My Aunts Big Surprise

My name is Samantha, everyone calls me Sam. I’m 18 years old, 5’6” with an athletic figure, short dirty blonde hair, 34D breasts and an ass to die for. I love to be outside, either playing soccer or going for long bike rides on the beach. Living not even five minutes from the beach certainly has its perks. Every spring I go to my aunt Mary’s house in Texas for a week to get away from my parents and spend time with my favorite aunt. When I am there, we do everything together from going for runs to movies and even other more exciting adventures. I never really know what is going to happen till I get there, and we begin our week-long party. My aunt works for an insurance firm in Arlington and always loves when I visit which gives her a chance to take a week off away from all her many clients. I have been looking forward to this visit for months ever since Mary said that when I came this year, that she had a big surprise for me which just made me even more excited.

I got off the plane in Arlington airport and went to collect my luggage, and as I was waiting for my luggage to slide down the ramp onto the carousel, someone came up behind me and wrapped their arms around me. At first, I was startled by this, till I turned my head to see the face of my aunt smiling. Turning with a huge smile I wrapped my arms around her, suddenly unable to contain my happiness I said, “Aunt Mary, it’s so good to see you. I missed you so much.” Mary was in her late 30’s and was in just as good of shape as I was. She had amazing features, at 5’7”, long auburn hair that reached just above her waist, 36DD breasts and an ear to ear smile with full luscious lips. She was wearing a short length, tight colorful dress that hugged every curve and made me envious of her hoping I was just as good looking as she was when I got to her age. I had to say looking at her now she was simply hot, and that’s when something in my belly started to stir up strange feelings, feelings I had never felt before and then it was gone. “Oh, there’s my bag,” I said. My aunt reached and took my hand which stirred something again and guided me to the exit to where her BMW convertible was waiting outside. There was a strong breeze that day and it blew Mary’s hair around, having short hair I didn’t have any trouble. After placing my bags in the trunk, I hopped in the front seat and we were off. Two women out to party the world away, plus I almost forgot one of the main reasons I come to visit this time of year, is because my visits usually coincide with my birthday. Tomorrow I’ll be 19, and I’m guessing, that for my birthday Mary will do something fantastic for me, she always does since I’m her favorite niece.

When we got to her house we went inside, and Mary showed me to the usual guest room that I stayed in while I was there. On a rather exciting note her room was just next door to mine, and I felt goose bumps appear on my arms. After settling in we made dinner together, sautéed vegetables with turkey, and sat to eat. It was simply so delicious. After dinner we went for a long walk, talking about everything that had changed since I last saw her, and then after a while we headed home. When we got back to my aunt’s house, Mary said, “I like to have a bath in the evening after my walk before relaxing the night away.” She walked up to her room before heading to her bath. Sam sat down on the couch and started to watch tv.

About half an hour later, I decided to go to my room and change into something comfy. To get to the guest room I had to pass by the bathroom and as I got close, I happened to notice that the bathroom door was open a crack. I tried to tip toe past the door and while passing by I cast a quick glance into the bathroom. At first, there was nothing, but then I saw Mary’s reflection appear in the mirror. She was drying herself off, and I had to say that my aunt was stunning and very attractive. I had never thought that way about women before now but seeing aunt Mary naked gave me goose bumps. Standing there watching, Mary suddenly lifted her left leg onto the seat of the toilet and dried her smooth looking leg, then she put it down and lifted her right leg to dry it, this time because of the angle that the mirror Sam got a glimpse of her aunt’s pussy. It was completely shaven; I was stunned at how it looked. Aunt Mary finished drying her leg and dropped the towel to the floor, reaching down between her legs with her hand she let her fingers glide across her pussy lips. With a slow and steady rhythm, she rubbed her pussy for a few moments, picking up the pace as she rubbed more and more. Mary looked as if she was really enjoying herself and seeing this made Sam gasp slightly which also, caught the attention of her aunt. Sam quickly and quietly scampered up the hall and tore into her room and closed the door quietly behind her. I quickly begun to undress and pretend to get into comfy clothes, until I heard the bathroom door open, followed by footsteps coming up the hall. The footsteps went into Mary’s room and the door closed behind her. Later that night the two women sat quietly on the couch and enjoyed a movie not saying a word. When the movie finished, I said, “well I am going to head to bed now, I’ll see you in the morning, good night!”

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