Mommy On My Lap

I just can’t help myself.

“For fuck sake Mike, hurry up! We’ve gotta get going!” my mother yelled up the stairs.

She’d been drinking again. Mom was not a lush by any standard but ‘she did like a cold drink on a warm day,’ as my now deceased dad was want to say.

I finished wiping my cock with my mother’s panties. At twenty six years of age I had returned home to attend my Aunt’s wedding and was only staying for a few days. Whenever I return home, I like to masturbate with my mother’s and sister’s panties, luxuriating in the sensation of their nylon and satin undergarments against my turgid member. I was also not averse to sniffing the crotch of said garments whilst wanking into another pair.

Neither of them have ever said anything and I an always careful to clean up my mess, but they must be suspicious, especially mom because sometimes I can’t resist pulling a leg of her sheer pantyhose over my cock and shooting my load into the diaphanous nylon. I am as careful as any horny man can be but I must have left traces of my indiscretions in their panties and hosiery.

I wiped away the creamy mess that I had made in my mother’s panties with a facecloth and buried the item deep in the laundry basket, just as I had done so many times all those years ago. My fingers encountered a garment that felt very sensuous and I pulled it free of the tangle of dirty washing.

It was a pair of footless tights, black but very sheer. I had noticed that a lot of women were getting around in tights or leggings as they called them, they were quite the fashion trend at the moment. As a ‘leg and ass man’ I was hardly likely not to notice. But these tights seemed very sheer; almost as sheer as pantyhose.

A rather large label was attached to the waistband and I read it as I pushed my cock back inside my briefs and zipped up the fly of my shorts.

‘Venosan Ultima Leggings. 70% Nylon 30% Lycra¬© Spandex . Hand wash separately and hang in shade to dry. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. It is highly recommended that foundation apparel be worn underneath this garment.’

“MMMmmm; bet these would be nice to wank off into,” I said to myself.

I scraped at some of the crusty stain in the crotch of the leggings and bought the sticky coagulate to my nose; my sense of smell was immediately assaulted by the pungent aroma of cunt.

‘Someone is not wearing foundation apparel under their lycra/nylon leggings,’ I smiled to myself and threw them back into the laundry basket just as my sister joined my mother’s pleas to get going.

“Come on baby brother, watcha doing up there; having a wank?” she yelled.

I blushed as I opened the bathroom door but I was also smiling. If my sister only knew how close to the truth she was!

“Having a piss before we hit the road. It’s three bloody hours to Aunt Megan’s place!” I replied as I rushed down the stairs.

My mother and sister were outside waiting impatiently so I slammed the door to mom’s house behind me, skittered down the porch steps and sauntered over to where my sister’s compact car was parked in the driveway.

A rather nice ass clad in what I presumed to be Venosan Ultima brand Leggings was protruding from the rear passenger door. The ample but well-proportioned heine belonged to my mother and it was obvious she had also not taken the manufacturers advice regarding wearing foundation apparel underneath her leggings.

The leggings shimmered in the afternoon sun, displaying mom’s lovely long legs to advantage. She was reaching deep into the vehicle and her legs were slightly parted, the fabric clung to her buttocks and more alarmingly to the swell of her mons. The sheer, shimmering fabric clung to the cleft of her sex; it was almost like she was wearing nothing but opaque pantyhose, which in a way she was. Typical mom; she had dressed down for the long journey ahead but insisted on wearing her four-inch high heels.

I couldn’t help but stare and my recently drained penis began to thicken. I shook my head to clear the licentious vision from my mind and walked over to the car.

“Mom? What are you doing there; let me help,” I offered.

Mom eased herself out of the confines of the rear seat and turned around. As usual she was wearing full makeup, mom always wore full makeup, even if she was just heading down to the store for a few grocery items. She came from a generation of women who believed they were not properly attired if they weren’t wearing makeup and heels.

She smiled and then stepped forward and gave me hug.

“Don’t worry Mike. As usual, the women of the family have got us all organised,” she smiled.

She was wearing a loose-fitting satin blouse with the tan leggings and when she hugged me her ample bosom was crushed between us. The scent of her perfume could not overcome the miasma of bourbon and cigarettes on her breath. Our crotches briefly rubbed and I felt quiet uncomfortable; it felt like mom wasn’t wearing anything below her waist. It was vaguely erotic but very disconcerting.

