Mother-Daughter catfight

Hello my name is Sally Graham I’m 18 years old or at least was and like any girl my age I dreamed of partying with friends and boyfriends or in my case girlfriends that and off course head to college, graduate and start a career and a life, my life. But it was not to be. My mother made sure of that when she killed me over 2 months ago now. Just as I thought I was about to head out for my independence and place my mom as far away from me as I could the bitch suffocated me with a plastic bag”.

So while other 18 year old girls go shopping, partying, dancing, go to the beach or study all I can do is lay naked and motionless spread eagled on the hall room floor of my mother’s house. Oh didn’t I tell you already? She decided that I did not need clothes anymore from that point on. I guess she was right, is not like I can feel cold or hot or anything for that matter. Yet I somehow can see and remember everything but not through my eyes either.

Is hard to explain is like watching from a camera attached to one’s forehead at an oblique angle I cannot shift my gaze on my own either. My mom decided to preserve me or rather preserve my body with some crazy concoction of her own making using her expertise as a mortician. What she did not know is that apparently she trapped my very soul as well. I hate my mother for what she did to me, for denying me a future, a life, everything! And yet she is the only company I now know. So I find myself longing for her return home as well, how pathetic is that?

Trapped in this now seemingly indestructible flesh cage that only serves as my mother’s personal sex toy I imagine how much she probably wets herself thinking of what awaits her at home after she returns from work. I already told you about not being able to move on my own, being dead and all right? Well that’s why I long for her return because she gives motion to this useless limbs and a change of scenery from having to watch a piece of the ceiling all day is not bad either.

The routine is always the same each morning she fondles and caresses me and licks my lifeless nipples and kiss me goodbye, telling me how much we are going to have when she returns from work. Then when she returns she asks how my day was! As If! “Yes mom I had a wonderful day watching the same piece of the ceiling, oh and did I mention I would very much like to ring your neck?” That’s what I’d say if I could.

Then she showers puts her workout attire and uses me for her calisthenics so when does leg splits she makes sure my lifeless legs split alongside hers, she does her pushups using my breasts as cushion for her hands, she just relishes how my lifeless flesh bounces with the rhythm of her daily exercise routine. Then she showers a second time comes out with only a robe which she removes to reveal just skimpy underwear and proceeds to have sex with my lifeless body in every imaginable and unimaginable way.

She poses my body in as weird and erotic poses as possible face up or down, she licks every inch of my skin, I know because for what little I can see she goes from head to toe and back, then she licks and sucks my nipples hard, so hard one day they might break and I hope she chokes on them the bitch. Then she goes downtown and licks and sucks my lifeless pussy and clit until she is exhausted, then she rests atop my breasts and my body still lightly moves at the rhythm of her breath and her slight movement while she’s asleep, then wakes up and kisses me on my dead lips moves my head mockingly in an affirmative way and asks did I have good time.

Sometimes though she does thing for special occasions such as my first week or month dead! That’s right now my death is celebrated by the bitch. She lays cheesecake and whipped topping on top of me and adds cherries and even a candle to represent how long I’ve been dead. Lights the candle up & things happy Birthday and blows the candle off, then licks all the sweet stuff right off, carefully washes me and again has wild sex with my dead body.

She sure loves to play with my lifeless tits and it goes from gentle to rough in an instant I think she is a bit overconfident about how resistant my lifeless body really is, which suits me just fine, wonder what she’ll do if she ever breaks off a piece of me. Attach it with crazy glue? Anyway she squeezes them, licks them sucks them , slaps them, shakes them, she loves to work so parts of my limp lifeless body move as she operates them such as my arms or shoulders. She relishes the total control she has over my dead body.

But then again my mother has always been a psycho I just happened to be her first real life victim but I doubt I will be the last, people like her are never satisfied with one kill, no she will continue to add to her ghastly collection, I am but the first piece in her gallery. But I also know that I will always be special for her in her own way, I was her daughter and first victim as well.

And I think I heard her car coming into the garage just now, well it was about time, as I already told you all, is a love/hate relationship, truth be told it always was before she killed me. Sally’s conversation and explanation from beyond is cut short as her mother enters the house.

“How is my precious daughter today? You missed mommy’s attention didn’t you sweetie, after all there is nothing you can do without me, is there?” Laura asked as she mockingly moved her dead daughter’s head in an affirmative manner just as Sally had described. “Off course I missed you, is just too bad I cannot rip you to shreds with my bare hands” Sally’s trapped soul mused to herself.

“Well don’t you worry honey; I got something special planned for tonight.” Laura said as she fondled her daughter’s lifeless boobs playfully and sucked hard on one and then the other of Sally’s nipples, then she passionately kissed Sally making Sally’s lifeless and somewhat dried up tongue dance around her mother’s living and vibrant tongue. Laura loved dampening the inside of her dead daughter’s mouth in that fashion.

“If only I could bite your tongue off, then you would really know what fun is bitch” again Sally’s trapped soul mused to itself helpless to do anything but watch what her mother did to her defenseless, lifeless naked body each and every time.

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