My Elder Brother Seduces Me

This happened when I was 22 and my brother was 24. Mom and dad were out of town for couple of nights and we were alone at home. At around mid night, feeling horny and thinking my brother was asleep, I walked down to TV lounge and switched on a late night movie channel. I was wearing a loose shirt without a bra and a sleek bottom covering my slit. I sprawled on a couch with my head at the arm rest, one leg drooping down and another on the second arm rest. As expected, it was an adult movie. Seeing a chubby girl eating a thick dick, I started feeling my pussy getting moist. I moved the strip of my thong aside and started mildly rubbing my slit. Soon my fingers got wet as my pre-cum started oozing out of my cunt. As usual, I smelled my juices and licked my fingers. I felt intense ripples in my pussy and inserted my wet fingers inside my slit. I felt myself in seven heavens while finger fucking my cunt, imagining the thick cock of the porn actor deep inside me. Feeling jolts of intense ecstasy, I squeezed my hardened clit with my wet finger tips. I hissed with delight and was about to explode when I heard my brother coming down the stairs with a bang. As I could not switch off the TV at that point of time, I immediately pulled my fingers out of my love tunnel and tried to cover my cunt. Placing my arm at my face to hide my eyes, I pretended to be fast sleeping with gentle snoring. I felt my brother’s presence in the TV lounge and kept my breathing in control as if not knowing what was there on the TV screen. However, my heart was pounding hard, giving quick jerks to my flabby melons. Since there was only a hazy light of the TV screen, I could see from the corner of my eye that my brother was curiously watching the movie as well as me. I could also see a growing bulge in his shorts and soon I saw him gently massaging his meat with his palms. Within minutes, he unzipped his fly, pulled his hard penis out and started massaging and kneading his shaft. It was huge and thick meaty shaft. Watching him playing with his monster dick, all of my fear diminished.
I remained motionless and soon I felt as if he was very close to me. “Is my little sis sleeping?” He whispered close to my face, as if he never wanted me to wake up. Having no reply from my side, he pushed my drooping leg apart and tried to sit between my legs. After a few moments, I felt his hand at the inner side of my naked legs, creating a stir down my spines. I kept mum but felt a twitch in my cunt. He let the hand stay at my naked leg for few seconds and then moved it up rolling his fingers from my knee to my thigh. I remained motionless. Encouraged by this, he rolled his palm again along the length of my leg and then I felt his finger tips touching my crotch. I felt a tremor in my cunt but remained cool. As I tried to adjust my arm over my eyes, he lifted his hand away, perhaps due to the scare that I had woken up. However, seeing me motionless, his hand again touched my thighs. Slowly he moved his hand up towards my pussy and gently started rubbing my pussy lips. The only thing between his fingers and my pussy was a thin piece of cloth. He must have sensed the wetness in my slit. I could feel his fingers gently rubbing my crotch and pinching my clit. I felt a twitch in my pussy and a spasm down my spine. Seeing no reaction from my side, he started rubbing my pussy continuously. Then I realized as if he was pulling the band of my thong. He inserted his hand inside my thong and touched my naked pussy lips with his fingers. I felt a shudder in my cunt but kept me cool. He was now teasing my pussy lips and my clit while applying his saliva at his finger. I felt like holding his finger myself and pressing it hard in my pussy, but I again controlled my emotions.
After sometime, he pulled my bottom down my knees and I felt his breathing at my pussy. He sniffed my pussy and mildly touched my pussy lips with his warm tongue. It felt so good that I wanted him to explore it with his tongue. He licked it gently and then started teasing my clit with his fingers. Seeing my pussy wet with my pre cum, he tried to pull my shirt up. I lifted my back a little, to help him remove my shirt without giving him the impression that I was awake. He cupped my soft breasts with hands and pinched the hard tits gently. After kneading my soft breasts, he tried to swallow them and then swirled his tongue around my nipples. I felt a shudder in my body. He moved his mouth down my legs and gently tried to open my legs a little apart. I softened my muscles to help my brother reach my treasure. He sat between my legs comfortably and started eating my pussy. It was so amazing that I lifted my ass up to help my brother eat my pussy without any problem. Delighted by my move, he pulled my thong completely down my legs and threw them on the floor. He opened the fly of his shorts, pulled his penis out and touched my pussy lips with his mushroom. The touch of his meat was so amazing that I opened my legs and lifted my buttocks up. He gently inserted his penis in my wet pussy and I felt the hard rock boner sliding deep down my love tunnel, creating an intense pleasure and extreme sensation in the inner walls of my womb.
