My Rocky(D) fucked me while I was Crossdressed

Hi friends, this is Rani. I am going to share with you an incident that happened 3 years ago. Though this incident is not real, but some part of this story is true. Yes I had some horny experiences with my Rocky and this story is encouraged from those incidents. My height is 5’6 feet and I am a bit healthy. I stay alone in a rented flat as I am heavily indulged in crossdressing. I wear all types of Indian dresses like sarees, salwar kameez, nighties etc. I also wear wig and breast forms. That day I was crossdressed in a purple saree for the whole day. At night I removed my saree, blouse, petticoat, bra and panty to have a bath.

My skin is hairless, soft and smooth. I have no facial hair. I had a hot water bath and came out of the washroom wearing a towel. I had my breast forms ON. My boobs size is 36 inches. While crossdressed my figure is 36-32-36.

I wore a pink velvety soft panty. Such soft panties give me hard on and also make me feel feminine and horny. I hid my semi hard penis in between my thighs and wore the panty. I didn’t wear any bra. Then I wore a pink satin nighty. I had my wig on my head. You can see the pic above to have an idea of the kind of nighty I was wearing.

I lied down on bed and started reading filmfare magazine. I read bollywood magazines to have an idea on what the actresses are wearing now a days. While I was reading the magazine my Rocky came and sat besides me on bed. His name was Bruno.

He was a tall Rocky and his breed was Labrador Retriever. He sat besides me and slowly started rubbing his face on my arm. I cuddled his with love and affection. I always remained crossdressed in front of him and used to cuddle always.

I once again got back to my task of reading the magazine. Then Bruno started snuffing my left armpit. Then he started licking my armpit which made me feel good. Then I myself offered him my right armpit and he started licking it too. I was feeling good and just thought that he was loving me with affection.

Then he once again sat back in his normal posture and I kept the magazine behind and closed my eyes as I was feeling sleepy. Then I felt something unusual at my back side in my ass area. I opened my eyes and saw Bruno was rubbing his face on my ass from over the nighty.

Then he started licking my nighty from over my ass area. I was feeling something fishy but didn’t give heed to it, though I liked the feeling of being licked at my ass. I was getting a bit horny. However I was feeling sleepy too. I didn’t know why but I lifted my nighty and lowered my panty from the ass area and exposed my bare ass to Bruno.

Then he didn’t do anything and all my excitement was gone so I once again closed my eyes and went back to sleep. But then suddenly after a few minutes Bruno started licking my bare ass with his tongue. Oh my god what a feeling it was. I opened my eyes and felt really horny.

Bruno started licking my ass hole with his tongue. He kept of licking it deeper and deeper and I liked the sexy feeling. Then I got up from my position to go to another room. Just when I got up, I was shocked to see Bruno. He was panting hard and his dick had grown 10 inches longer.

I had never seen my pet Bruno’s hardened dick. But here it was. I was afraid that he might fuck me, so I quickly tried getting up from bed but while doing this Bruno barked at me. I was in horror. I was afraid that if I get up he might bite me.

When Bruno licked my asshole I felt horny but never thought of having sex with a Rocky. I gave it and lied back. He climbed on me and started poking my ass cheecks with his hard dick. I understood that he wanted to fuck me. I resisted and got up. Then he barked very heavily and I was in terror.

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