; tongue kissing and hugging for a few minutes. Finally, I drew back, breaking our kiss.

“I have to get a shower and get ready for my date, Josh. Thank you for fucking me when you caught me playing with myself. I love knowing that you’ll be with me on my date.”

Josh laughed and hugged me tightly to his body and then released me. I got up and sauntered away, making sure my hips were swaying seductively as I headed to the bathroom.

As soon as the water was set, I stripped and stepped into the shower. I wasn’t surprised when Josh drew back the curtain and joined me a few minutes later. We washed each other and played together as the water cascaded down over us. We finally turned off the water and got out after the last of Josh’s cum had been removed from his balls and deposited into my stomach.

When Joe rang the doorbell at precisely 7:00 PM, I was just finishing getting ready. My hair was dry and hanging down in waves to my waist. I had a long jeweled barrette in my hair at the back of my head. I took a quick look at myself in the mirror behind the couch and liked what I saw. My blue eyes were radiant and glittering with excitement. My dress was thin but you couldn’t see me through it’s pale blue coloring. My hard nipples, however, were poking through the material, indicating my sexual arousal. They also made my braless state obvious. Not so obvious was my lack of panties. I tugged quickly on the shoulder straps to make sure everything was perfect and then moved towards the door. I could see my naked C cup breasts swaying independently under my dress.

Nervously, I opened the door. Joe was standing there, looking a little nervous himself. Even though we’d already had sex during the train I’d pulled with the team, this was his first actual date with a white girl. Well, we were equal because it was my first with a black boy. I just hoped that by the time I got home, I’d be carrying some of him in my pussy with me.

“Hi Joe, come on in,” I said, stepping back from the door.

He stepped in, his nervousness obvious. Suppressing my own, I closed the door and moved towards him. I took his hands in mine and leaned forward, kissing him lightly on his thick lips. I had to gasp as I backed away, shocked by how soft and sensual his lips felt. It was almost like the first time I’d kissed my brother’s girlfriend. I could feel my sexual arousal growing and knew a flush was spreading up my body from my groin.

I let go of Joe’s hands and ran to get my light coat, since it was a bit cool outside. I didn’t put it on but carried it over my arm in case I needed it later. I moved over to him and put my arm through his. I yelled up to Josh and told him I was leaving and heard his muffled response. Smiling up at Joe, I let him lead me out thorough the door.

Joe was a very handsome young man. Barely 18 and standing six foot four inches tall, he towered over my five foot seven inch frame. He was broad shouldered and muscular as a result of his football workout regimen. I guessed his weight at two hundred pounds and it was all muscle. Like many muscular men, he had a “V” shape body with a slim waist and a tight ass that I loved staring at whenever I could. Being one of the team’s two black wide receivers, I knew he was fast and agile as well as strong. The thought of his using all that power, strength and agility to seduce, subdue and fuck me made me shudder in anticipation and I felt extreme wetness coating my upper thighs. By the time we reached his car and he held the door open for me, I was ready to be penetrated and cum on the first thrust!

Acting the part of the perfect gentleman, Joe helped me into the car and closed the door after making sure I was completely inside. He then went around to his door, slid into the car and started the engine. Before he could put the car into gear, I leaned over to him quickly and kissed him on the cheek, smiling at him as I backed away. When he turned to me, a look of surprise on his face, I let him see the glittering happiness and hope in my eyes.

“Thank you for asking me out tonight, Joe. I’ve wanted to date you since you fucked me. I’d love to go out with Jason and Terry as well, if they ever want to date me.”

Joe looked at me, his face suddenly serious.

“Myra, don’t you realize what the people in this town would say about you if they saw you with me or either of them? They’d despise you.”

I smiled at him and then looked down, reaching my hand out to put it over his on the gearshift.

“Joe, they will see me out with you and I am proud to be with you. You are handsome, strong, talented and intelligent. Your closeness arouses me so much! And, I already know you can satisfy a slut like me. And, the people here already dislike me after I did the train with the football team. I loved it and its a wonderful memory, even if the aftermath isn’t. And, I want to be with you tonight.”

He looked at me, admiration and hope on his face. It suddenly dawned on him that he was going to get lucky before the date was over. His eyebrows suddenly shot up and an evil grin crossed his face before he hid it.

