Mother pretending being asleep : Fucked My 55 Year Old Mother

Doing my 83 year old mother

My mother is 83 years old. I’m 60. I have never had any sexual thoughts about my mother. That’s not the kind of relationship we have. She wanted to visit my sister down in Fla, so I agreed to drive her there. I knew the trip would take two days, so we would have to stay in a hotel one night. I didn’t want to pay for two rooms so I asked mom if it was OK if we stayed in one room with two beds. She had no problem with that.

The day arrived. I picked mom up early in the morning and got started on the drive.

We just had small talk in the car, nothing important. The drive was pretty boring. I was glad when it became evening so I started looking for a hotel.

I found one for 39 dollars per night. The clerk asked me if I was alone or with someone. I asked why. He stated if it was two people it would cost 59 dollars instead of 39 dollars. I lied and told the clerk it was just me.

I parked in front of the room. I opened the trunk and took out our two over night bags.

I ask mom if she needed anything else, she said no.

As soon as I entered the room I noticed there was only one bed. It was king size. I asked mom since it was a king size bed does she have any problems with sleeping together. Mom said no problem and walked into the room with her bag.

I turned the TV on and told mom to go ahead and use the bathroom first.

While she was in the bathroom I surfed the channels. I heard her turn on the shower.

For some reason, a naked picture of mom entered my mind. I don’t know why, it just did. You see, mom is 83 years old, but I don’t think she looks that old. She stands about five foot tall and only weighs about a hundred pounds. She has always kept good care of herself.

I heard mom turn the shower off. I went back to watching TV. It wasn’t long before I heard the bathroom door open.

I looked over and saw she had put on her nightgown. It buttoned in the front and came down just below her knees. She told me the bathroom was all mine and walked over to her overnight bag sitting on the floor. She bent over and put the clothes she had been wearing in the bag. As she was bent over I noticed her ass. It was small and round. I could see she was wearing pants under her gown. She had taken off her bra. I saw her put it in her bag.

She turned around and asked me if I was going to take a shower. I answered sure and got up out of the chair. As I got up I look at the front of her gown. I expected to see low hanging tits, but was surprised to discover they weren’t. I couldn’t see anything but notice how they looked under her gown. Two of the top buttons were undone, but not enough to see anything. What am I thinking I thought to myself and cleared my mind.

I went into the bathroom and took my shower. Normally I sleep in the nude, but with being in the same bed with my mom I decided to put on my underwear.

Finished, I walked back into the room. Mom was already in bed with the covers pulled up. It felt hot in the room so I walked over to the AC. It was already on its coldest level, so there was noting else I could do. I told mom so she said we would just use the sheet.

I crawled into the bed and pulled the sheet up to my waist. I said good night to mom, reached over and turned the lamp off. To my surprise the room didn’t get dark. The street light outside came though the curtains. I could see very clearly everything in the room. I turned to ask mom if it was Ok, and noticed she had already fallen asleep.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I couldn’t. It was way too light in the room.

After laying there for what seemed like hours, I turned my head and looked over at mom.

She had kicked the sheet down so the top of it was laying at her waist. She was sound asleep. I noticed her chest moving up and down. The naked picture of her came into my mind again. I don’t know why this was happening. It has never occurred to me before to think about mom this way.

She was laying on her back. A thought came into my mind. I wanted to see her tits.

I looked at the gown where the two top buttons were undone. I could only barely see the top part of her tit. It wasn’t enough.

I turned over on my side facing mom. I reached up and very carefully with my right hand started to undo the third button. It came undone easily. The problem was I still couldn’t see anything. I reached over again and undid another button. I looked at the bottom of her gown and noticed there were five other buttons, buttoned., So I didn’t think it would hurt to undo one more button. After I got my look, it would be easy to button them back up again so she would never know. I undid the fifth. Her gown was unbuttoned more than half way down.

I stopped and thought about what I was doing. What if I get caught. How would I explain her gown being unbuttoned half way.

Wanting to see her tits won out. I reached over a took hold of the top part of the gown. I started to raise it up so I could see. Her left tit came into my view. I thought it would be flat and old looking, but to my surprise, it was prefect. It had a round shape to it and the nipple was about a fourth inch long.

I looked up at moms face to make sure she was still asleep. She was. She hadn’t moved an inch while I unbuttoned her gown.

I wanted to see the other one. I folded the side of the gown I had a hold of and laid it on the side exposing moms whole left tit. I reached over and started unfolding the other side.

I raised my head up so I could see better. I was now looking at both of her tits, fully exposed. These did not look like the tits of a 83 year old woman. They were round, full and looked firmed. I had to know.

