Mother and son Trip Lead to Husband & Wife

Melissa Jacobs slowly forced her eyes open as the morning sunlight peeked through the blinds. She looked at the clock on her bedside nightstand and saw that it was almost 8 a.m. It had been quite some time since she had slept this late on a Saturday morning. She yawned, stretching her arms above her head, causing the pink silk sheet to slip from her large breasts, tickling her nipples into erection as it fell. A chill of undeniable excitement rushed through her and she trembled. She sighed with a bit of frustration at how easily her breasts responded to the slightest touch. Her nipples had always been very sensitive, but in the past six months she could barely touch them without feeling a tingling between her legs. She chastised herself for the inability to control what she considered inappropriate basic instincts … after all; she was a thirty-six year old divorced mother of an eighteen-year-old boy. Women her age didn’t have those feeling, or so she tried to convince herself.

She threw the covers from her naked body and climbed out of bed. She rarely slept naked, but found it to be fun and sensuous on occasion. She sighed as she made the bed neatly before walking toward the bathroom. As she passed the full-length mirror she paused for a moment to scan her body.

The years had been good to her and she had remained fit, thanks to the expensive exercise equipment her ex-husband had installed in the basement. Her natural 36 “C” breasts were a perfect match for her narrow waist and smoothly flaring hips. She knew she looked good in whatever clothes she chose to wear, yet she tended to dress conservatively, the result of her strict religious upbringing, preferring to wear jacketed business suits on workdays to cover her slightly tight blouses and slacks (the tightness she attributed to a couple of pounds she had gained since the divorce two years earlier). Her mother had taught her that “good girls” didn’t flaunt their sexuality. “Good girls” were always properly dressed. Those lessons stayed with her over the years and therefore, she tended to cover up when in public, wearing fuller cut tops and dresses as well as full bathing suits on the beach instead of the string bikinis that many younger women wore.

As she gazed at her figure, her eyes traveled down her flawless breasts and the still hard pink nipples to her flat stomach and on to her pubic mound. Her larger than normal clitoris and protruding inner lips seemed to flower outward from her smoothly shaven outer lips. The size of her clit and labia had embarrassed her when she was young but not now. No one saw that area of her body anymore.

She pursed her lips as she turned this way and that, looking at the sensual curve of her hips and her strong and shapely thighs. But her eyes invariably went back to her hairless pubic mound. Roy, her ex-husband (sixteen years of marriage) insisted that she keep herself shaven, regardless of her protests. Although it sometimes felt embarrassing, it was easier to give in than to argue. Surprisingly, after years of being clean-shaven, it felt more natural than having hair. And besides, it didn’t matter since, in spite of the best efforts of her friends, she hadn’t even had a date since the divorce two years ago.

Without thinking, Melissa’s hand idly slipped across her breast, sending a now familiar chill through her as she lightly touched her nipple with the palm of her hand. Almost without realizing it, she moved her feet apart, allowing her hand to continue to move downward until it paused at the top of her sex mound. Her face flushed hot as she spread the fleshy hood covering her clitoris, exposing the penis shaped nub to the cool air. Her breathing grew rapid as she stared at the now swollen clit.

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