Mom & Uncle

This happened in the year 2010 when I was doing 2nd year of my graduation, we lived in chennai, Tamil nadu, we are three in our family, me, mom and dad. We got separated from my grand parents bcoz of my dad, actually he is the villain, he is a drunkard used to drink every day and night, and will fight with my grand parents so they got seperated from us and lived 3 kilometers away from us, he worked in a private company for very low salary and that too he won’t give it to my mom, my grand parents took care of both my mom and me, they helped me a lot to complete my school education, my mom wiil say that dad started drinking before she married to him, actually my dad is a distant relative to my mom, my grandpa (mom’s dad) know that my daddy is a drunkard, bcoz of poverty he married my mom to him.

Forget to say my dad name in suresh and my mom name is geeta, let me introduce my angel, my mom she is soo beautiful, while this happened my mom age is 42 and my dad’s age is 47. I love my mom soo much she struggled a lot to brought up me, still now I didn’t have any sexual feelings towards her, but as a man I should admit that she is a real sex bomb. She had a perfect shape at her age, she was a natural beauty, it was a god gift for her. She had a perfect height and weight, had flesh at right places in her body, I really don’t know about her sizes at that time but it must have been 38 are something, iam talking about her boobs it was soo big. And her ass it was perfect in shape, she had right curves at her right places, even though she won’t do any exercise are something, it was naturally perfect, but unfortunately she was in wrong hand, now I will say that my dad haven’t used her well. Sometimes me and mom will go to market, and we go by walking, the market was very near to my house, it will take around 10 mins by walk, at that time I will notice that everybody will look at her especially old age uncles, they will look at her mouth opened when we are on the way to our house. But she is very strict I haven’t seen anything wrong with her eye sights or activities, she was really a homely wife who cares for her only son and husband, but my mom had a wish to have one more child, not at this age, after the birth of mine, But my poor dad is not capable of doing that, his only happiness is liquor.

My dad had a friend name called Karuna, he is 7 years elder then my dad, that is at that time he was 52 years old, he rarely comes to my home in evening mostly my dad will be there in home at evening time, he will spend some time talking with my useless dad. Naturally I hate karuna for not being gud looking, he is short, skin tone is black, had a big tummy, bald head etc, but the real thing which made me to hate him is bcoz he will speak some abusive words, bad words in front of me and mom while commenting about some actress, when they are discussing about cinema, sometimes he will ask my semester marks I have scored in exams and he will scold me for no reason, I will get anger on him but I won’t do anything, just I will go to the kitchen and will report mom about the uncle, mom will say just leave it he will go to his home in few minutes then u can be free as usual. Mom doesn’t care much about his presence, when he is in home she will mostly spend her time in kitchen preparing something, he rarely talks with my mom, but I can sense that he had eye on my mom, the reason is she is soo sexy. Let me introduce karuna he is a government employee earns more, I do no how my dad and him became friends, he was married to his relative girl but he doesn’t have childrens, this information I got it from my dad one day. Dad used to say to my mom that he has lot of money but he doesn’t know how to spend it and enjoy the life. My dad is real stupid actually he enjoyed a lot with his wife (my mom) without knowing that he used to tell all this things to my mom itself. In next chapter iam going to tell how he approached my mom.

One fine evening I just came back from my college, entered my home no one was there in Hall, so went to the bedroom straight away and my mom was sleeping, I can see tiredness in her face may be bcoz of the household work she did in the morning, I didn’t disturbed her, I went to my room, changed my clothes and sat before the TV and I was watching wrestling.

Few minutes later, I heard a noise of someone opening my house outdoor gate, I looked outside and just got upset that karuna is coming to my home, but the surprise is usually he won’t come this much earlier in the evening, usually he will come late to my house after the arrival of my dad, but this was soo surprising for me, he just entered home silently and sat on the sofa. And the conversation was like this

Karuna: where is your dad?

Me: he is in office

Karuna: ohh is that a joke? Stupid I know he is in office when he will come?

Me: that I don’t know (while saying this my face was in anger)

Karuna: where is your mom?

Me: she is sleeping

Karuna: why what happened to her? Is she I’ll?

