Mother-son relationship

Hi I’m Josh, I’m 18 years of age and this is my story.

It all started a few weeks ago. I was in my parents while they where out looking for some of my mothers used under ware which I could use as wanking material. While I was rummaging under the bed I found some old Porn DVDs and magazines. I thought that they must be my dads for when mums out. Took the mags and a pair of my mums knickers and left.

A few days later I had only read one of the magazines and completely reined my mums knickers and had put them in for wash. I decided to get started on the next magazine. The mag was dedicated to hot british milf bbws. Which is the category my mum falls into.

So there I was lied in bed at 10am on a Saturday wanking to the images of the milfs pretending they where my own sexy mum. When out of the blue my mum walks in and sees me. Now before I go any further here is some details to give you a mental image of what me and my mum look like. My mum is chubby but now obese, she has huge 44JJ natural tits, medium length black hair, shaved pussy and stands about 5’3. I’m about 5’8 medium length blonde hair, not muscle or athletic just a normal body for a teenager and a 6.5 inch cock.

Any way back to the story, I’m there frozen, my cock has grown stiffer in my hand know my mum is watching, and I can’t think what to do. My mum just stands there looking at my cock then finally says. “son, what are you doing with that magazine, and where did you get it?” I’m completely frozen and I turn around and said. “Nothing mum, I found it under yours and dads bed.”

My mum then looks at my cock and licks her lips then says “Well, are you enjoying wanking your big cock? Would you like me to rub your balls as you wank?” I sit there stunned at what my mum just said then build up the nerve to reply. “Yes please mum, and if you like maybe you could wank me off?”

My mum then slowly starts to wank my rock hard cock. She then rubs my hard throbbing head, while teasing and licking my shaft until she gets down to my balls. She then looks up at me and says. “Beg me to take you in my mouth!” She says this while still wanking me. I then moan, “Aww mum! Don’t stop! You dirty girl, pit me all in your mouth you whore!”

My mum looks up at me and replies “Ok, but i’m going to make you pay for calling me a whore, I won’t have that language in my house! I will make you cum hard but won’t stop till your hard again then force you to fuck me hard and deep!” I look down to my mum who has a cheeky grin on her face and say ” ok mum I’m sorry, I will take any punishment I deserve, I’m so sorry.” with that my mum take my cock all the way into her mouth.

After a few minutes of my mum sucking my cock and being able to stop me cumin she finally talks, saying. “Right I’m going to sit on your cock and fuck you hard! But your not cumin till I have otherwise I won’t do this again, and you better be good!” I look at her with a ear to ear smile on my face, knowing I’m about to lose my virginity to my mum! I lie and on my bed and hold my saliva covered cock up waiting for her. She stands up from sucking my dick and finally takes her clothes off! She then gets on my bed and straddles me. I put my hands on her hips as she lowers her self down on my cock. Just before she starts fucking me I ask. “Can I suck on my tits please mum?” to which she replies. “Honey, you can suck and bite my tits as I ride you!”

My mum then rides my cock hard and fast! Until she can feel me trembling. She then gets off me and takes me in her mouth till I come! I then couldn’t believe it, neigh could she, I was still hard! I then look at my mum and say “Mum as I’m still hard can I fuck your ass?” Mum then looked at me smiled then got down on all fours. I leaned to my bed side table and got out some slide and ride lube which I stole from her room a while ago. I lube up her whole then push my head in slowly. But once I get the head in is was in it was like a corridor. Turns out my dad likes the back entrance too.

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