My sister Michele, known as Shelly to family and friends, appeared from the driver’s-side door and gave me ‘that look’; implying hurry up and get in, mom’s been drinking and we have a three hour drive to get through.

“Sorry Mike, but the trunk is full and the front passenger seat is taken up with the garment bags holding my bridesmaid dress and mom’s best suit. I had to squeeze your suitcase onto the back seat,” she smiled wickedly at me.

My sister and I had a love/hate relationship. We loved each other dearly but we never missed an opportunity to piss each other off if we could get the chance; especially when it came to inflicting mom and her eccentricities on each other.

“Fuck me Shelly! When are you going to buy a decent car instead of this tree-hugging, fern-sniffing, eco-friendly, midget-mobile?” I chided her.

Shelly was a greenie. Not a hairy-legged, khaki-wearing, femmo dyke. (Far from it! She liked to dress in mini-skirts, killer heels, hosiery and makeup and tease every man in the room at any party she attended.) But she was an ‘environmental activist’ and insisted on driving a low emission hybrid compact.

“Well brother of mine, who currently has a piece of shit clunker that barely made it to his mother’s house, because his tight-assed, business-savvy, bitch of a wife cleaned him out in the divorce settlement, and he can’t afford a decent car. You can either get in my midget-mobile or find your own way to Aunt Megan’s wedding,” she smiled sarcastically at me.

“Fuck you Shelly!” I smiled sweetly at my sister.

“As much as you would like to; I’m afraid that would be incest,” she said flippantly and gave me the finger as she squeezed into the driver’s seat.

“Stop it you two!” mom snapped; then she smiled.

“I bought beer!”

“Surprise, surprise!” Shelly grumbled and closed her door.

I looked into the rear of the car. One side of the bench seat was taken up with my large suitcase; a small cooler sat on the floor.

“Jesus mom! How are we both going to fit in there?” I whined.

“Easy son; I’ll sit on your lap. It’s only for a couple of hours and your old mom doesn’t weigh that much!” she chided, sipping on a can of cold beer.

Mom was right; she didn’t weigh that much. She was far from petite, but she wasn’t fat. She was well proportioned for a woman in her mid forties. Mom looked after her figure and her looks, but she drank a lot more since dad had gone and she had filled out a little. She was best described as voluptuous.

“Come on you two; lets get going!” Shelly called out and revved the piss-ant little engine.

“Fuck me!” I whinged under my breadth and squeezed into the back seat.

As I buckled the seatbelt I realised how confined and secluded mom and I would be in the back seat. The suitcase on the seat beside me blocked the view out of the nearside windows and along with garment bags slung over the front passenger seat, the driver’s view into the rear of the vehicle was effectively blocked. I watched as Shelly fiddled with the rear-vision mirror as she tried to adjust it to see out the back of the car.

“At least my wing mirrors are working,” she said, fiddling with the side-mirror controls.

“You’ll be lucky if you don’t get pulled over,” I sighed.

“Nah; it’s only a couple of hours on back roads and the cops won’t be able to see into the car anyway. Just make sure mom stays firmly in your lap. She won’t have a seatbelt,” Shelly ordered in her ‘I’m in control; just do what I say’ voice.

“Ready or not here I come,” mom giggled and squeezed her lovely ass through the rear door and nestled herself in my lap.

“I remember all the times I sat you on my lap when we went for a drive with your father; it won’t hurt for you to repay the favour,” mom smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

She slammed the door and reached down for the cooler.

“Here; have a beer, grumpy-ass,” mom giggled and handed me a cold can of Coors.

As she settled into my lap and we popped the tops of our ice-cold beers, Shelly pulled out of the driveway and journey began.

With a bit of giggling and wriggling I eventually got mom settled comfortably on my lap. We sipped our beers and chattered on about the forthcoming wedding. Mom and Shelly had the usual snide comments about a woman remarrying in her mid-life. As mom was widow and Shelly a divorcee they held the opinion that a woman didn’t need a man to complete her. As a male divorcee I was allowed to participate in the conversation; but because I was a man my input was subject rebuke at any time.

