My Daughter’s Dating Problem

My troubles starting when my 16 year old daughter starting dating a black boy. Of course my wife and I were concerned about what she was getting into and after discussing it my wife said she would take care of it and convince Derrick to break up with her. She said she would talk to him and explain how it would not work out between them.

She invited Derrick over to the house for an early afternoon talk before the kids got home from school on Friday afternoon. Wanting to see how things went I left work early. Our house has a long driveway making it possible to drive up without being noticed. Seeing Derrick’s truck in the drive, I quietly entered through the basement door. Through the ventilation duct that runs from the basement to the first floor, I could hear them talking in the living room. Beth was telling Derrick that it just wasn’t going to work for a black boy to date our daughter. When Derrick asked why, Beth explained that it was just too taboo for our family to accept having a black boy with a white girl. Derrick explained that he had dated lots of white girls and women. My wife was shocked and asked what he meant by women. Derrick told her about his lawn mowing job and how some of the white housewives liked a little extra with their lawn care. Beth was astounded and told him that she did not believe him. He explained that after he had one housewife she had called her friends and now he was banging the whole neighborhood. He said that once a lonely housewife had some “thick black cock” they always called back for more and that he mowed several lawns weekly even if they didn’t need it. I thought my wife would go crazy after he started talking like that, but to my surprise she just muttered, “Well it can’t be that good.” Derrick replied, “Do you want to see it?” When Beth didn’t reply, I quickly, but quietly hurried upstairs before anything could happen.

Our house is large and the living area extends down from the dining area with a large fireplace separating the two and offering a place to observe what was happening. I had planned on stopping anything from happening, but when I saw them sitting them on the sofa I stopped in my tracks. Beth was wearing a short black skirt and a thin, tight, white top, which showed off her magnificent body. I wondered why she had dressed so nicely for such a meeting. She was sitting on the sofa next to Derrick with her legs drawn up kind of sitting sideways. Derrick was unbuckling his belt and asking her, “Well do you? Do you want to see it?” I heard her whisper yes as he lifted up and pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees. I heard her whisper, “Oh my god.” I couldn’t see anything because she was in the way, but I could hear him tell her to touch it. She slowly reached out with her hand and I could see her arm moving back and forth as she stroked him. “It’s amazing. I have never seen one so big and so thick,” she said.

After a minute he told her to get on her knees and suck it, but she hesitated and said that would be wrong. Derrick responded by grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to her knees telling her, “Listen up you white slut, you want it and you know it. Now get on your knees and suck my black cock with your pretty white mouth.” Roughly he forced her down as she whimpered, but did not resist. Once she was on the floor I could see what she was so enthralled by. His cock was a foot long with a head as big as my fist and a shaft as thick and long as my forearm. It was throbbing and bouncing off his chest. My beautiful blonde wife was on her knees in front of this black boy and she didn’t look like she was in any hurry to get up. I didn’t make a move wanting to see what she was going to do now. “Go ahead suck it before I get pissed off and make you,” Derrick demanded. “I can’t. It’s too big,” she whimpered. Again he grabbed her by the hair and telling her to take it in her hands he forced her mouth to the head and told her to open up. He forced his head between her lips and tried to shove it into her mouth. I could see her drooling all over his massive head and her tongue licking under the crown, but she couldn’t get it into her mouth no matter how hard she tried. Just trying to get the head in made her choke and now she was crying, but she was still licking and sucking his huge shaft.

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