My Boy’s Toys

Was it something I ate? I don’t know, I really had to take a dump, and then I had to hold it. Then when I got home, I really had to push to get it started. All of a sudden, I felt cold, and clenched to pinch it off.

“Huh?” I felt a little drop, but it wasn’t like pee, and it clung to the hole. I felt it, and it pulled out to a tiny clear string on my finger. I only ever got that when I was hard before, and it was “weird.” Not even being chubby.

“Ngh!” I pushed the rest out, easily. Well, it started easier, and then it came out slow when I stopped pushing. “Oh!” Like a dick, I suppose. It felt pretty good, and I didn’t feel cold any more. Then I felt my face warm up, and spread down my neck, just feeling the long firm rope slowly drag out of my asshole, but not another drop. “Nhahhh!”

I shook my head, and felt the greasy fluid. Pinched it on my thumb, and rubbed it around, but it’s weird. I still didn’t get hard, but it almost felt like right after I beat off, and I ejaculated a little drop.

“I’m not gay, am I?” I have to ask myself that, “No?” Still can’t think of any attractive guy. “I like girls, but. NGH!”

The last of it popped like a cork, with a wet BLAT! of gas, and the rest were disgusting chips. “Snh?” hold my nose, “Uh, why?” It’s weird that it didn’t stink until after the hard part came out, but I wiped, and flushed, then took a shower to rinse off the nasty stuff.

I guess the smell was a turnoff, because it’s shit, but the turd. The hard one, maybe it’s not gay at all, that’s just guys talk. You know, just because gays like it, but some girls do too. Who says a guy can’t like it, and still not be gay, right? It wouldn’t hurt to try it, and you know, I never felt my own asshole before?

I mean, yeah with toilet paper, but I never actually touched it with my finger. So, is it supposed to feel like that? Maybe I should get out, and take a look at it. It’s clean enough, right? Mom’s got that hand mirror to bounce the reflection off the medicine cabinet, and fix the back of her hair, “Here.”

[3:28] Almost 3:30, so I have a few hours to do my homework, I just. “Huh!”

“I have a nice ass?” I think, I don’t know, I never really looked at a guy’s ass before, but. “For a guy,” I guess. Do I like spanking? “Uh! No.” Worth a try, anyway.

It’s my ass, and I’ll play with it all I want, but it’s pale, and firm. “Huh!” Never thought that was a sexy word before. “Firm.” Not like boobs at all, I mean I can shake it, and it jiggles, but not like boobs at all. It’s not a fat ass, but I like to squeeze it, and rub it, I just didn’t really care for smacking it.

Live and learn, this is how I learned to jack off, too, but. “Huh! Oh yeah.” I got a hardon, just groping my ass. You know? Normally I have to think about girls. Sexy girls, naked, or I just get a hardon, and take care of it, but now. I feel “Sexy, yeah, sexy boy. Huh, yeah, such a sexy boy, with your firm sexy ass. Huh, buttocks? No, uh. Glutes?” Shrug, “Guess it’s just ass.”

Not butt, that’s too much like the sound it makes, when. “No.” Weird, but now it feels funny. Not just my buttocks, but inside. Is this what it feels like for girls to get turned on? You know, when they get fucked?

“Huh!” It looks different too. Really red, and loose, and I can squeeze it. Just like pinching one off, but, “Hahehuh? Weird.” I could see it push out, so maybe if I take a deep breath. “HUH!” What’s that feel like? “HUH! HUH HUH HUH!”

Neat, if you breathe hard enough, it makes it puff in and out, and that means I can squeeze, and suck it back in. Without even sticking my finger in there, but I just saw mom’s clippers in the drawer. When I got the mirror, and I don’t want to scratch myself up, but.

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