More dirty knickers and now a woman’s foot fetish – Caught Panty Sniffing

I was up late the next morning it was almost ten. I headed straight for the shower to wake myself up. As the water cascaded down I closed my eyes and my thoughts returned to the previous evening. By the time I’d stepped out the shower I was already semi-erect.

Knowing I was alone in the house I made my way down to the kitchen naked to make a drink.

“Well that’s a nice way to start the day, Morning Tom,” Tasha said taking me by surprise.

She was sat at the kitchen table with a half empty cup of coffee in front of her.

“Oh God, sorry Tasha I didn’t think anyone was home,” I said trying to hide my crotch with my hands.

“Don’t be sorry, if I hadn’t such a hangover I’d be jumping on that,” she said making a nodding motion towards my hands now covering myself.

“Back in a mo,” I said rushing off to find something to wear…

“Thought you’d be at work,” I said when I returned now wearing my shorts.

“Rose persuaded me to take the day off. To be honest I didn’t need much persuading, not the way my head feels. Too much wine last night no doubt,” Tasha said rubbing her temples.

“Sorry you don’t feel well. Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked.

“Thank you Tom, I think I will just have to sleep it off,” she said, but didn’t move.

Making myself a cuppa I sat down opposite Tasha. She was wearing a white bath robe and I couldn’t help notice her cleavage as the robe had come loose.

“Would you have some paracetamol Tom?” Tasha asked.

“Yeah sure I’ll get you some,” I said.

Finding the pills I handed them to her and sat back down to drink my tea.

“Thanks, and thanks for last night, It’s been so long since I’ve had any fun, and that was definitely fun,” she said with a dirty smile.

“No need to thank me, you must of noticed I rather enjoyed it myself,” I said smiling back at her.

“God I wish I didn’t feel so rough. The thought of last night is getting me going, but I think I’d best have a kip,” she said washing the pills down with her coffee and standing up.

“Give me a shout if you need anything, hope you feel better soon,” I said as she walked away.

“Thanks Tom, see you later,” she said…

It was a couple of hours later when I heard Tasha walk along the hallway.

“Are you there Tom?” she called from outside my bedroom door.

“Yeah come in,” I replied.

“I thought I’d have a soak in the bath, is that OK?” she asked standing in the doorway.

“Yeah of course help yourself, how you feeling now?” I asked.

“A lot better than I was, I’ll catch you later,” she said closing the door as she left.

I had a few errands to run which took me forty or fifty minutes. When I returned Tasha was in the kitchen. Wearing a large red bath towel wrapped around her with her blond hair tied up she was at the sink washing up.

“Hi Tom, thought I’d make myself useful,” she said turning her head while continuing with her chore.

“Enjoy your bath?” I asked studying her bare feet and legs from the knee down reminding me of the previous evening.

“Ooh yes, just what I needed,” she replied turning around drying her hands on a tea towel.

“Laying back in the warm soapy water I couldn’t help thinking back to last night. I know I’ve said it before but I can’t tell you just how much I enjoyed it,” she said.

“You’re not the only one. I assume from last night that you and Rosemary are very close friends!” I said taking a seat at the kitchen table.

“Well yes you could say that. It started way back when were a lot younger but it’s been a while since we’ve, well you know, done anything,” she said looking a little embarrassed.

“Rose did tell me to make myself at home and help myself to anything I wanted so, I was wondering!” she said and walked towards me and crouched down.

By : storyfella

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