I’m not sure how long I looked at them. I thought to myself. Do I dare touch one of them? Lust over whelmed common sense. I slowly lowered my right hand and laid it on top of her right tit. It was soft bet yet very firm. I started to apply pressure with my fingers. As I was cupping her bare tit, she started moving. I quickly removed my hand and turned over to my side with my back to her. I thought, Oh God Oh God, I got caught. What was she going to say. I waited.

After about a minute, nothing happened. I turned over on my other side facing mom again.

She had turned on her side with her back to me. I raised up and looked at her face. She was still sound asleep. I looked down and could see her left tit since that part of her gown layed open.

I laid back down facing my moms back. She looked good. She had an hour glass figure. The sheet had moved down farther and was resting at her hips.

I reached over and raised up on the sheet so I could see her ass. I thought her gown would be covering it up, but it had risen up and I could just make out the bottom of her panties. I lowered the sheet further until I removed it entirely.

I looked at moms legs. The had a nice shape to them. I rested my hand on her bare hip. I figured if this woke her up I could pretend to be sleep. She didn’t wake up. I was surprised. I thought her legs would be hairy. After all Dad had died over twenty years ago, I mom never once dated. I could tell she shaved her legs. There were smooth and soft to the touch. I ran my hand up and down her thigh. I moved my hand up until I touched the bottom part of her panties. I thought she would be wearing old lady pants, but I could see part of her ass. I had to see more.

Since I had already removed the sheet, my only problem was the gown. I took a hold of the gown and raised it up toward her hips. It moved easily. I could now see her panties covering her ass. They were not granny pants. They were white and shinny. The top on her panties only reach half way up her ass. The sight was amazing. I put my hand back on her thigh and started moving my hand up. I moved up on her ass on top of her panties. My hand covered the whole side of her ass. I listened to moms breathing. Nothing had changed. I moved my fingers. She still slept.

I moved my hand up until the tip of my fingers were at her panties top.

I had gone too far now to stop. I very slowly worked my fingers under the top of her panties. Slowly I moved my hand downwards until my hand covered her bare ass. My little finger had settled in her ass crack. I started moving it around. I could feel her ass hole. I moved my hand down farther. I could feel the bottom of her pussy lips. Her panties kept me from going deeper. I removed my hand and looked at her panties.

How can I get them pulled down without waking her. I stared at her ass trying to figure how a way. I decided I would just start pulling them down and see how far I could get. I figured I could get the top side down enough to see her bare ass.

I took my finger and thumb and took a hold of the top of her panties. I slowly started pulling the top side down. I got it down only half way and had to stop. Her panties were too tight and wouldn’t come down any more. Then I got an idea.

I kept my right finger and thumb on the top of her panties. I took my other hand and slid it under her ass that was laying on the mattress. I just left it there waiting. I figured she would feel the pressure and raise up to relieve the pressure. It only took about three minutes and I could tell she was getting uncomfortable. I was ready with my plan.

I was right. She raised up to relieve the pressure. As soon as I felt her raise her ass, I pulled down on her panties. My plan worked. They easily slid down. I now had her panties down below her ass. I waited. Nothing happened. She was still asleep.

I looked down. Damn! My mom has a nice naked little ass. It was smooth and in the light looked like a younger women’s ass.

My dick was as hard as a rock. I’m sixty years old. This hasn’t happened this strong for a long time. My dick was so hard it hurt, a good hurt, but it hurt. Also I haven’t felt this horny in a long time. I thought about looking at my moms ass and jacking off, but then I got a better idea.

I reached over and started pulling my moms panties the rest of the way down. I wanted to see her without her panties. It was no trouble getting them all of the way off.

Still laying on my side facing mom, I raised up and took off my underwear. I grabbed a hold of my dick. It was as hard as its ever been. I felt like a horny teenager. I was acting like one too.

I moved closer to mom until my dick was almost touching her ass. I put the head of my dick on her ass. A shock wave went though my whole body. This was a good feeling, too good to stop now. I only intended to rub my dick up and down her ass crack until I cummed, and that’s how it started. Mom was still asleep and she hadn’t moved. By now pre cum was on the head of my dick. I lowered my body down further until I could see the head of my dick was at her pussy opening. Do I dare go further. Again, I was too far gone to stop now. What started out as just wanting to see her tits had now become finding a way to fuck her without waking her up.

I gently place the head of my dick on her pussy entrance. I almost came right then. The head of my dick with resting on my 83 year old mothers pussy. Before today I never had thoughts about doing this to my own mother.

I pushed at her opening. The head of my dick went in about an inch. Mom’s pussy lips were now around the head of my dick. Mom hadn’t move. I pushed a little harder. It wouldn’t go in any further. She needs to be wet, I thought to myself. How do I get her wet. I pulled my dick out of her entrance. I tried to get my hand between her legs, but one layed on top of the other since she was still on her side. I took my hand and pushed on the back side of her top leg. It worked. Mom moved her leg down off the other leg and rested it on the mattress.

