Mother Opens Her Legs For Son’s Dick

Hi guys, my name is Abhishek. This is an incest sex story of me and my mom which happened when I was in my B.Com 4th semester.

Let me give you all some details of my mom’s figure. My mom is extremely fair, 5.7 feet height with 40-30-41 body measurements. She was 42 years old at that time. My father works in a bank. He comes home tired and falls asleep as soon as after having dinner. So it was obvious that mom was upset with his behaviour.

I have never thought of my mom in a wrong way. I used to sleep with her on the same bed until I was 16. Then we got separated. Now I live in a hostel. I was a very skinny kid when I was at home. It has been almost 4 years since I haven’t gone home.

I and mom talk on the phone sometimes but it wasn’t too frequent. So the distance between us grew further.

After 4 years, I was visiting home on the occasion of my elder sister’s marriage. My father came to the airport to pick me up. I didn’t see my mom there. So I asked my father about mom. He said that she was busy with the preparations of the marriage ceremony. I got really upset hearing this.

Soon I reached home and met my sister. She was wearing a red saree and was looking gorgeous and sexy. I saw her the last time when she was 20.

At that age, she was very skinny like me at that time. She was a little bit fair but she had a lot of pimples and acne on her face. Her figure wasn’t very pleasing to look at. But now she has a pair of big boobs, big almost as a small football. Her ass was pressuring on her saree to tear it apart. I couldn’t help myself but stare at that marvellous body of my sister for a minute.

My sister was trying out her wedding dresses. Suddenly, she noticed a very handsome man with fair skin, tall as 5.11 feet with a little bit of beard on cheeks, who was staring at her butts. She became a bit shy as well as excited to know who this handsome hunk was. She couldn’t recognize it was me, her own brother, who was staring at her big ass.

By then, my dick was erected like an elephant’s dick. Suddenly, dad came in and called my mom and sister to meet me. My sister was stunned to know it was me, her own brother who looked like a bamboo pole 4 years ago. Mom came out scolding dad for shouting.

Father: Look who is here?

Mom became a little bit uncomfortable seeing me after all these years.

Mom: Abhishek, my son! Oh god, you have changed a lot. I never imagined my son would look like this. I have always longed to see you.

She said it in a little flirty body language, she was touching her hair without any reason and was just trying to look beautiful unknowingly.

I noticed her reaction. I just smiled, talked to all of them for some time and moved to my room. I understood that mom was showing interest in me. This made me a very happy as she was a stunningly beautiful and sexy lady.

I couldn’t help but think about fucking my mom’s god damn cunt out. I wanted to penetrate the pussy from where I came from. I wanted to suck her nipples like a hungry animal. I wanted to squeeze her two very big boobs with my hands.

As soon as I went inside the room, I took off my pants, grabbed my erected dick and then began to move it to and fro. I imagined mom’s milky boobs. I was sucking them in my imagination. Then I imagined bending mom down the table and start fucking her ass. Finally, I cummed.

After masturbating, I took a bath and came out wearing a towel. I was searching for my clothes to wear. My mother came inside my room bringing cold drinks for me. She shook her hands when she saw me like that. She was staring at my ass. By that time, I realized that I could fuck my mom whenever I want.

By :baralund321

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