Mon and son find unexpected partners in their love

Heather made her way home through the afternoon rush
hour traffic. As usual, her thoughts turned to her son,
Chris, and their plans for the evening. As a single
mother she’d had these thoughts countless times on a
countless number of drives home through the years. Did
Chris have ball practice, and was it her turn to drive?
What would they have for dinner? Had he finished his
homework, and did he have clean clothes for school

Of course, Chris was in high school now and many of
those concerns had changed. Until a few months ago
though, she had never in her wildest dreams, thought
that she would be concerned with scheduling sex with
her son into her plans.

Heather shook her head with a smile and corrected
herself. It wasn’t whether or not they would have sex,
but when and how many times.

Chris was not only handsome with a terrific body; he
was also hung like no other man Heather had ever seen.
In addition, he was darn near insatiable. There had
been many times when Chris had absolutely worn out his
older girlfriend, Cindy, and then after dinner and a
shower he’d hopped into Heather’s bed.

She felt a deliciously naughty thrill charge through
her pussy. She knew that part of her arousal was due to
doing something so forbidden. But the other part was
that son or not, Chris could fill her pussy and make
her cum and cum.

She took a long shuddering breath. She couldn’t afford
to get so turned on right now; she had things to do
before she could play. The traffic thinned as she
neared home and shortly she pulled into her garage.

“Chris?” she called out as she entered the house.

“In the den,” his deep voice answered.

Heather dropped her purse and keys on the kitchen
counter and walked down a short hallway into the den.
Chris was seated in a large stuffed leather business
chair at the family computer with his back turned to
the door. As Heather walked into the room Chris
swiveled the chair about. He was wearing nothing but a
pair of bikini briefs, and his erect cock stuck out of
his underwear with its head resting on his washboard

“Hi Mom,” he said as he stroked his cock, and grinned
like a little boy who had been caught doing something
naughty but cute.

Heather laughed and shook her head, “What’s the matter?
Linda still hasn’t given in to your charms?” Linda was
Chris’ partner in a project for their history class. So
far they’d done all of the project’s work at her home
and Linda had made it clear that the project was the
only thing that they were going to work on. In fact,
Chris had spent an hour with Linda after school that

Chris gave his cock a squeeze and a drop of clear
precum flowed out of the slit in his cock head. “She’s
so hot I stay hard the whole time I’m over there. And
no…we haven’t even kissed.” He held out his hand,
inviting his mother to come closer.

“Oh no you don’t. I’m going to eat a quick dinner and
then go over to the school.” Heather was going to
attend a meet and greet for parents and teachers, and
she knew that if Chris got his hands on her body she’d
never get there on time.

“Oh Mother,” Chris complained. “My grades are OK.”

“Yes, and I intend to keep them that way. If you’re so
horny, why don’t you call Cindy; she can come over
while I’m at your school.” Cindy was his steady
girlfriend and Heather didn’t mind sharing Chris with
her. Heather knew that she couldn’t satisfy her son’s
sexual appetite by herself.

Chris dropped his arm to his side and spun his chair
back to the computer. “No, she’s all pissed with me
because I have to spend time with Linda.”

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