Mum and son start a new wet relationship

It was early in the morning and as I woke I felt like my cock was as hard as rock. While wondering about the strength of my erection I suddenly became aware of something smooth and warm stimulating me. I glanced across at where my mother should have been sleeping to find her not there. I then looked down towards my crotch to find a lump under the duvet moving slowly in time with the wonderful sensations on my penis. I tried to relax but very soon I knew I was going to cum and trying to delay it as much as possible, seemed pointless as I approached the point of no return.

Suddenly the pressure built and my cock swelled even more, causing the ministrations to intensify and then I shot my first load of cum, then a second and third and finally a fourth as my orgasm subsided. As the sensation on my cock became more intense post orgasm, there was the sound of slurping and sucking as my cock was systematically cleaned.

During all of this time I managed to avoid any obvious movement and a couple of moments later my mother’s head came up above the duvet. I had closed my eyes and had feigned sleep, but began to stir. My mother turned over and also pretended to be asleep.

How come a nineteen year old young man is sleeping in the same bed as his mother, you may ask. Well mum and dad had broken up and mum could only afford a one bedroom flat, so every night I slept in the same bed as my mother.

After another half hour I got up, showered and made a cup of tea for mum and brought it to her in bed. I got my kit together and as normal on a Sunday morning went off to football.

My mum, Sue, is 39 years old, petite and only just 5ft tall with curly blonde hair. She is well proportioned and when she walks she knows how to sway her hips and rear to good effect. She also has a curvy figure, but not at all plumb.

Her features are not stunning but she is not unattractive. She is never someone that is embarrassed about her body with her regularly sunbathing topless and rarely covering up if I caught her naked for any reason. Her breasts are average, her stomach has a little bulge to it, but she is not in any way considered fat. On the few occasions when I happened to catch her naked she usually had a well trimmed triangle of pubic hair.

When I got home mum was lying on one of the garden loungers sunbathing. When mum sunbathed it was usually topless, and today was no exception. I got rid of my kit and changed into a pair of shorts, commando style, and then joined mum in the garden. We exchanged pleasantries and after a chat about my match I settled down to catch some sun myself.

The interesting thing about my shorts was that they were quite baggy and as I had positioned myself with my feet towards mum, it was time to see just how horny mum really was. I pretended to dose off and settled back to recall the morning’s unexpected experience. Without too much thought it didn’t take long for my cock to become erect. I was peeking at mum from time to time and was aware that she could see my erect cock. My sunglasses prevented her from seeing my partially opened eyes.

All of a sudden mum’s hand went down to her crotch and she began to rub herself. When she eventually removed her hand there was an obvious darker, damp patch.

“Feeling horny?” I asked.

Mum jumped and, after a second or two realised her position and closed her legs.

“That’s no way to speak to your mother,” she replied, with half a smile on her face.

“If you want to suck this,” I said freeing my cock from my shorts, “you only have to ask.”

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