My first taste of chocolate an interacial story

I was recovering from knee surgery which had laid me up for a few months and was ready to begin the rehab. My doctor said I should go on short walks to build up the leg strength.

There is a small convenience store near my condo. Earlier in the day on the way home from the doctor’s office I found it was close to a quarter mile. There and back was a half mile and that was the mileage the doctor recommended for the first few days.

As it was early in June I felt that waiting till 10 P.M. would be best to avoid the heat. I walked down to the store with my cane and bought a bottle of juice and a candy bar. I ate half the candy and began the walk home. I approached a group of teenagers who were in a minor argument and when I was about 5 feet away three black girls walked over to a car and drove off leaving the one girl by herself.

I asked her if everything was okay and she nodded and said her friends were off to a party that she was told not to go to by her mother. She said she was stranded and asked if she could borrow my phone to get another ride home. I said sure and she asked if I was okay. I explained about the injury and the need to walk around to get my strength back. I offered her the other half of the candy bar and she took it and introduced herself as Keisha before she wolfed it down. I told her my name was Scott. She asked me if I was a chocolate lover and I said yeah it’s a weakness of mine and I loved candy bars. She laughed for some reason and we quickly arrived back at my house.

I offered her some of the juice I had and turned on the t.v. What’s with all these remotes she said. I explained that I couldn’t get the hang of the master remote I had bought recently so I had a remote for each device. We have one of these at home she said and picked it up.

I left the room to get a couple of glasses of ice and poured the juice into them. As I walked back in she said here you go I think I got it programmed. I passed her glass over and sat down. Is your leg okay she asked me. I told her it was fine I was just tired from the walk. I’m sorry I should have got the glasses for you. Don’t worry if you got the remote working it was worth the pain I said.

Here goes she replied and aimed the remote at the dvd player. It came on and began playing where it left off. To my embarrassment I had last watched a porn dvd and a blonde cheerleader began taking off her uniform. Here here I said put the tv back on. You are too young to be watching that kind of movie. I’m 18 she said and trust me I’ve seen worse.

Do you have any more chocolate by any chance she asked. No I’m sorry that was all I had. Well I guess I’ll have to share she said as she took off her top. She had two small but very perky breasts with silver dollar sized nipples. This was what I meant when I asked if you were a chocolate lover earlier she said.

Well it didn’t take me too long to recover from my amazement and I told her to let me get comfortable and laid on the couch and had her lean over me. I love having a nice set of breasts dangling in front of my face. I reached up and began playing with them slowly rubbing and pinching the nipples and they quickly responded to my touch. I was in heaven as I sucked on one and then the other. After a few minutes of this delight I reached up and brought her mouth to mine and gave her a kiss. After I broke that off I went back to her breasts and gave them some more attention.

She got up and quickly undressed and pulled off my shorts as well. You look happy to see me she laughed playfully as she wrapped her hands around my dick. I was fully aroused and told her that being older I could still recover quickly and it would be best if she started on me.

We moved to the bed and after she made sure I was comfortable she began playing with my balls and my cock. She had a fantastic touch and would grip my balls and give them a squeeze capped off by letting me feel her nails on my sac. Someone had taught this girl well. Finally, when I could take it no more she took the head in her mouth and began licking it with her tongue and then swallowing it deeper and deeper. I couldn’t control myself and grabbed her head and pushed it down. She greedily swallowed more and more. I love holding a girl by the head as she sucks on my cock. The feel of being in control is a turn on.

After a few minutes of her great technique I felt that sensation and told her I was about to come and to finish me off by hand. No way she said I want to swallow it all. It wasn’t long before I was blasting my seed down her throat and she greedily swallowed it all. She kept going even after I was done and the feeling was incredible as the pain from going on too long was mixed with pleasure.

It’s my turn now I said.I positioned myself to give her some of the pleasure I had received. After kissing my way down from her navel to her pussy I had to take a look. What’s wrong she asked. Nothing at all. I have to admit you are my first black girl and I can’t get over how pink your pussy is. The color was amazing with her dark skin and I was just staring at her and her wetness. After a few caresses and a little clit rubbing I dove in like a starving man who has just found a piece of fruit. I smacked my lips and began licking that incredible pink pussy. She must have liked what she was receiving as she began moaning and moving around on me. White men really do eat pussy better than the brothers she cried out as I was bringing her to orgasm yet again.

I want you in me she said and I want it now. She grabbed my cock and gave it a kiss and licked the head for good measure. She then plopped herself on top of me and began riding me. I know this is better for you with your bad leg she said. I was in heaven as I laid there and watched here bouncing up and down on my cock. I grabbed those small tits and began playing with them as she rode me like I was a pogo stick. She stopped for a second and spun around with her back now facing me and we did the reverse cowgirl for a few minutes before she spun around facing me again.

Finally I felt the pressure and knew I was near release. I’m going to come again I cried out. Fuck me harder she said and blast away with you come. I’m on the pill and I want to take it all inside me. My balls welled up and I exploded inside of that gorgeous pink pussy. She continued to ride me as I slowly got smaller as i grew softer. She got off me finally and rolled over next to me and gave me a kiss that was threatening to bring me back to life.

She laid next to me and found my dick with one hand and began stroking it. I laid back and let her have her way with me. I was too spent to put up any kind of fight and wanted to see if she could get me ready for round three so quickly. I grabbed her breasts and began kissing and suckling on those nipples once again while she did a number on my cock with her hand. She rolled over and inhaled my cock all the way to the bone and I felt it stiffening up once again. After a minute of this I was ready again and she knew it.

This time I want you in my butt she told me. My cock spasmed a few times as she said that. The thought of my dick up this incredible black girls ass was too much. Let me see what you have baby I said. She cot up on her hands and knees and presented her ass to my face as she once again took my dick into her mouth. I stuck a finger into her pussy and with the come and her wetness as lubricant I quickly stuck it up that black ass. She moaned in delight and I quickly added a second and then a third.

Enough she cried and she slid that pussy back onto my cock and rode me again for a few minutes. I laid there in sheer delight unable to do anything other than thrust my hips upwards. She stopped for a second and then lined that little ass up with my cock. Slowly she lowered herself into position and I could feel the tightness and the heat of her fine ass. Finally after what seemed like minutes of buildup she lowered herself onto me and began riding my cock once again. I was thrusting upwards with every once of energy I had. Your ass is so tight and so incredible I moaned. Fuck that black ass she cried as she bounced up and down almost violently on my cock. I love the feel of that white dick in my ass. Harder baby harder she moaned as she rode me with everything she had. I would have been worried about how hard she was riding me if I wasn’t caught up in the sensation of pleasure flowing through my body as she rode me faster and faster. I’m coming she cried out but she didn’t stop bouncing up and down on my cock.

Finally I could take it no more and I cried out I’m gonna fill this black ass up with my load. Oh yeah fuck that black ass white boy she cried out between moans. I felt like Old Faithful as my spunk shot out of my cock into that ass. The warmth and the tightness was a feeling like no other. I almost passed out as I finished coming.

She rolled off me and laid by my side and neither of us could say a word. We had no energy left. I held her close to me.We laid there speechless for minutes unable to speak from exhaustion. After a few minutes I felt her hand slowly working its way down from my stomach to between my legs. No more baby I surrender I cried out. I’m worried if you grab it one more time it will fall off. She laughed and gave me a kiss. I guess we’ll save that for next time she said.

As she laid beside me and fell asleep my mind raced with the thoughts of what I’d do next with my little ebony girl. But that’s another story for another day.

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