My fantasy of seeing my wife with another man comes true

My name’s Greg and I’m 27. I recently got married to the love of my life, Sophie, and we’ve been very happy together. Our sex life has been great and neither of us would ever need to look elsewhere now we’ve got each other.

The only problem is, every time I masturbate, the only thing that ever seems to turn me on is imagining Sophie with another man, I don’t understand why, it just gets me so excited, the idea of another guy touching her all over. It’s such a naughty fantasy, and not one I ever pictured making a reality.

We were in bed together, just cuddling up before sleeping and she asked me if I had any sexual fantasies. I said no, like a reaction, there was no way I wanted to offend her with my weird fantasy. I asked her whether she had any, and she said shyly, “well, just something silly really.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well, I kinda like the idea of role play sometimes. You know, like you’re a teacher and I’m a schoolgirl, that sort of thing. Silly, I know.”

“No, it’s not silly Sophie, I mean sure, we can try that some time.”

So we tried Sophie’s role play. It was ok, it really seemed to turn her on which was great. Again she asked me: “Are you sure there aren’t any fantasies you’d like me to do for you hunny? Tie you up? Another woman? Anything at all?”

She was joking about the woman of course, so I laughed before replying.

“No sweetie, really, it’s fine.”

“Oh come on Greg, you’re being dull. I thought all guys had some weird fantasy, I can’t believe I married the one guy in the world who has nothing weird in his head.”

She was starting to wear me down, and I felt like I could tell her anything.

“Ok Sophie, there is one thing, but it’s really not something I really want to do, it’s just something stupid that turns me on sometimes.”

“Ooooh, now this is more interesting,” she replied. “Come on, tell me tell me tell me, and we’ll do it, I promise.”

“Well I don’t think I even want to try it really, it’s just a fantasy. But, sometimes the thought of you with another guy turns me on.”

“What, me having an affair?” She asked.

“No, no, not an affair as such. Just, here in our bed, you with a random guy having sex, and me just watching.”

“Yeah, sorry, I’m not sure I could do that hunny. I don’t want other guys, I’m with you, we’re married, and sex with you is great.”

“I know I know.” I said. “I don’t think I really want to do it, it’s just a fantasy is all, doesn’t mean anything.”

She turned over and seemed to be thinking, but we didn’t mention it again at all.

A couple of weeks later we were at home and Sophie said she wanted to tell me something, she seemed pretty excited about it.

“You know your little fantasy Greg?” Well, I was at the gym yesterday and there’s this big man called Rob, does weights and that sort of thing. I’ve known for ages that he fancied me, he’s always watching me when I work out, so of course I’ve always tried to avoid him. He’s tried to talk to me a couple of times but I’ve managed to get rid of him easily enough. But thinking about your fantasy I decided to have a little word with him, chat him up, you know?”

I listened on, a sick feeling in my stomach at what she was telling me.

“Well,” she carried on, “After a while I told him that I’m married so of course nothing would ever happen between us, but then I mentioned your fantasy and asked him if he might be interested. I felt really naughty asking him, and he seemed really unsure at first Greg, but then he said yes! I mean, he’s not exactly my type, I’m not gonna enjoy it, trust me, but there you go. I promised you I’d fulfil your fantasy, and now we can.”

“Oh my god, Sophie, I don’t know, I mean it’s fun to think about but I never said I actually wanted to go through with it.”

“Nonsense, of course you do, you’re just too shy to tell me so,” she said. To be honest, I wasn’t being shy, I was genuinely worried, but I couldn’t deny it, I was excited by the idea too. “He’s coming round any second,” she said.

“What!? He’s coming now?” I shouted.

“Of course, means there’s no chance for us to chicken out.”

I was stuck in two minds. I was so angry at the thought of another guy doing my wife, but so excited too, I just couldn’t deny that feeling. Rob knocked on our door and Sophie let him in. She was acting excited around me but I could tell she didn’t really want to do this. I couldn’t believe how much she must love me to do this, it was not in her nature to cheat on me at all, I know she never ever would. Maybe that’s why this situation turned me on as much as it did.

