My dad Abused and raped me

I was one of the kids who doesn’t have a lucky family. My mother is a drug addict and she didn’t know who’s my dad is. I was sent to the children’s care when i was 4 and since then i didn’t see my mom anymore. I grow up with the care of an old lady i am an orphan, a children’s charity and mostly everyday i pray that someone could choose and pick me to be their child. I wasn’t lucky for years but when i turn to 10 years old, a couple has visited in the class and choose me. They look nice and seem wealthy and i was so happy that time. I said goodbye to my friends there and to the old lady who took care of me.

The couple drive me and show me to their home, it was huge and looks empty, one thing i realized is that they aren’t couple because the woman left the house that day and said goodbye to me and said “well have a happy life with your dad” and i replied ” you’re not his wife?? And she said no i am his friend. I was wondering why did they told to an old lady that they are couple and longing for a baby.
Fast forward that day i was being shown my room and all things needed when he’s at work. From dad talk to me and said ” from now on this is your home now and you can call me dad. He looks okay and for couples days i was treated a child and i’m happy with it.

Until one night when dad came home from work he sneak into my room and give me kisses on my neck, i played sleep and curious at my age. He lie down beside me and he slowly get my hands and brought down to his tummy, he made my left arms rub his down to his belly. I tried to pull back my hands and there he knows and i am awake. He gets up and took his shirt and jeans and said ” i wanna sleep with you tonight because i’m alone and lonely in my room. It was all quiet and i don’t know why i agree with it. He cuddle me with his naked body and i could feel his hard boner in my ass, he keeps rubbing my shoulder and start kissing my neck, i move away from him but he’s strong and pull me back, he grab my hand and put it on his cock, “sssh play with it so i can fall asleep, it’s alright it doesn’t hurt you. I agree because i don’t know what it was, he keeps my hands and play with his cock until it gets very hard, i rub it up and down while his other hands keeps playing with my small nipple. And suddenly i heard him grunt and said ” keeps playing!! Faster! And there’s a watery stuff came out from his cock that i didn’t know what it was. He looks happy after that and we fall asleep together. In the middle of the night i woke up without underwear, he is down in my little pussy licking i didn’t know but it feels good. “Daddy what are you doing?? He said ” go back to sleep it’s alright it’s just a thing that makes daddy happy, don’t you like that? So i leave him alone but i couldn’t go back to sleep and i feel this tickle stuff down on me. He keeps licking my pussy and even lift up my shirt and suck my small boobies. I keep my eyes close and i was so scared that time of what’s going on. Until he shove his cock on my mouth and said ” you’re daddy’s little girl, and this is what daughter and dad do. Open your mouth for me sweetheart and dad will be happy. So i open my mouth a bit with little confused on my mind. He then start shoving his cock on my mouth, his cock his to big and made me choke and cough but it didn’t bother him, he keeps pulling up and down deeper in my throat until there’s his moan with the watery stuff came out some inside my mouth and in my face. I clean my face and put my clothes back on me. That night made me cry while his fast asleep. I didn’t know what’s going on and i didn’t know what was happened. Until i fall asleep and woke up in the morning naked again with the white stuff in my tummy. Same thing i did was to clean it and get showered and went outside for breakfast. The food was ready and he wasn’t around anymore, he’s at work and i left home all day watching tv and playing a bunch of toys he bought.

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