my brothers girl friend – kinda teen sex

When I was 17 and my brother was 15 he had a girlfriend over at the house. I had just started driving but had to borrow my mom’s car. I didn’t mind driving my brother around ,because it was a reason my mom lent me the car. One day I picked up his girl friend who lived about 20 miles from us and brought the two of them to our house. About an hour later it started to snow. Now living in Vermont it can snow a little or a ton. This looked like the “ton” type.

A couple of hours later I had to pick my mom up from work and told her that Dave’s girlfriend was over and I didn’t feel comfortable driving her home, there were already 2 or 3 inches of snow on the ground. My mom was beat and didn’t feel like making the trip either which would take an hour in this weather. She called the girl’s mom and asked if it would be OK if the girl spent the night. My mom told the girl’s mother that she would be sharing my room and that she would be home all night. The mom’s agreed it would be a good idea.

Now I didn’t like most of the girls that my brother dated as they all seemed like sluts. I always wondered if my brother had a big dick or something, because there were always girls over and when my mom wasn’t home they were in his room or on the couch. My mother had a strict rule about members of the opposite sex being upstairs in our house with us and we were careful not to get caught. Me driving mom to work on the weekends gave us a little more freedom not to get caught.

Anyway the girl and my brother had spent most of the afternoon in his room, so I am sure what ever they needed to do had been done before I came home with my mom.
At bedtime we all went up to our rooms. The girl, Gwen, was about my size, but even at 15 had bigger boobs than me. I had the room with the double bed, so on sleep over nights if my brother had a friend over I slept in his room and in this case his girl friend had to sleep in my bed with me.

I had had a few sleepovers with girls and a few times it was a lot of fun. I loved girl/girl sex and I found out that some of my class mates did too. Ever since my mom had called Gwen’s mom I had a tingling between my legs at the thought of sleeping in the same bed as my brother’s girlfriend. Maybe her being a slut would be a good thing tonight. Dave and Gwen kissed good night outside my door and she came in. I asked her if she wanted PJ’s or a hockey jersey to sleep in.

She told me she didn’t care- so I threw her a jersey. I then started to undress. She just stood there trying not to watch. When I was totally naked I walked past her and said “I am going to get a jersey too” and bent over to get one out of my bottom drawer.

Obviously I bent at the waist with my legs spread a bit. I was hoping she was looking away at this point. When I stood up her eyes were still wide opened. I suddenly felt like maybe this girl wasn’t a slut like I thought. I asked if she was ok and she said “yes, I just never saw another girl that way.” I said “common on, you haven’t had girls sleep over and gotten naked with them and checked out each others pussies?” She told me “no” she had a real fucked up home and never had sleepovers, she was actually amazed that her father had not come over in the snow to get her, she figured her parents must have just been glad to get rid of her for the night.

I said “well, I can turn around if you want while you get changed,” mean while I was still naked in front of her. She told me “no, I think I would like you to watch” sounded good to me. She took off her top and bra and besides having a nice pair of boobs she had about 5 hickeys from her lower neck, shoulders and even the sides of her boobs. Did my “brother do that?” She just nodded and said “I think there are a couple more” and she took off her pants and panties.

There were 2 more one on the inside of each thigh. Wow I had had hickeys but never more than like 2 at a time. I asked her if she liked them, and she just nodded. We stood there naked for another minute and then she put the top over her head, I then realized I was still naked and the girl was probably thinking I was a freak, so I put mine on too.

We cleaned up for bed and when I got back into the room she was already under the covers. I turned off the light and got in myself. I have a window that faces a street light so my room never really gets dark.. I faced Gwen and said- “so are you going to go in and visit Dave or what?” She said “he told me to wait awhile and come in if I wanted to, but also said just make sure your mom is asleep.” I told her that was a good idea and she should wait a while.. She then said “so do you want to talk or something so I don’t fall asleep.” I said “sure” and we probably went about 30 seconds without either one of us saying anything , so I asked the first thing that came to mind to break the silence.

“So, you are 15 huh?” she said yes. I then said “so are you and my brother making it or what?” She answered like I wasn’t his sister “no, I’m still a virgin, I know your brother isn’t and it is driving him crazy that I wont do it.” I responded with “yeah, guys are like that.” She then became a motor mouth like none of her girl friends ever asked her about her sex life.

