My Dirty Grandpa Fucked Me

Ever since i was a little girl my grandpa spoiled me. he gave me a weekly allowance plus he bought me just about anything i asked for. i loved grandpa. not just because he was good to me, but because he was fun to be around. he liked to tickle me and i sat on his lap and played horsie and stuff like that. i was his only grandchild and i guess thats why he spoiled me . when i turned fourteen my grandma died and grandpa was really sad. he asked if i could spend the summer with him so he wouldnt be so lonely. my parents agreed and i went to stay with grandpa.

the first day we had lots of fun. miniature golf and eating out and a movie. it was great and i was happy to be there with grandpa. he smiled a lot and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me like we had been doin since i can remember. i always kissed grandpa on the lips. i dont know why, i just always had. grandpa had never touched me in a bad way or nothin.he never put his hand between my legs or anything. he treated me with respect. like a little lady he said.but the next day i found out that nice grandpa is a dirty grandpa.

he said he had to run some errands and he would be back later, so i just sorta roamed around the house looking at stuff. i went into his bedroom and shook the mouse on his computor . the screen came alive and it was filled with views from cameras. it was a monitor. one of the views was from the room i was staying in. another was from the bathroom. i clicked on the bathroom and view got larger , full screen. it was a very clear view of the entire bathroom. and when i rolled the wheel on the mouse , the camera zoomed in and then back out. i clicked onto the word saved at the bottom of the screen and a video came on with yesterdays date. it was a video of me taking a shower yesterday. from the time i closed the bathroom door until i finished and turned off the light. grandpa had recorded everything. he had watched me taking a shower.

i clicked onto the camera in my room and zoomed in to a closeup of the bed i was sleeping in . i clicked saved and there i was asleep . last night.
i wasnt angry. i was surprised. i wondered why grandpa would want to do that. who needs a camera in a bathroom. and then i thought . grandpa saw me naked. he saw everything. he watched me get undressed and he watched me get in the shower and he watched me dry myself off and he has it all right there. on his computer. i wasnt shy. i wasnt embarrassed. i just wondered why he wanted to see me naked.
i thought about sex when i was fourteen. of course i did. all girls that age think about it all the time. we know that boys that age have perpetual hardons and our panties are always wet. but i was still afraid of it too. afraid of a lot of things. how bad will it hurt. how will i know what to do. what if i suck at it it.

i thought about what guys look like naked and maybe sometimes i wished i could see one naked. but i never had. and no boy had ever seen me naked. now grandpa has. and i wondered if it had made his dick hard when he had watched me. did he maybe wish it was him in there and i was the one watching thru the camera. i wonder, what does grandpa look like when he is naked. i thought about it . alot.

i pretended as if i had never seen anything on grandpas computer and that night was a quiet night of television. i went to bed a little early and i mighta kissed grandpas lips goodnight with a flick of my tongue and i went off to bed.and i lay there with the light on . listening.
i knew the camera was there now. it was in the corner behind the door almost hidden by a picture frame. and i knew it was pointed at me.

grandpas room was right beside mine and after awhile i heard him go in there and close the door. i thought about him in there watching me right now. i knew he could see everything. he could zoom in on anything he wanted too. i thought about laying there naked and letting him look at my body. my titties werent that big yet but they were growing. momma calls them apple sized. i could pull my panties and let him have a good look between my legs.

but that night i was still not brave enough. just a young virgin thinking about naked bodies. i wasnt brave enough to show grandpa my pussy. so i rolled over and took my panties off and i put my pillow between my legs.i humped it like i did when i was at home sometimes and i was wondering what a dick looks like and feels like and maybe even. taste like. and i thought about grandpa. about him watching me hump my pillow while he is in there holding his dick and i wonder if its hard.and i moan a little and i hump faster and faster and harder and i just cant stop till i moan really loud like i always do because it feels so good.
the next day i played the totally grandaughter. i pretended it was just any old day like yesterday and i had no clue he had probably watched me fuck my pillow last night. i walked into the kitchen where he was cooking breakfast and i kissed him on the lips and we sat down and started the day. as if neither had a clue about the other. it was really exciting.
i woke up feeling horny and i sat there with him wondering if he was thinking about my naked body. he said he had to run a few errands but that he wouldnt be gone long and then he would fire up the grill in the back yard. i kissed his lips again and i hugged him and i said i love you grandpa. and when he was gone i ran to his computer and i watched myself while i fucked my pillow. it was hot.

that afternoon, i changed into my bikini and i spread a blanket in the backyard and i soaked up the sun. grandpa got home and i ran to him and hugged him and kissed him. and he kissed me back. he had changed into shorts and he had no shirt on and i liked the way his bare chest felt against me. and i liked the way his hands brushed my ass when i pulled away.i had thought about it all day. i was gonna seduce grandpa. i was gonna get him to fuck me.

By : sonny

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