The three of us chatted for a bit. Rob was pretty big, he must’ve spent a lot time at the gym, and like a lot of those gym guys he was a bit arrogant and boring in conversation. I have to admit, I didn’t really like him, and neither did Sophie, that was pretty clear, but he definitely seemed to have the hots for her. After a while, Sophie suggested that we should get down to business, trying to play it cool, but I could see now that she wasn’t enjoying this. I felt guilty but this was all her own doing, and I was getting hard now, knowing that any second my fantasy would come true.

We went up to the bedroom and dimmed the lights. I sat down beside the bed while Sophie undressed in front of me, Rob undressed in the en suite.

“I love you baby,” she whispered to me, and we kissed lovingly. It was strange seeing her beautiful naked body in front of me, but this time I wouldn’t be touching it. Rob walked in, in just his boxer shorts. My god, he had an incredible body, nobody could deny that. He gave me a wry smile then walked up to my wife and began to fondle her breasts in front of me.

Rob caressed and sucked on Sophie’s breasts, stroking her body and legs with his other hand. She was trying to get into it but I knew she was never really into foreplay that much. Then Rob took down his boxers and threw them off and forced Sophie down to her knees to suck him off. His dick was huge, way bigger than mine. I’d never seen another man’s hard dick except in porn, so it was a strange sight. I watched on as my wife started to stroke his dick with her fingers and then softly blow him off. She moved up and his shaft with her tongue and fingered his balls as lovingly as she would do with me. But the more jealous I got, the more aroused I became and I started to touch my own dick in excitement.

Rob grabbed Sophie’s hair and started to encourage her lips back and forth along his dick, and she placed her hands on his two butt cheeks and gripped him as she sucked him off. He started groaning just a little, and I was worried he was going to blow his load early, before the real show. Sophie realised this too so took her mouth away from his dick and stood up. She walked to the bed alluringly and lay down on her back and looked at me and smiled and mouthed the words I love you. I mouthed it back and smiled at her, she was doing great.

Rob got on to the bed, pulled Sophie’s legs apart and started to lick her clit slowly. He really worked his magic on her and after a while she began to lose herself and her eyes closed. She let a couple of little gasps and that signalled him to really start to eat her out. He put his tongue right inside her and she groaned with pleasure. I was tugging my dick, watching my wife being pleasured by another man, it was great.

Rob decided he’d had enough of oral and climbed slowly on top of Sophie, his eyes looking lustful, and if I’m honest, so were my wife’s. She said Rob wasn’t her type before, but maybe she was just lost in the moment. He started to ease his dick inside of her pussy and she winced with pain at first, his dick too big to go in all the way. He was gentle with her but then seemed to lose patience and pulled Sophie’s legs apart and thrust the full length of his dick inside her pussy. My wife yelped in pain, but Rob came out and thrust his dick straight back in again, the full length. This time Sophie’s noise was more of a delighted groan and she was loving every thrust that Rob gave her now.

He kept forcing his dick deeper and deeper inside my wife’s pussy and then put his arms around her neck and embraced my wife closely as he rammed her. My wife, clearly lost in the pleasure of it all, wrapped her arms around Rob’s body and stroked his skin with her fingers, digging her nails in gently when she got excited.

I was lost in the moment too, I was tugging my dick really hard now, watching this live sex show, not even realising what was happening in front of me was starting to get a little romantic. Rob was kissing my wife’s neck as he pounded her and then kissed her face and then her lips, and she kissed him back. They were now French kissing away, my wife desperately trying to stick her tongue deep down Rob’s throat and she grabbed his ass cheeks again with her fingers, dug her nails in and started to force him deeper inside of her. Rob did just that and between the kisses they were both groaning and I could tell that they were close to cumming.

Downstairs we had all agreed that Rob would pull out and cum on Sophie’s tits but they were lost in passion and Sophie gripped Rob’s muscular body tightly and he groaned loudly and shot his load deep inside my wife’s pussy over ten seconds. He kept thrusting and thrusting until at last his balls were empty. He fell exhausted on top of my wife and kissed her again, and she kissed him back and they embraced on the bed.

I’d blown my load too, and now the sexual excitement was over I was struck with the realisation. I got up and thanked the pair for fulfilling my fantasy and made sure to get rid of Rob as soon as I could. After he left, I made love to my wife as well, but I wasn’t as good as Rob and Sophie knew it now.

We never tried my fantasy again, but nor I do truly regret it. I did however make sure that Sophie joined a different gym.

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