My first taste of chocolate an interacial story

I was recovering from knee surgery which had laid me up for a few months and was ready to begin the rehab. My doctor said I should go on short walks to build up the leg strength.

There is a small convenience store near my condo. Earlier in the day on the way home from the doctor’s office I found it was close to a quarter mile. There and back was a half mile and that was the mileage the doctor recommended for the first few days.

As it was early in June I felt that waiting till 10 P.M. would be best to avoid the heat. I walked down to the store with my cane and bought a bottle of juice and a candy bar. I ate half the candy and began the walk home. I approached a group of teenagers who were in a minor argument and when I was about 5 feet away three black girls walked over to a car and drove off leaving the one girl by herself.

I asked her if everything was okay and she nodded and said her friends were off to a party that she was told not to go to by her mother. She said she was stranded and asked if she could borrow my phone to get another ride home. I said sure and she asked if I was okay. I explained about the injury and the need to walk around to get my strength back. I offered her the other half of the candy bar and she took it and introduced herself as Keisha before she wolfed it down. I told her my name was Scott. She asked me if I was a chocolate lover and I said yeah it’s a weakness of mine and I loved candy bars. She laughed for some reason and we quickly arrived back at my house.

I offered her some of the juice I had and turned on the t.v. What’s with all these remotes she said. I explained that I couldn’t get the hang of the master remote I had bought recently so I had a remote for each device. We have one of these at home she said and picked it up.

I left the room to get a couple of glasses of ice and poured the juice into them. As I walked back in she said here you go I think I got it programmed. I passed her glass over and sat down. Is your leg okay she asked me. I told her it was fine I was just tired from the walk. I’m sorry I should have got the glasses for you. Don’t worry if you got the remote working it was worth the pain I said.

Here goes she replied and aimed the remote at the dvd player. It came on and began playing where it left off. To my embarrassment I had last watched a porn dvd and a blonde cheerleader began taking off her uniform. Here here I said put the tv back on. You are too young to be watching that kind of movie. I’m 18 she said and trust me I’ve seen worse.

Do you have any more chocolate by any chance she asked. No I’m sorry that was all I had. Well I guess I’ll have to share she said as she took off her top. She had two small but very perky breasts with silver dollar sized nipples. This was what I meant when I asked if you were a chocolate lover earlier she said.

Well it didn’t take me too long to recover from my amazement and I told her to let me get comfortable and laid on the couch and had her lean over me. I love having a nice set of breasts dangling in front of my face. I reached up and began playing with them slowly rubbing and pinching the nipples and they quickly responded to my touch. I was in heaven as I sucked on one and then the other. After a few minutes of this delight I reached up and brought her mouth to mine and gave her a kiss. After I broke that off I went back to her breasts and gave them some more attention.

She got up and quickly undressed and pulled off my shorts as well. You look happy to see me she laughed playfully as she wrapped her hands around my dick. I was fully aroused and told her that being older I could still recover quickly and it would be best if she started on me.

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