Mrs. Claus’s Predicament

Mrs. Claus’s Predicament

It was Christmas time again, and everyone was very joyful at the North Pole. Toys were being made on every table, hot chocolate was brewing and smiles abound. It was a beautiful holiday scene, with the exception of Dear old St. Nick being mysteriously absent. Which made one person very unhappy. Mrs. Claus…

Mrs. Claus stomped through the warehouse watching the Christmas elves toil over completing the toy orders for Santa’s ride this year. She had been completely on edge the last couple of months. The season had come upon them and was moving very quickly since the Halloween holiday was over. *Her husband, Santa Claus, went into panic mode and started sexually neglecting his loving wife.

Mrs. Claus, normally a very happy lady, her mood turned dark when Santa wasn’t performing his spousal duties. *She loved her holiday orgasms. A beautiful lady, Mrs. Claus was a full-figured woman, Rubenesque. *Her cinched midsection, large breasts and wide derriere’, a woman with lots of curves. The kind men love to curl up with on a cold North Pole night, drinking hot chocolate and sharing oral sex.

The elves knew she was as angry as a hornet’s nest as of late and the female elves all knew why. That cheating bastard Santa Claus hadn’t been attending to his wife’s sexual needs because he had turned to one of the elfin ladies for some BDSM play. *That, and they were so behind on preparations for the holiday. **Mrs. Claus loved playing with her toys and usually did from time to time. This year she had burned through numerous sets of batteries and she knew the real thing was always better.

The last few days before Christmas, Santa went missing because he knew how his loving wife could get when he didn’t have time to make her cum. *This year was much worse because he had met Sasha Elf out on the toy building floor. She was interested in a DDLG lifestyle. Santa had been learning about BDSM since that movie Fifty Shades of Grey came out and wanted to be Sasha’s Daddy. So Santa had went M.I.A. to explore Sasha and his kinky side. He was trying things on Sasha that he had learned on the internet over his vacation, things that he hadn’t attempted with Mrs. Claus.

The female elves had a meeting after work because they were tired of being verbally assaulted by the boss’s wife. Everyone knew that Mrs. Claus needed to get laid, the problem was they couldn’t find Santa himself. Clara Elf the senior representative of the lady elves, after calling the meeting to order, explained that Sasha Elf was being Santa’s subby and attempting to sate’ his Dom/Sub curiosity. *She would sexually soothe his overactive libido. She even had an idea of how to calm down Mrs. Claus.

Clara talked to the girl elves about sending Mrs. Claus one of the male elves nightly to fill in for Santa. Maybe if Mrs. Claus was satisfied sexually, she would be in better spirits. The ladies were all taken aback by the idea, but being screamed at and treated like crap by the boss’s wife was much worse than having to share their husbands. The lady elves had been involved in some of North Pole swing parties during the offseason anyway and elfin people are very welcoming to open relationships.

After a few drinks and some very heated conversation, Clara and the lady elves decided to move forward with the idea. The next step was to decide which male to send and they still had to get him ready. Back in the corner of the meeting room sat Harriette Elf, who after many years with her hubby had grown tired of having a stretched out and sore pussy after fucking him nightly. *Harriette decided to nominate her husband, Claude. If nothing else she would get a one-night break.

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