I returned my hand to moms pussy. I started moving my fingers around her pussy lips. It took about ten minutes before I felt her pussy juices start to make her wet. Finally I was able to put my middle finger inside. I slowly pushed my finger in her pussy until I couldn’t get it in any further. I stopped and waited to see if mom was waking up. While I was waiting I thought I felt mom move her ass causing my finger to go deeper into her. I waited. Nothing, maybe I was wrong. I started moving my finger in and out of her pussy. Very slowly and very gently. Slowly she was getting wetter. I put another finger in her with no problem. I moved both finger in and out of her.. While doing this, again I thought I felt her move. I stopped and waited. It didn’t take long. She moved her ass toward my fingers to make them go deeper into her. Then she stopped. I thought maybe that’s just a reaction when someone has their fingers in a women’s pussy while they are asleep.

I pulled my finger out and rubbed her pussy juice on the head of my dick.

I again positioned myself so the head of my dick was at her pussy entrance. I place the head of my dick on her entrance. I applied a little pressure and my dick slid in about an inch, just like before. I then pushed a little harder and slowly my dick went into her another inch. She was very tight. I bet since Dad died she hadn’t been fucked. I pushed a little more causing half of my dick being buried in her pussy. It felt wonderful. There is nothing to match how it feels. Putting my dick into my own moms pussy. It was fitting like it was always suppose to be in there. I pushed again until I had my almost my whole dick buried in her pussy. I heard mom moan a little, but still she stayed asleep. I looked down and saw my dick in her pussy. Best thing I have ever seen.

I had to wait until my dick calmed down. If I moved it at all in this stage I knew without doubt I would blow my cum deep into moms pussy. I waited. While I was waiting I think I felt mom move her ass toward me. Again I wasn’t sure. I knew she was still asleep or I would be trying to explain to mom why my dick is deep in her pussy.

I pulled my dick out almost all the way them slowly buried it deep back in moms pussy. Slowly just like my fingers, in and out, in and out. I couldn’t believe just how good this felt. After doing her for about ten minutes I had another idea. I wanted to see her naked. Not just from the back, but her front.

I watched as I pull my dick out of her. It was the best thing I have ever seen.

I laid back down on my side looking at moms back side. Her entire ass was in my full view. Her gown was still just above her hips.

I needed to get her somehow on her back. How do I do this without waking her?

I put my hand on her bare ass and pulled a little toward me. She moved some, but was still on her side. Then I got another idea.

I took a hold of her gown and pulled it toward me. Not enough to move her, just enough to make her in her sleep uncomfortable. I figured the pressure toward me long enough would make her lay on her back without waking up. I kept applying pressure. Nothing was happening. It had been about ten minutes and I was about to give up.

All at once mom turned and laid on her back. As she turned I notice her legs were spread out. Not enough to fuck her but more than they were when she was on her back the first time.

I looked at her tits. When she turned on her back both sides of her gown had fallen opened giving me again a full view of her tits. It was amazing how great her tits looked.

I lowered my head down, and then stuck out my tongue just enough to touch her nipple. I looked up at her face. Still asleep. I opened my mouth and put it on her tit. I could almost get the entire tit in my mouth. I started sucking on one tit as I fondled the other one. Her nipple kept getting harder and harder in my mouth. I raised up and looked at her tits. Both nipples were sticking out a good half inch or so.

I wanted to see her naked. Four more buttons still kept her gown closed from her tits down.

I got up on my knees. Her legs weren’t far enough apart to put both of my knees between them, so I put one knee between her legs and the other one on the outside of her leg. I now could look down and get a full view of her naked body as I unbuttoned the rest of her gown.

Her breathing was still deep so I knew she was still in a deep sleep. I reached down with both hands and undid another button. Then another button, another one. There was only one button left to undo before I could open her gown. I waited. I did not want to waste the moment. Finally I reach down and undid the last button. Her gown had a gap in the front about two inches wide. I could see her belly button. I looked down further and saw something that before today I would have said no way. My mom was shaved! I mean her pussy is as bald as bald could be. Why would an 83 year old woman shave her pussy. I know my mother was a clean freak. So the only thing I could figure was she thought it was cleaner. I have always loved bald pussy’s. I ran my finger just above her pussy lips. There was no stubble. Her pussy was as smooth as a baby’s ass.

I reached down and opened my moms gown. My mother was now totally naked and I was looking at her. This did not look like an 83 year old woman. Her belly was flat, her tits were firm and round. I have fucked worst. I knew now I had to fuck her. I had to put my dick in my mom’s pussy.

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