He wriggled a little to make more space in between my legs and tried to gently lift them up. I again softened my muscles and let him place my legs on his shoulders. He could now push his long and throbbing cock deep down her sister’s wet pussy. He started stroking his meatloaf in my love tunnel and I could not resist soft moans. I kept my eyes closed but started hopping my ass cheeks up and down in unison with my brother’s deep thrusts in my pussy. He perhaps knew that I was delighted to have his boner in my cunt and started stroking his dick with speed. He clenched my breasts in his hands, planted his lips at my moist lips and moaned softly. I felt stiffness in his body and a huge thrust of his cock deep down my uterus. His body stiffened like a rock and I could feel tremors in his body. Within in seconds, I could feel his warm thick juice dribbling down along the inner walls of my pussy canal. I was not worried about anything as I was already on pills. I too was close to reaching my climax. I felt a spasm in my body and tightness in my anus hole. I, unintentionally put my hands around his waist, pulled his buttocks towards me and squirted violently. I kept twitching my clit and pussy lips and squirted every droplet of my white cheesy cream. The moment I squeezed my pussy lips and squirted my juice around my brother’s long penis, he looked into my eyes with a pleasant surprise as he found me awake. We only smiled and spoke nothing. I lifted my head to plant a kiss at his pouted mouth, while his cock was still in my pussy. He kissed at my lips and then at my soft breasts. He pulled his dick out of my pussy and I felt our mixed cum sliding down my ass crack and making my cervix and anus hole wet and slippery. He placed his mouth at my messy pussy and squished our mixed juice till I felt my clit again becoming hard.
He now sat on the chair with his legs open and feet drooping down to the floor, while gently directing me between his legs. I took his beautiful plump cock in my hands and massaged it from its base to the head. I took its head in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around the head and the shaft passionately. Soon it turned hard. He held me by my hand and led me to his bed room. His massive prick was dangling out of his open fly. He removed and tossed his dress on the bed and positioned me on my four legs like a bitch. I was on my knees with my face dug in the pillow. My legs were wide open with my ass fairly lifted up so that my brother could fuck me while standing at the floor. He came behind me, sat at his knees and started eating my pussy passionately. I was getting hotter and hotter and wanted whole of him inside me. He soon stood behind by ass and inserted his thick cock in my pussy. He took my ass cheeks in his palms and started pumping and stroking my pussy like a piston in a well lubricated chamber. I was rocking my ass cheeks back and forth in complete unison with his thrusts. He grappled my breasts while inserting his arms under my belly and pushed his cock harder and harder deep inside me. As I was close to my climax, I felt his body shuddering and heard him growl. He gave a big thrust behind my ass cheeks and squirted all his thick sperms in my pussy. I felt his warm juice sliding deep down my cunt. I too pressed my ass cheeks against his thighs and moaned loudly. “Ooh, Ooooooooooh, shit, bro, I am cumming, your lovely little sis is cummming. Ohooo, keep filling your sister’s wet pussy with your lovely prick. I want to keep your dick in my pussy forever”. I moaned and banged my ass against his cock many times and kept squirting till every drop of my love juice dribbled out of my love tunnel. That was the best orgasm I ever had in my life with a young stud and that too my own bother. We remained in that position for couple of minutes until he pulled his cock out of my pussy and I felt our juice rolling down the inner sides of my both legs.
He squished and licked all of the cheesy cream till I was clean and my clit started turning hard for the third time. Before I could move, I felt his tongue probing my asshole. Earlier, I had inserted sex toys and anal plugs in my anus particularly while squirting. So I was fully aware of the anal pleasure. But I had never actually taken a real dick in my anus. He placed his warm and wet tongue at lower part of my pussy and started licking both holes with single long strokes. Since my cunt and anus were already wet and juicy, he tried to enter his finger in my asshole. It entered easily and I clinched it hard. He smiled and entered two and then three fingers together in my ass. They slipped in easily and he started licking around them as well as at my parted pussy lips. It thrilled me and I moaned softly. He pulled his fingers out and started gently pushing his thick and lubricated boner in my smooth asshole. With slight effort, his meat slipped in and entered deep inside asshole till its base. He started fucking my hole gently and passionately. He was moaning with pleasure with the feeling of his shaft in his own sister’s anus and was about to reach climax, when he pulled his dick out and came on the bed. He reclined on his back with his cock standing vertically looking proudly towards his sister’s pussy. I took his wet cock in my hand and rode on it while inserting it in my deep pussy. We were rocking and screaming with pleasure until we both reached out climax. I felt intense ripples in my throbbing cunt as his cock started pulsating deep inside my tunnel. He pulled me down, planted his lips at my mouth and lifted his ass up while digging his cock deeper. I too started grinding and spinning my cunt to feel the ripples of his boner in my cunt. Our bodies stiffened together and I felt his cock twitching in my cunt. Feeling his pulse of his in my cunt, I felt a spasm in my ass and twitch in my pussy. We moaned this time loudly a no body was at home and I could feel our juices flowing out of our heavenly holes. We kept in that position for long until every drop of his cock dribbled in my uterus and I felt my cunt dehydrated for that night.

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