More dirty fun for Tom with both twins and their Mother – Caught Panty Sniffing

Monday at last. Although I had thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with Helen, Emily and Amy I was still looking forward to seeing Rosemary. Perhaps it was the older more experienced aspect or maybe it was her scent that turned me on more than the younger girls. With this thought I had a quick sniff of her knickers that I still had and found myself immediately aroused.

It was another fine day so I decided to go for a long run to pass the time. When I returned home about an hour later I found the twins taking advantage of the hot weather as they laid sunbathing in the garden.

“Hi Tom, you look hot,” said Amy, looking up through her sunglasses.

“Yeah I am a bit, think I’ll cool off in the shower,” I said and left them to it.

Standing under the cool water with my eyes closed my thoughts again returned to Rosemary. Picturing her naked body in my mind I soon felt my cock growing hard despite the cool water. Shaking the thoughts away I quickly dried off. Back in my room I decided to join the girls in the garden as I looked out to see them still sunbathing.

“Do you mind if I join you?” I asked.

“Of course not,” said Amy, “shift along Em.”

They both moved over to make room for me on the blanket they were laying on. I laid down on my back next to Amy, Emily laying the other side.

“Any idea when Dad and your Mum are getting back?” I asked.

“Mum reckons about seven. Looks like they’re enjoying themselves, sent me a pic earlier,” Amy said reaching for her phone.

Holding her phone up I saw a picture of Rosemary posing in a red two piece swimming costume by an outdoor swimming pool. I had to turn over to lay on my front to hide my sudden erection.

“Must admit Mum’s still got an amazing figure. Hope I look as good when I’m her age,” Amy said looking down her own body, “what do you think Tom, is she more attractive than me and Em?”

“Never thought about it,” I said pretending I hadn’t.

“Oh come on!” she said.

“Well you certainly like her dirty knickers,” piped up Emily.

“That’s true,” said Amy, “Caught you with them didn’t we!”

“So Tom, who smells best?” asked Amy, teasing, “Amy, Mum or me?”

“Give him a reminder,” said Emily.

Amy slid her hand under her white bikini pants, “Here, have a sniff of my pussy,” she said as she put her fingers under my nose.

The scent of her hot sweaty pussy made me glad I was laying on my front.

“Now compare it with mine,” said Emily, pulling her hand out from her pants and leaning over Amy to place her fingers under my nose.

“So who smells best?” asked Amy.

“You both smell good,” I said enjoying the aroma of Emily.

“Is this turning you on?” asked Emily still holding her fingers under my nose.

“Well, yeah, of course it is,” I replied.

“Turn over, lets see what it’s doing to you,” said Amy, sliding her hand back down under her bikini pants.

Turning over I soon realised, as did the twins, that my knob was poking out the top of my shorts.

“Looks as though he does like how we smell,” Emily said as she too had her hand back between her legs under her bikini.

“Here have another sniff,” said Amy as she put her fingers back under my nose.

My cock twitched as I smelt her wet fingers. It was just as well that the garden was well hidden from prying eyes as Emily got up and positioned herself so she straddled my face.

“Have a good smell of me,” she said and lowered herself so my nose touched the material of her bikini pants.

Amy began stroking my shaft through my shorts while still rubbing herself under her pants, “I think he’s enjoying that Em, he’s getting harder,” she said.

By : storyfella

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