Mother, daughter and now the neighbour – Caught Panty Sniffing

When I woke the next morning and made my way downstairs, my blurry eyes were drawn to the kitchen table. Wiping the sleep from my eyes I could now see what had caught my attention. A pair of black panties which I immediately recognised as Tasha’s lay there with a yellow post it note attached.

“Thanks Tom xx,” is all it said.

Although happy with my gift I felt disappointed that I wouldn’t be seeing Tasha again as she had no doubt gone to work with Rosemary which meant she would be going back to her own home. My mood soon lifted when I remembered the twins were due home today, although I didn’t know what time to expect them.

Tempted as I was to remind myself of Tasha’s scent I managed to resist a quick sniff deciding I would save that treat for later, although just the thought had me half hard already. After a quick cuppa and a slice of toast I headed for the shower…

It was mid afternoon when I heard the twins return home. It was another warm day so I was sitting in the garden reading a book and enjoying the sunshine.

“Oh there you are, Hello Tom we’re home,” said Amy standing by the back door.

“Hi, have a good time at Helen’s?” I asked.

“Yeah it was fun, what have you been up to?” asked Amy as Emily appeared beside her.

“Oh this and that,” I answered.

“Guess you’ve had to look after yourself without us here,” Emily said.

“Oh poor Tom, no one to play with, never mind were back now,” Amy said.

I couldn’t help thinking, if only they knew!

“Yeah and we’ve brought a present back for you from Helen!” Emily said.

“A present! What is it?” I asked.

“You’ll have to wait till later when we’ve unpacked,” Emily said.

“Yeah you’ll have to wait, come on Em,” said Amy and they both disappeared inside.

Getting back to my book I almost jumped when I heard a voice.

“Enjoying the sun?” it was the woman next door peering over the garden fence.

“Oh hello, yes,” I answered.

It was the first time we had spoken. I had seen her a couple of times but never to speak to.

“Sorry didn’t mean to make you jump. You must be Tom! I’m Janice, I was looking for Rosemary, is she in?” she asked.

“No she’s at work I’m afraid, can I help?” I asked.

Janice was a good looking woman, in her early forties, not very tall, short black hair and from when I’d seen her before a very trim figure.

“No don’t worry nothing important, I’ll catch up with her another time. Sorry to disturb your reading,” she said.

“No problem,” I said as she disappeared.

Just as I started reading again I was disturbed when I heard an upstairs window open.

“Tom, do you want your present now?” one of the twins called.

“On my way,” I called back.

Intrigued I headed upstairs to the girls bedroom.

“Come in Tom,” Amy said when she saw me in the open doorway.

“Now we’ve decided we’ll play a little game and if you win then you can have your present OK!” Emily said.

Both girls had changed in to their nightshirts and stood looking at me for my response.

“OK so what do I have to do?” I asked wondering what they had in mind.

“It’s quite a simple game. Your present from Helen is a nice pair of her panties she wore yesterday. We’ll take our knickers off without you seeing and all you have to do is tell which panties our hers. So lets see if you can remember how she smells, turn around,” Amy said.

Turning around I could feel my cock stiffen in anticipation.

“OK so lets see if you can still tell us apart,” Amy said.

Turning back to face them Amy handed me all three pairs of knickers scrunched up together.

“Looks like he’s enjoying the game already,” Emily said looking down at the growing bulge in my shorts.

By : storyfella

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