At this stage of the journey I was too busy drinking beer and joining in the banter to pay too much attention as my mother squirmed and wriggled during the more animated parts of the conversation. I did notice the swishing sounds her leggings made as they rubbed on the denim material of my cut-off jeans. It was soothing and sensorial and I noticed that her sleek Spandex/nylon-clad ass glided easily, almost sensuously across my lap. Mom’s constant wriggling as she attempted get comfortable eventually led to an instance where her gossamer-clad ass came into contact with the bare flesh of my thigh. Little darts of pleasure radiated from the place where her cool silky thighs rubbed on my warm flesh. My cock began to stiffen and I realised how awkward the situation would be should I develop a full-blown erection.

I gripped mom by the waist and moved her back into my lap. Mom giggled and wriggled her ass a little.

“Wassa madder Mikey? Mommy too heavy for you?” she teased, her voice slurred by alcohol.

“Nah mom; just getting us both comfortable for the long trip ahead,” I replied.

The conversation dried up after a while and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up some time later and was aware that dusk was approaching. More alarmingly I had a raging hardon that was lying uncomfortably along my leg. I was very aware that mom was fast asleep in my lap and realised that it would be nearly impossible to adjust myself without disturbing her, but my erection was painful, trapped in that awkward position.

I carefully eased my mother onto my other thigh and quickly adjusted my erection so that it lay flat against my lower belly. I sighed with relief when suddenly mom fell back into my lap. She didn’t wake up but she squished her buttocks down into my lap and leaned back against me. I tried to gently reposition her but she resisted and moaned.

“Comfortable Mike, leave me alone,” she said sleepily.

I left mom alone but I soon became aware that my erection was wedged in the crease of mom’s buttocks. The gentle rocking and swaying of the car caused mom’s ass to gently gyrate against me and for the life of me there was nothing I could do stop my erection getting bigger as my mother’s ass stimulated my sensitive cock.

I had to admit it felt pretty good and I was still a little tipsy from the beers I had drunk so I decided to let well enough alone and let my mother unconsciously stimulate my throbbing cock.

I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her so I could feel the heft of her breasts through her satin blouse. I was not much of a tit man but feeling up my mother was very naughty and it increased my arousal considerably. I was really enjoying it!

I settled back and let the gentle rumble of the car resonate through my mother’s ample buttocks and stimulate my cock; secure in the knowledge that she was fast asleep in a beer induced fugue and that in the dark overburdened car, my sister didn’t have a clue what was going on.

My mother’s buttocks had settled snugly around my gently pulsing penis; her sheer leggings felt sensuous even though my shorts; it was like she was naked. Her breasts giggled against my forearms and I gently cupped each of her orbs in palms. He tits felt soft and comforting through the layers of her satin blouse and silky bra.

It felt like a vibrator set on the lowest setting was throbbing against my cock. I became more adventurous and began to slowly thrust my hard cock up against my mom’s soft buttocks and I settled into a slow and gentle routine; softly squeezing her tits whilst thrusting against her ass.

Mom suddenly jerked in my lap and instinctively I let go of her breasts and stopped pushing my cock into her ass.

“Mom? Are you awake? Are you comfortable?” I murmured; hoping like hell she didn’t know what I had been up to.

“For fuck sake Mike leave her alone, she’ll wake up in a shitty mood! You know what she’s like when she wakes up after she’s been drinking!” Shelly hissed from the front of the car.

Mom didn’t stir again so I settled down and let her ass once again begin to massage my cock through my shorts. I replaced my arms around my mom’s chest and went back to gently massaging her tits.

After a considerable time during which I was highly aroused; I became dissatisfied with the level of satisfaction I was achieving. My cock was rock hard and throbbing but no matter how hard I subtly thrust it against my mother’s pliant buttocks and even with the added stimulation of the rumbling car, I knew I wasn’t going to climax.

I was aching for release!

A wicked smile crossed my face.

I slowly eased mom up out of my lap, raising her off me while I surreptitiously undid my fly and let my aching manhood spring free. The sound of my zipper seemed to resonate through the car but I knew it was an illusion. The road noise covered any sounds my zipper made.

Mom stirred and for one horrible moment I thought I was going to be caught committing a carnal sin but mom remained pliant and unperturbed.