“I started fooling around with boys last year. You know just kissing and stuff. But guys like to play with my big tits so I let them. Then I let a guy put his finger in me, I really like that, your brother does that good too.” I was going to ask her something but she just kept going. “Then two boyfriends ago I went down on a guy, you know like sucked his boner. The first time I almost threw up, but I got much better and now I think I am pretty good at it…. I also like to beat them off and make then squirt, your brother squirts a lot, he has the biggest boner I have played with.” Ok a little more info than I wanted there… but she seamed to need to tell this stuff I guess.

She continued: “I like a guy to cum on my tits, that really get me hot”. I finally broke in and said “yeah me too, I can never decide if I prefer a guy to cum on me or in my mouth.” My talking seemed to just fuel the fire. She continued “I know what you mean. I always make your brother cum twice , once on me and then I get him hard again in my mouth and let him shoot in there. He loves to finger me when I am playing with him and I love that too. He keeps wanting to lick me and bone me, but I figure I should wait till I am 16 for the licking part and maybe 17 till I do it. I’m not a virgin anymore”

Ok that threw me – I was about to ask, but didn’t have to. “I mean I haven’t had a bone in me or anything but I heard this girl in the bathroom at school talking to another girl and she said ‘have you every fingered with an ear of corn’ the other girl said ‘no’ and the first one said it was unreal, just peal it and do it raw’ I heard that and figured there was a corn field behind my house so why not give it a try. Well it only went in a little way and I wanted more – so I got on my knees and just did it, all fall I would grab an ear and had a few different sizes.” Now where I grew up you can’t go a ½ mile without passing a corn field. I couldn’t believe I had never thought of it, and now I would have to wait like 8 months till corn season to try it… damn.

“So you think I have waited enough time, all this talk has got me horny as hell?” she asked. “I hear you,,. at least you have someone to play with, go on but be careful of his door it squeaks, he knows it so its probably open enough to sneak in, try not to move it and you can keep mine open a little- just be real quiet.”

She got out of bed and went down the hall. I couldn’t decide if I was going to finger myself or get out of bed and grab my favorite new toy a long neck RC cola bottle. I decided to get up, I needed more than fingers. As I got out of bed I debated going down the hall and watching, but knowing they weren’t going to make it I figured “what would I be looking at” and I wasn’t sure I wanted to see my brother’s dick. I got on my bed and figured I had at least 20 minutes at a minimum. I fingered myself for a few minutes and just imagined I was going down on Gwen (even if she didn’t want boys to eat her). I was about to cum and grabbed for the bottle. As I opened my eyes to find it I was startled to see Gwen standing there. She closed the door and said “don’t stop, I have never watched another girl do that.”

I grabbed the bottle and put it in my mouth like I was sucking a guy off and got it wet. I then lowered it to my pussy and pushed the neck inside me. It felt so good. I started pumping it in and out slowly while rotating it a little each time. I looked up and panted out “what happened in there that you are back so quick?” She told me that my brother “came quickly and fell a sleep. That he had already cum 3 times that afternoon and I guess he was empty” we both kind of laughed.

I got bold and asked her if she wanted to help me. She said yes and I moved over on the bed and she sat next to me. I told her to take the bottle and she replaced my hand and kept up the same motion I was doing. I took off my shirt and started to play with my nipples, I was panting and very close to coming. I told Gwen “you can push it in deeper, I can take the bottle part” with that she pushed it and my labia parted and took the wider part of the bottle. I was starting to cum and it felt great. At the same time I reached between her legs and started rubbing her thigh, my hand running up and down it getting higher with each rub.

I started to reach a climax as she was fucking me with the bottle that was now almost half way inside me. As I was cumming I started to rub her pussy and as I started to go over the edge I drove 2 fingers inside her and started pumping my hand. As I was fingering her she quickened the pace on the bottle and I was creaming like crazy. I looked up at her and said “ I – could – do – this – myself- suck my nipples”and with a little hesitation she leaned forward and started to suck on my long nipples. My climax intensified and I felt myself bucking up against the bottle. Her hand was hitting the outside of my labia and then my clit and I was in total ecstasy.

I started using my thumb on her clit as I was fingering her and through my orgasm I could hear her starting to pant as well.