“Ok, Joe, I saw that! What were you thinking?”

He grinned and looked down. Making his decision, he looked straight at me, his soft brown eyes staring deeply into my bright blue ones.

“I was just wondering if you’d like to be with just me tonight or with Jason, Terry and I. We’ve talked a few times about all doing you at the same time.”

My reaction surprised me. The thought of three strong, muscular, handsome black guys talking about triple-teaming me should have left me shocked. Instead, it sent a jolt of electricity through me, creating a surge of excitement. Yes! I wanted all of them to take me at the same time! My response registered in my eyes and on my face even before I answered.

“Yes, Joe, I’d love to have all three of you fucking me! Would you take turns or all do it at the same time?”

“I don’t know, Myra, we’ve talked about both. I guess it would depend on what you’d want.”

“I want both! I want all of you fucking me one after the other and all at the same time! I’ve dreamt of having all three of you inside me at the same time and taking turns! Can we do that tonight?”

It was his turn to look surprised. Once the surprise passed, I could see anticipation and hope spread across his face as well as his broad smile. One glace at that and I was ready to do anything he asked! He looked so handsome and delicious, I knew I wanted to taste and feed on his chocolate cock and body.

Joe suddenly leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. I instinctively wrapped my arms around him and pulled him in close, opening my mouth eagerly for his entrance. Obligingly, he slid his tongue into my mouth, entwining it with mine. By the time the kiss ended, the back of my dress was wet from my leaking fluids and my nipples were as hard as they’d ever been.

“Joe, fuck me, I need it!” I begged, staring up into his face as I pulled his hand to my pussy and spread my legs wide in invitation.

He stared at me, his face serious as he tried to make his decision. He let me draw his hand up between my spread legs and push it against my wet, cum filled pussy. I gasped as I felt his two middle fingers enter me, pushing until they were fully inside me. I arched my hips up and began wriggling my butt, moving his fingers inside me as I kept my hand wrapped around his wrist, pressing it tightly against me.

As the reality of my position, exposed and penetrated by the long slender fingers of an older black boy sank in, I became even more aroused. Knowing anyone walking down the sidewalk could see me shoving his hand against and into me only increased my passion. In a very few minutes, my lust exploded inside me and spread out through my body, making me shake and quiver in an uncontrollable orgasm.

As it passed, I looked up at Joe wild-eyed.

“Please, Joe, fuck me! I want your cock and your cum in my pussy now! Please!”

With that, he slid his hand out of my pussy, undid his zipper and pulled his stiff, 7″ cock out of his pants. I cooed happily at the site of it, already knowing how good it would feel inside me. Once he had it out, he started to move over to me, sliding gingerly over the center panel gear shift. I hoisted myself up so he could slide under me and, as soon as he was in the passenger seat, reached between my legs and wrapped my small white hand around his hard black cock. As I settled down onto his lap, I guided it into my dripping pussy, moaning as I felt it sliding into me, stretching my vaginal canal open easily.

His cock felt so good inside me! It was even better than I remembered from last time. I moaned and leaned back against him, pulling his hands up under my dress and over my breasts. I leaned my head back against his chest and then twisted to the side and planted a kiss on his neck. With a growl, I arched my back and lifted myself slightly up off of his cock and then slammed back down onto it. He grunted with the force of my ass slamming into his stomach and groin.

I repeated my move over and over, each thrust becoming shorter and more violent as my lust for his cum grew. His hands closed on my breasts and his fingers begin to pinch and roll my nipples. The sensations he was creating shot through my body and I began thrusting harder and harder down onto his swelling cock. Finally, I heard him gasp and, with a loud grunt, slammed him deeper than ever into my pussy, cumming on him as I ground my ass into his groin. I felt him stiffen as he arched up into me.

He was cumming! I could feel his cock pulsing as his sperm left his body and entered mine! My orgasm grew to another level and I screamed out in total pleasure! My pussy rippled along his length, in time with his pulses. His cum shot into my slutty pussy, his cockhead remained lodged inside my cervix as my muscles continued to milk him dry. His gasps let me know he could feel the pressure and motions of my pussy as I forced him to give up everything he had.

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