My 1ST time with a black Girl

I always wondered what it would be like having sex with a black chick. In the country where I grew uo it was forbidden. A couple of days ago I went to the shop to buy some stuff for home. The wife’s at work and I am still on holiday.
While in the shop I saw this good looking black chick and greeted her. To my surprise she greeted back and gave me a nice smile. I went my way and paid for my stuff and as I left the till point she walked out of her till point and accidently bumped into me. She apologized and I responded with a don’t worry, it was a nice accident.
We walked out the shop together and started chatting until we got to her car. I helped her loading her stuff into her car and took a chance inviting her for a cup of coffee as it was still early morning. She agreed.
We went to a coffee shop and started chatting again. She asked me if I have ever been with a black woman and I replied no but would love to try sometime. She replied that she has never been with a white man and would also like to try it.
She said she was a bit busy and gave me her number and told me to call her in a couple of hours. We then left and I thought she was never going to do anything like this

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