My first time receiving anal

Well, first time I got fucked, i was living in Ohio. I was 23. and my first wife was gone for a week. I had been jo constantly while sliding all sorts of things in and out of my ass. The beginning of that week, I went to the local adult video arcade and an older guy (40″s was older to me at the time) offered to blow me. I was scared and stupidly said no thanks. He gave me his phone number said if I ever changed my mind I should call him.

For next few days I must have jo 20 times, all the time fantasizing about he and I doing all kinds of m2m sex. By mid week, I decided that I wanted to call him and I wanted him to fuck my ass. I had never done that and I felt until I did, I wasn’t being honest about my m2m desires. You know, getting a bj from a guy isn’t really bi, just close your eyes. I knew once I got fucked, I had to admit I truly was bi.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure when I went to him and asked him to fuck my ass, it wouldn’t hurt but would feel good. Sooooooo, I went to store and bought 3 or 4 cucumbers of varying sizes and for next two days, as I’d jo, I’d start with smallest cucumber, sliding it in and out of my lubed ass till I could finally take biggest one. By the time I could comfortably slide the huge cucumber in and out of my ass, I decided that night would be the night. I called his number around 5pm and he answered.
He remembered me and immediately invited me over. I agreed. I was shaking with nerves.

I took a shower, made sure my ass was whistley clean and then, just before leaving, I laid on my back on bed, spread my legs and squirted lotion from a bottle inside my ass. I wanted to make sure that I would be plenty lubed. lol. When i walked in, he offered me a beer and then asked if I’d like to go to bedroom and watch some porn. I agreed. Funny, he had on straight porn, probably thought gay would scare me but i was actually disappointed. lol. As we sat there he could see the obvious bulge in my jeans and began to touch, then stroke it. I quickly asked if he would mind if i took my jeans off. He said o.k. and I took off my jeans and boxers. I didn’t want to waste time. lol. My cock sprang straight up from boxer’s elastic and we both laughed. He then went back to touching and stroking my now naked cock. He was very very careful not to make me cum. I’d get close and he’d stop.

Then he got undressed and I was relieved to see that his cock was about the size of my medium cucumber. But he wasn’t hard yet. I couldn’t believe that. He then started to lick and suck my cock, stopping before I’d cum. When he could feel I was close, he stopped sucking cock and rolled my hips up and licked my hole. That was sooooooooo hot. Then, for literally the next half hour, he rotated between licking and tongue fucking my hole to sucking my cock to fingering my hole. After what seemed like an eternity, my hole was soaked inside and out with his saliva and was fully relaxed and open and quivering. I had to beg him to slide his cock inside it.

When he finally did, he did a few slow stokes with just his cock head sliding in and out. I just couldn’t wait any longer. I was on my back on edge of bed with legs spread and pushed back and him between them with his cock head in my ass and I did a little situp crunch making sure to keep his cock’s head in my ass. I reached and grabbed his hips and with one hard pull, I pulled his hips toward my ass and sucked his cock into my ass up to its base. He laughed and realized I was now very ready to be fucked. He started with long slow full strokes, all in then almost all out to tip of cock then back. At same time he stroked my cock at same rate. He slowly sped up fucking me and stroking me. Just before I shot though, he stopped stroking my cock and pushed my hands away from it so I couldn’t either. Then he hit his “I’m going to shoot” rhythm and i knew he was going to shoot soon in my ass.

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