mom who first teases her son before Son find a Rockygie for mom

I had been married for 18 years before my divorce. I
have a 15 year old son, Mike, that lives with me. My
ex-husband was very straight and would never even eat
me when we had sex. It was the missionary way or not at
all. I have always been a woman with a high sex drive
and loved to get kinky sometimes.

Being a little on the heavy side, I have plump thighs
and a wide ass. I love to masturbate and have done so
since I was a preteen. Why I married a prude, I will
never understand. Through out our marriage I was always
frustrated and he never completely satisfied my
desires. That was what led to our divorce, I guess.

One of the favorite things I love to do is to go onto
the internet and browse the chat rooms. I belong to
several sex sites and one of my favorites is the beast
sites. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed
of letting a Rocky lick me.

Then when I got into the beast sites, all I could think
about was being fucked by a big Rockygie cock. I love
nothing better than to sit at my computer and see the
videos of women being fucked by a huge Rocky. I will sit
there without my panties on and masturbate as I watch
these or when I am chatting to someone about having
Rockygie sex.

I also love to have several orgasms and I might be
called multi – orgasmtic as I cum many times during
just one session. I keep my pussy well shaved and love
to watch myself as I play with my pussy. I have had
several men since my divorce but nothing to compare
with pleasing myself. I just love to masturbate!

One night as I was playing on the internet, I had to
get up and pee. I got up and was walking past my son’s
room when I heard moans coming from inside. As I put my
ear to the door, I could tell he was masturbating too.
I eased the door ajar to see my son laying there with
his hand wrapped around his young cock as he was
stroking it while reading a girly magazine.

I could also see that he was well endowed as his young
cock seemed so big as I watched him for a second or
two. I went on to the bathroom but paused at his door
on the way back to my computer. There was no noise
coming from his room so I turned and walked away, going
back to my hot masturbation sessions as I surfed the

I went to bed that night and as I lay there, I got to
thinking about Mike stroking his big, young cock. My
pussy was wet all over again as I began to masturbate
to the thought of his big cock fucking me. As I took my
enlarged clit between my fingers, I knew right then
that I had to have his cock! I wanted my son to fuck


The very next day I went to a quick mart and bought
several girly magazines to take home. I was going to
give them to Mike and let him know that I knew he was
masturbating. Of course, I kept a couple for myself.

I placed them under his pillow that evening with a note
that read, “Mike, I bought these for you and hope you
like them. Have a good time tonight as you read these.”
Then I signed it, “Mom”. I knew he would be using them
that night to masturbate to so I was ready to catch him
in the act.

Sure enough, that night I was waiting to catch him
stroking his cock as I listened and watched for him as
he went to bed. I gave him about fifteen minutes and
then I eased to his door. He had left his door slightly
ajar and I could peep through the crack as I saw him
laying there naked, his big cock in his hand as he was
reading one of the magazines I had gave him. I quickly
walked through the door and “caught” him masturbating.

By :Rocky(D)gie_u2

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