I gently lowered her back into my lap and gasped in delight as her spandex/nylon clad ass moulded itself around my turgid penis.

Once again I began to rub my throbbing cock in the crease of my mother’s buttocks but now the sensation of the cool slick material encasing my mom’s bottom sent ripples of pure delight along my tumescent penis.

I gasped with delight! The exquisite feeling of my mom’s silken-clad ass sliding along my naked cock was exceptionally arousing; I could feel little droplets of pre-seminal fluid leaking from my throbbing cock. I began to grind my cock into my mother’s ass and squeeze her tits as I felt my climax approaching.

Then! Was I imagining it? Was my mother pushing back to meet my thrusts? If she was it was almost imperceptible but it sure felt like it!

I didn’t really care one way or the other; I decided that if she was a willing participant it was overwhelmingly erotic, my mother knowingly rubbing her ass on my cock. And if I was just imagining it; it didn’t matter anyway. I was in extremis! I was going to come regardless.

I shifted slightly so that the underside of my cock was rubbing along the crack of mom’s bottom, her cheeks squeezing my shaft and glans as I dry-fucked her sexy maternal ass. My glans poked out from the crevice every time I pushed up; I could just make out its winking eye leaking clear globules of precum in the dark car.

I felt my testes contract in my scrotum and, as my orgasm wracked my body, I pushed my mother down into my lap and frantically humped her silken–encased bottom and squeezed her tits; with complete disregard for the consequences should she wake up.

I shuddered as my hot seed erupted from my pulsing penis; waves of pleasure radiated from my groin and up through my body. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying out. I fucked my mother’s tights-clad ass, revelling in the feel of the gossamer thin material against my acutely sensitive cock.

The thrill of dry-humping my sleeping mother whilst my sister sat only inches away, oblivious to my licentious and incestuous indiscretions, added to my super-heightened sense of excitement.

I delighted in one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced; but eventually all good things must end.

Now I was left with the practicalities of the situation.

I was sitting in the back seat of my sister’s car, my flies undone, my slowly deflating penis resting in my mother’s ass-crack. I could feel my semen soaking into my shorts and undoubtedly into my mother’s leggings.

Suddenly my sister turned on her map light. She had a road map open in her lap.

“The turn off to Aunt Megan’s place must be around here somewhere?” she mumbled to herself.

I looked down and was alarmed at what I saw. My cock was trapped under my mother’s bottom and a huge puddle of white semen was slowly soaking into the fabric of her leggings and into the denim material of my shorts.

“Fuck!” I moaned; realising that my mother and sister would soon discover my ill-considered carnal behaviour if I didn’t take drastic action.

“Oh you’re awake sleepy head. Wake mom up too will you; we’re nearly there and we only have half an hour to get ready for the wedding.

I had to think of something quickly. I looked around the back seat and then my eyes came to rest on the cooler. Eureka!

I quickly reached down and grabbed a beer out of the cooler and popped the top.

“For fuck sake Mike I just said we’re nearly there!” my sister whined.

Before she could say anything else I dropped the can into my lap, making sure the opening fell right into where my groin met my mothers sexy ass.

“Jesus! Sorry mom!” I yelped as she suddenly leapt up and squealed.

I made sure that the beer spilled all over my crotch and my mother’s semen soaked ass. I wiped at it with my hands making sure all evidence of my seed was washed away or disguised by the sudsy larger.

“Fuck sake Mike; stop that! You’re making it worse!” she whined.

In the confusion that followed I surreptitiously put my cock away and wiped the gobbets of semen on my shorts into the spreading beer stain. I made a display of taking out my handkerchief and wiping my mother’s ass, then my groin.

“Jesus Mike! Just as well I’m only wearing my travelling clothes!” she sighed.

“Lucky these leggings will only need a rinse to get rid of that beer.”

“As long as I smell like a brewery you might as well give me one of those,” she sighed, pointing a long elegant finger with a red polished nail at the cooler.

Then she started to giggle uncontrollably.

She writhed in my lap as the laughter shook her; this time it wasn’t quite as stimulating; her cold, soggy ass rubbing on my beer-soaked shorts.

Written By : MicheleNylons

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