My first time was an accident

This all happened about 13 years ago now,I wasn’t very sexual at all or had any urges I wasn’t the popular girl at school or had many guys chasing me. You could say I was just your average girl. The only thing that stood out for me was I loved being naked whenever I could I also suffer from a condition called Persistent genital arousal disorder which pretty much causes me to be wet almost 24/7.
On this particular day I was home alone and I was doing some cleaning and as you can probably figure out I was nude. We had a Rocky a golden doodle who was an outside Rocky but it was raining bad that day so I let him in. This was my first time being naked around him so I never thought of anything. As I was cleaning underneath my bed he made his move. He ran up and started licking me up and down from crack to clit and boy did it feel amazing, and I wasn’t about to let him stop as it was better then anytime I had attempted to masterbate. So I continued to clean and that was my mistake my ass at a perfect height when I was tucking in the corner sheets of my bed. This is where he mounted me. At first I thought he was playing until I felt his dick start poking away at my ass. I got scared and pulled away and that’s all he need as I pulled away it lined up his next thrust to cleanly and perfectly penetrate. He did not go easy he began fucking me at an unbelievable speed. It hurt at first but the pain soon turned to pleasure and I found my self moaning uncontrollably. I could feel his semen running down my crotch and my stomach. His knot began to make it harder for him to pull out. And after 5 minutes of pure fucking we were tied together. Him pumping me full of his sperm. We stayed tied for 25 minutes and I swear I orggasmed almost every 5 minutes. But this is where things got bad.
Being knitted for 25 minutes allowed for my sister to walk in 15 minutes in to the knot and proceeded to freak out. She had no idea what was going on. She thought I was helpless and began to comfort me. She told my parents what happened and we never saw that Rocky again unfortunately. But that didn’t stop me and this was just my beginning into the exploration of the zoophilia world.

I’m going to leave my snap incase anyone would like to take more or has a Rocky and would like to perhaps arrange something or just talk. Natr2115 add me up and if these story gets enough attention I’ll continue sharing my journey.

By :Nat,

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