My First Triple Penetration

I was sixteen and an expert in sex! I’d done it on my own, with implements, with my Rocky and then my brother. I’d gone boldly to the varsity football team’s private party and let them know my body was available to them. All forty-five team members made free use of me through that night and I ended up covered and full of cum, exhausted from more orgasms than I could ever imagine, amazed at how erotic it was to watch black cocks go into my white pussy and contracted syphilis. Yes, I’d experienced it all since my sixteenth birthday! Or so I thought in my immature teenage mind.

The uproar that resulted from my revelation of whom I’d had sex with when I was found to be infected was one I’d prefer to forget, but never will. The treatment I received from all the students at school made me cringe until I realized that many of them were jealous that it hadn’t been them. Some others disliked me because their boyfriend was one of the guys and shared the STD with them. Of course there was also the fact I’d had sex with their possession. After a few weeks, however, the majority of it blew over and I was left with the learned ability to ignore the babble around me and just focus on what I wanted and needed while keeping the feelings and outlooks of others in mind but not as absolute values I had to follow.

Towards the end of the school year, one of the three black players who had fucked me at the varsity party approached me during a Friday lunch. He was shy, I could tell, but wanted to talk to me and, I thought, ask me out. I responded openly to him and did my sixteen year old best to put him at ease. He finally asked me out and I eagerly accepted. I told him where I lived and he said he’d pick me up about 7:00.

When I got home, I was trebmling in excitement at the thought of going on a date with an older boy and a black one at that. I was hoping he’d try to seduce me, since I was anxious to have him fuck me again. I wanted to lay back and watch his hard black cock sliding into me and feel his cum squirting into where it belonged. As I walked through the door of my house, my pussy was sopping wet and I was on the verge of an anticipatory orgasm.

I shut the door, tossed my book bag and coat into the closet and stood in the middle of the living room. I shoved my hands up under my uniform skirt and under the soaked panties covering my hot, wet pussy. Without thinking, I plunged two fingers from each hand into my cunt. I moaned at the feelings shooting through my body and dropped to my knees. I never heard my brother approach, drawn by my moans. Kneeling there, thrusting my fingers in and out of myself, eyes closed, my orgasm building rapidly, I never knew he was standing just in front of me until the tip of his cock touched my lips. I gasped, opened my eyes, saw what had touched me, opened my mouth and slid my lips down his hard length. I didn’t stop my forward movement until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I held myself there, rippling my tongue and throat around his shaft as I finally reached my self-induced climax.

My body shuddered on the fingers buried deeply inside me! I moaned continuously around the cock filling my mouth and throat. My hips rocked spasmodically, totally out of my control. My groin suddenly grew painfully hard as the muscles there began to spasm. I hiccupped and then felt a tremendous release of pressure from my lower body and heard the sound of fluid splashing onto the floor. My thighs were suddenly soaked, fluid running freely down them. I could feel my vaginal fluids spraying out of my pussy around my fingers and all over my hands. Wave after wave rushed through me, making wave after wave of fluid squirt out of me! Through it all, I kept my brother’s stiff cock fully lodged in my mouth and throat.

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