My father forced my wife

Debbie and I have been married for ten years. Our love life has slowed down some in the past few years. Now Debbie has a real hot body, 34C tits, thin waist, flat stomach, and really fine ass. She is only 5’2″ 104lbs, blond frosted hair. She keeps herself looking good all the time. She always has and I am sure she always will.
We started to talk alot when we would be fucking. Making love was ment for just her and I. We could get pretty nasty with each other, me telling her it so good fucking her knowing how much she likes being fucked. Her telling me how my friends would love to be able to fuck her behind my back. Talk like that got me going good, and I could tell she love teasing me that way. The talking to each other kept us going at a hot pace for a long time, then it slowed down again.
I told her I would really like to take sexy and daring photos of her. She said that it would turn her on having me do that if she could take some of me in the same way. We started out by taking pictures while we were in our bedroom. Some of her getting dressed or undressed. In bed while she used a dildo on herself and some of me putting my cock in her. She wanted me to take pictures of her outside or in public places. Ones with her sitting next to some old man with her legs wide apart and me across from her taking shots of her bare pussy. Others with her blouse unbuttoned as she walked down the mall. I even had shots of me sticking my cock in her as people walked by. One of her favorite thing was to have me hidden as she would be close to young boys and letting them see what I could through the camera. We would look at them and fuck our brains out talking about them.
My dad was moving into the same town that Debbie and I lived in. He and mom had not been together for 8 or so years. Anyway, we told him to come stay with us until he found a house to buy as we had all kinds of room. He stayed with us for almost three weeks when he found a nice house for himself.
Close to the end of his stay with us Debbie told me that my father seemed different. Almost demanding of her, plus she said that he was making sexual coments to her and looked at her as if he was undressing her. She told me at first the way he looked at her kind of gave her a thrill, knowing the way she looked turned on an older man. But he was really acting like her wanted to fuck her.
Dad moved out and no more was said about it for a long time. Then about two weeks later Deb and I were in bed. She was rubbing my cock getting me excited as hell, whens she said she had something she had to tell me. I said, you can tell me anything honey. But it is about your father, she said. What about him? Your dad found the pictures that you had taken of me and he kept some of them. That dirty old bastard, hope he got a good hard on from them. He did she said. What do you mean, I asked her? He told me if I didn’t do some things he wanted, that he was going to show people we knew the photos. That ass hole, I said, I will take care of him. No Jimmy you can’t. He said if I even told you he would mail them out. He said he already had them addressed, stamped, ready to go. So you can’t let him know I told you. Well, what do you want to do then? We will have to do what he wants untill you can get the photos back. Debbie, you know what he wants to do, don’t you? I am not stupid, you know, Debbie told me. Are you telling me that you are going to play along with my father until I get the pictures from him. I think I have to, she said.
You know what Debbie? Something is telling me that you kind of like what he is doing. As I started to think about it my cock got hard as a rock. Debbie put her hand back on my cock and said to me, it feels like it doesn’t bother you much either. Debbie started to jack me off real good. My hand went between her legs and found her to be a wet as I had ever felt her. Putting two fingers into her cunt and quickly sliding them in and out of her I said, when he sees your body, he will go nuts. He already did Jimmy!! What, I said. He made me take off my cloths this afternoon, just before you came home. He didn’t touch me, he just wanted to look. Well, I said. He told me he thought that I had the best body he has ever seen. He is rite, you do.
That night Debbie and I talked about how I wanted to be hiding whenever he made his move on her. Honey I want you there when your dad tries to fuck me. As soon as she said that we began to fuck each other like there was no tomarrow. I was calling her my fucking little slut and hoped my dad would fuck her sh*# out of her. She came so hard it almost blew my dick out of her.
Debbie told me that he was coming over tomarrow, just after noon.When I woke up the next morning I must have been dreaming about Debbie and my dad because I had a huge hard on. Looking over at my wife with no covers on her body, I thought how lucky I was to have a women that takes care of her self like she does. Looking at her pussy I could almost see my fathers cock going in and out of her. I reached into the night stand and pulled out a nice fat dildo that we have had a lot of fun with.
I began lightly rubbing it along her slit, taking more time on her clit than anywhere else. She began to moan a little as she moved her hips to the motion of the dildo sliding up and down along her slit. Looking I could see that she was becoming wet and the head of the dildo parted her lips. I got close to her ear and started to whisper to her. “I love the way you feel baby, my son is one lucky guy. You want to feel it don’t you baby? Feel your father-in-laws cock sliding inside your cunt. You want me to fuck you don’t you baby?” Still half a sleep she started saying, God yes, make me feel good, please put your fucking cock inside me, fuck me Billy. Her hands came down over mine and began to push the dildo inside her. Opening her eyes she looked up at me. It feels so good Jimmy. I can almost see your dad putting his cock in me when I close my eyes. You really want him to do it to me? I was helping her move the dildo in and out of her when I told her how turned on I was thinking about her pussy taking his cock deep into her. Jimmy, don’t stop, I am going to cum. Cum all over his cock honey, he is fucking you so hard, I told her. Oh God yes, I am ccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg on it honey. Don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me Billly, God yes, fuck your daughter-in-law.
Debbie was shaking all over the place, her hands were gripping mine, holding the dildo deep inside her cunt. Fuck Jimmy, was her next words. That was so good, I didn’t want it to end. God, you got me so hot I would have fucked your father, grandfather, your friends, anybody that was around. I want to suck your fucking cock, rite now, Deb said. She rolled over on me and put my cock in her mouth and sucked me like never before. I came in less than a minute. She didn’t loose a drop.
After we calmed down a bit we just laid there in each others arms thinking about the day to come. Debbie looked over at me and asked, how is it going to really be when your father does come over this afternoon to fuck me? Looking back at her I said, Seeing the look on your face when my dad puts his cock in you is something most men never get to see. I just hope I can hold myself back from coming out and fucking you at the same time. I love you, she told me.
We got up and took showers. I moved my car around the corner so my dad wouldn’t see it, then went back to the house to have breakfast. Debbie was at the stove cooking and I got another hard on looking at what she had on. On top was a half top that came to just below her nice tits and was loose at the bottom. If she moved a certain way you could see the bottom of her tits and sometimes her nipples. Lower was a pleated mini skirt and for shoes a pair with four inch heels. Coming up behind her I asked her is she intending to drive my dad crazy? What do you think, she answered. We sat down to eat but I couldn’t keep my eyes from looking between her legs. When she moved I could see the white see through panties she had on. We finished breakfast and did some puttering around until it was just past noon.
We heard a car pull into the driveway. I hid in the closet next to the kitchen. It had wood slats so I was able to look out and see what was going on. The door bell rang and I watched as Debbie shook her butt heading for the front door.

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