My daughters Curiosity

My daughter has always loved grinding her pussy into things chairs beds leg and especially With friends. I have watched her start orgasms very early to the point of A obsession. Know she has watched me and her mom have extremely hard sex. Also has watched her brother that is gay masterbate and have watched him suck cock. One day I come home early walk around corner and she is necked grinding on the table. Her small body was sweating and the pleasure morning was so loud I couldn’t help getting a rock hard dick. I started stroking it as I watch her. She saw me out of the Conner of her eyes and made her crazy with a massive orgasm. Laying on the table face down just twitching. I walked up to her and rubbed her tight ass she reached back and her little hand took my cock pulling me close to her. With just a sexy look at me I put the head of my cock on the lips of her swollen pussy and rubbing it across from her clit to her ass.

My pre cum was so thick it was sliding so easy. She looked back at me and said in a begging voice….Fuck me daddy. My rock hard cock slipped into her hot pussy all the way her reaction drove her into another orgasm I drove into her so hard and fast the table was sliding it took no time and I exploded deep in her. I lay bent over her for a time. We got up she took my head in her hands and kissed me like a hot slut Toung deep in my mouth.

By :Henry

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