My best friends sister

I knew Ash house in and out and was comfortable there. After getting a view of Nancy’s pussy all i wanted to do is see more but firstly i would go to Ash’s house when i knew he or Nancy were not there and ask his mom if i could wait there for him then go to Nancy’s room and go through her underwear. I even stole a pair of panties and took them home. Well back to my story. I became obsessed with seeing her naked. The first thing i tried was hiding in her room closet but that was stupid bcos she needed her clothes and found me in her closet even before she took the towel off but i told her that Ash and i were playing hide and seek and she believed me. My second attempt was much more thought out and successful. Ash and i used to always store stuff for his dad in the attic and i helped his dad put up the water heater up there and you could see into the bathroom from up there. So i waited for her to come home from school bcos she went straight into the bath after that then i told Ash that we should play hide and seek. I would hide first. So i headed for the attic above the bathroom. I could see through a hole that her dad had made while trying to fit the heater, there were alot of holes in fact i could have had a choice. Anyway there i was i could literally hear my heart pounding. She opened her long black hair, took off her socks then undid her belt, then her school tie then undid her dress and stood there for a while in her lacy bra and panties while she checked on her bath and my cock was so hard, throbbing in anticipation. She then stopped the water and un hooked her bra and as she slid it off i got a full view of her firm tits and big hard pink nipples and came in my pants. I took off my shorts and my undies and wiped my cock with them. I still had alot more to see. She then slipped her panties off and revealed her smooth sweet pink pussy again. My cock was instantly hard again and i had it out my shorts stroking fast. She slipped into the bath and i got a proper look at her meaty slit and it looked like her nipples were pointing right at me. I continued to stroke my rock hard cock and blew my load again when i saw her stick her fingers inside herself to clean her pussy. I jerked off twice more while she was lathering her Boobs and while she was drying off rubbing that towel all over that sexy body. I ended up with a very sore cock and right arm but yet again it was well worth it.

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