My first attempt at Dom/Sub

When I found her, she was just 19. It was by total accident, as she was the daughter of a friend from work. It was my weekend with my kids, but I had a date and was in a pinch. My friend George suggested his daughter Stephanie, could watch them. I wasn’t have much luck with women as of late. Maybe I needed to lower my standards. Needless to say, again it was another failed date. I came home, the kids were in bed. The dishes in the kitchen that I had left from breakfast, were cleaned and put away. The living room was cleaned and vacuumed. Stephanie was sitting on the couch watching TV. She immediately got up and asked why I was home so early? “Long story Stephanie.” I chided.

Stephanie, tells me all about the kids. What they did. So on, and so forth, but I was not really listening. My mind was how this girl accomplished so much. In the 2 hours I was gone, she cleaned the kitchen and living room, fed the kids played with the kids and put them to bed. I moved to my recliner and sit down. Stephanie went to the fridge and grabbed a beer, opened it and brought it to me. Stephanis smiled and I looked like a could use it. I thanked her. That is when it got weird. She sat on the floor next to my legs. She leans her head into my knee and said “I don’t want to go home right now, can I stay here for a little bit longer?”

I thought to myself, sweetie you can stay as long as you like.

Stephanie? “I said with an iquisitive tone.”

“Yes Sir!” She responded as she turned her head upward looked me square in the eyes, much like a Rocky when it’s curious about a sound it heard.

Taken back by being called sir, I take a moment before responding. I see her fragile expression as she looked up at me as if she were seeking approval. I pat her on her head and tell her how happy I am, for all she has done.

Stephanie responds as she looked at me, “your welcome sir. You are pleased? Yes?”

“Yes I am. Very pleased. “I am just confused as to why?” I ask.

Stephanie looked at me equally confused as to why I would wonder. She said “Mr. Evans, I enjoying serving and you have been nothing but nice to me. It makes me feel needed and secure. It only makes sense that I show you my appreciation. Does that make you uncomfortable?” She asked as a concerned look covered her face.

“Stephanie, I truly appreciate everything you have done.” For the first time I see the beauty in her submissive face. I see that she is a sexy young thing and deep inside I am aroused. With that I add, “you are so beautiful… ummmm I stutter. I should not have said that. For Christ’s sake your George’s daughter.”

“Awe, how sweet of you sir. Don’t worry about George. He is not my real dad anyway.” Stephanie responds. Distracting me and looking to change the subject, she began to remove my loafers…

I allow her to remove my loafers…. laying back in the chair, I relax and just getting into the moment. The Beatles “Let itBe” ran through my head. She removed my socks. Running her fingers between my toes. She looked at me and said, “sir, just relax, I will erase all your stress” Now she was kneeling between my legs as she rubbed my feet. I become more aroused as she moved her hands up past my Achilles up my calves. She placed her chin on my knees as she looked up at me. Seeking my approval, she asked “sir, do you like?” I pat her head, slightly moan, and say “sweetie, it feels real good.” Beginning to understand, that Stephanie is a natural sub. Not ever playing the master before, I prepared myself for the role. Although for Stephanie it is no role, it is a way of life. Looking at her gorgeous body, I thought to myself, I could get into this.

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