I was coming down and took my free hand and grabbed her wrist and then pulled it, and she took the hint and took the bottle out of me. I shifted on the bed and told her to get more comfortable. She still had the bottle in her hand and as she found a spot for it on my night table I could swear I saw her either smell it or lick it, as she definitely brought it to her face.

She was lying on the bed now and I went down lower in the bed and kept fingering her. I started to kiss her boobs and then took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck. I could tell she was getting close to cumming. I moved my head down and was kissing her belly. My head was about a 6” from her pussy and I could smell her sex. I guess after an afternoon with my brother and no shower since she still smelled of her activity.

I looked up at her laying there, her eyes seamed to be wide open and looking down at me. I whispered “I know you want to wait a while before a guy licks you, but how about a girl?” She didn’t respond for a few seconds and then she took her hand, put it on my head and pushed it down. I moved down her belly, past her waist and kissed my way past her hair and down to her inner thigh. How she could let my brother give her hickies about 8” below her pussy and not let him eat her must take some kind of will power, but that was no concern of mine at the moment. She opened her legs more and I slowly slid my fingers out of her. I was kissing all around her, but wanted to make sure she really wanted me (and I guess I was teasing a little as well) and about a minute later I felt her hand on my head again. This time she grabbed my hair and pulled me up towards her pussy.

I ran my tongue along her swollen labia and then started to suck on them, she started to pant again. I then parted her labia with my tongue and drove it as deep as I could inside her. Her knees moved out so I could get in deeper and I started to lick her out. Her hand had never left my head and now she was moving it around pushing me deeper into her.

I could tell she was about to cum so I figured I would drive her over the edge and I went after her clit, first with my tongue and then started to suck on it. She was there… I slid a finger back inside her and she started to buck in a climax. I kept up my attack of fingering her and licking and sucking her for a few more minutes. She finally pulled my hair and head off of her and up towards the pillows. I moved as slowly up her body as I had going down. Stopping and playing with her big boobs and then moved up higher and took a chance. I brushed my lips across hers and then kissed her on the cheek. I moved back toward the other cheek and again brushed her lips, this time her mouth opened and I took that as a sign of approval.

I kissed her on the lips and then introduced my tongue to hers. I know she could taste herself on my mouth and then I became aware of the taste on her tongue. I was a little grossed out but excited at the same time. It became obvious to me where my brother had cum a little while ago. When I got done kissing her I headed back for her boobs and then back for a second snack. This time I turned my body as I went down. I like going in deeper in this position and was soon licking and sucking between her legs. Being and anal freak I even went after her butt and was playing with that.

She shifted a bit and I wasn’t sure if she didn’t like it or just maybe thought I was there by accident. In either case I moved back up for the moment. Of course my pussy was only about a foot from her face and so far had been ignored.

I got up on my knees so I could really get in her deep. As I was attacking her and she was moaning loudly again, she finally decided to reciprocate. She started to rub the inside of my thigh and then started to rub her fingers around my pussy. I remembered that till this point she had only used the bottle. She was rubbing me and I was moving my butt around to get more of the rubbing action. Finally she put a finger inside me, then two and then three. She was really working me as I could tell she was nearing her orgasm. I didn’t want her to cum yet so I went back down on her ass. This time she must have know it was on purpose and she let me stay down there trying to break into her tight muscle.

She was going to town on my pussy and I took the chance. I moved and repositioned myself over her mouth. She just kept fingering me. I moved up to her clit and started to suck (taking her mind out of the game) and dropped my pussy to her face. She pulled her fingers out of me and started to lick me. My clit was right above her lips so the first touch of her tongue sent shivers through my body. She started to cum and I was right behind her- the two of us were cumming together and she was kind of mirroring what I was doing. I decided to suck her clit again and she did the same to me which made me explode… and I had to release her clit as I needed to breath…

I came back up to her a few moments later and we kissed a little more and then fell asleep. I awoke a few hours later with her down between my legs eating me out, I told her to swing her butt up my way and reversed the 69 position we had been in earlier… by the morning we had probably slept a few hours and played for more.

The next morning at the breakfast table she was sitting hand in hand with my brother as if nothing had ever happened. That was a good a thing. At one point my mom asked her “did you sleep OK, dear?” Gwen responded “it took a little while to fall asleep, and I woke up a few times, but it was just fine.” Good answer, it was more than fine in my book

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