My brothers girl friend

When I was 17 and my brother was 15 he had a girlfriend over at the house. I had just started driving but had to borrow my mom’s car. I didn’t mind driving my brother around ,because it was a reason my mom lent me the car. One day I picked up his girl friend who lived about 20 miles from us and brought the two of them to our house. About an hour later it started to snow. Now living in Vermont it can snow a little or a ton. This looked like the “ton” type.

A couple of hours later I had to pick my mom up from work and told her that Dave’s girlfriend was over and I didn’t feel comfortable driving her home, there were already 2 or 3 inches of snow on the ground. My mom was beat and didn’t feel like making the trip either which would take an hour in this weather. She called the girl’s mom and asked if it would be OK if the girl spent the night. My mom told the girl’s mother that she would be sharing my room and that she would be home all night. The mom’s agreed it would be a good idea.

Now I didn’t like most of the girls that my brother dated as they all seemed like sluts. I always wondered if my brother had a big dick or something, because there were always girls over and when my mom wasn’t home they were in his room or on the couch. My mother had a strict rule about members of the opposite sex being upstairs in our house with us and we were careful not to get caught. Me driving mom to work on the weekends gave us a little more freedom not to get caught.

Anyway the girl and my brother had spent most of the afternoon in his room, so I am sure what ever they needed to do had been done before I came home with my mom.
At bedtime we all went up to our rooms. The girl, Gwen, was about my size, but even at 15 had bigger boobs than me. I had the room with the double bed, so on sleep over nights if my brother had a friend over I slept in his room and in this case his girl friend had to sleep in my bed with me.

I had had a few sleepovers with girls and a few times it was a lot of fun. I loved girl/girl sex and I found out that some of my class mates did too. Ever since my mom had called Gwen’s mom I had a tingling between my legs at the thought of sleeping in the same bed as my brother’s girlfriend. Maybe her being a slut would be a good thing tonight. Dave and Gwen kissed good night outside my door and she came in. I asked her if she wanted PJ’s or a hockey jersey to sleep in.

She told me she didn’t care- so I threw her a jersey. I then started to undress. She just stood there trying not to watch. When I was totally naked I walked past her and said “I am going to get a jersey too” and bent over to get one out of my bottom drawer.

Obviously I bent at the waist with my legs spread a bit. I was hoping she was looking away at this point. When I stood up her eyes were still wide opened. I suddenly felt like maybe this girl wasn’t a slut like I thought. I asked if she was ok and she said “yes, I just never saw another girl that way.” I said “common on, you haven’t had girls sleep over and gotten naked with them and checked out each others pussies?” She told me “no” she had a real fucked up home and never had sleepovers, she was actually amazed that her father had not come over in the snow to get her, she figured her parents must have just been glad to get rid of her for the night.

I said “well, I can turn around if you want while you get changed,” mean while I was still naked in front of her. She told me “no, I think I would like you to watch” sounded good to me. She took off her top and bra and besides having a nice pair of boobs she had about 5 hickeys from her lower neck, shoulders and even the sides of her boobs. Did my “brother do that?” She just nodded and said “I think there are a couple more” and she took off her pants and panties.

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