Me: Nope, she is just sleeping

Karuna stood up and started walking towards the bedroom I got confused, and followed him, he entered the bedroom and went near my mom, my mom was still sleeping and her dress got messed up, her saree raised a bit in the bottom so her legs are visible, my mom is not a fair woman she has a dusky skin tone which made her look more sexy, and I looked uncle and tried to open my mouth to say that “uncle mom is alright”, but I got shocked, his eyes are glued to something, then once again I looked at my mom, ohhh no her saree pallu has got displaced and her huge cleavage was visible, ohh my god I really got dump, I dont know what to do at that time, uncle was looking my mom’s cleavage curiously, since we are lower middle class family my mom doesn’t have many sarees to wear in home, and she had oly few blouses, the blouses she wears in home all stitched two or three years back, so it all became short to her and it became tight too. On that day she was wearing a yellow colour saree and, green colour blouse, that blouse was a old one, the material is very thin, and the black bra she was wearing inside blouse was also visible to us, uncle is enjoying the scene, the upper part of both boobs are visible to his eyes. I said “uncle” no response from him still his eyes glued to my mom’s cleavage, then I shouted uncle now he got distracted and he looked at me, again he asked me is she I’ll? I said no she is alright, before I complete this he extended his hand and placed on my mom’s forehead, to check whether she had fever or not, I got little anger but can’t able to do anything at that time, and he moved his hands to her face and said she got little fever by saying this his hand further moved down to her neck, he was acting like checking but actually he is enjoying my mom’s skin, when he move is hand on her neck his right hand polm may have touched some portion of her cleavage a bit. Now slowly my mom got conscious and opened her eyes, mom got shocked by seeing uncle before her and got up from the bed from sleeping position to sitting, while doing soo she forgot to adjust her pallu, her huge globes got jiggled while she tried to do this, uncle was enjoying all this things she then noticed that her pallu is displaced and she was adjusting it, i was standing beside uncle and looking at him, without any hesitation he is directly looking at my mom cleavage. Now looking at me mom asked what happened raja? Why you and uncle are standing here, before I tried to open my mouth, that Rocky said just now I came here, raja said that your I’ll that’s why I came here to check you? I said uncle when did I said like that, I said mom is just sleeping, you itself came here, he replied anyway your mom his I’ll only raja we should take care of her, better we will take her to the nearby hospital. Then mom said no need iam alright and she stood from the bed, uncle replied u got little fever we shall go to the nearby hospital to take treatment, mom replied no not necessary, the temperature is there is bcoz of cold it will become alright no need to go to hospital and all. Uncle replied then it’s your wish, mom smiled at uncle and said go sit in the hall I will prepare tea for you in few minutes and said raja you too join with uncle I will be back in few minutes. Then uncle and me moved to the hall, again I started watching wrestling uncle took the news paper it was old paper, he red it for sometimes. Mom washed her face and got freshened and moved to the kitchen, uncle opened his mouth, raja when is your examination starting? I said next week, with anger he replied next week you having exams and now your watching some foolish program in television, you fool go and study for your exam, switch off the TV. I really want to give a punch on his face but I can’t he his elder to my dad, and my dad would kill me if I did anything wrong with him, my dad respected him soo much.Then I switched off TV and went to my study room which is adjust cent to the hall, I closed the door in anger but not locked it, there was silence for few minutes, then he called my mom by calling her name, “geeta come here, come and sit here I need to talk to you”. I slowly moved to the door to hear there conversation, and the conversation was like this

Mom: yeah, what do you what? (My mom respects him bcoz he is 10 yrs elder to her)

Uncle: Are u really OK?

Mom: yeah iam fine, no problem to me

Uncle: I don’t think soo. I know your I’ll but you pretending to be alright bcoz you are afraid of spending money to hospital. Please don’t be like this take care of your health, if your health is good then only you can take care of your stupid husband and son.

Stupid husband!!! I got little anger on that word, bcoz even though he is a drunkard he is my dad, I surely know that mom too may got anger on that word, but I haven’t heard any word from my mom’s mouth.

Uncle continued: if money is your problem don’t worry iam there to help you people, don’t think me as a stranger, suresh is like my younger brother and you, I see u as my brother’s wife, so don’t hesitate to ask any help to me. Why iam always shouting raja to study well, bcoz I know how hard your trying to provide him good education, I don’t want to get spoil his life by watching TV, that is why I shouted at him, after all he is like my son.What the fuck I thought to myself!!! He is acting nicely.Uncle continued: see I have lot of money but I don’t have happiness in my life, if I die today no one is there to feel for me except my wife (while saying this his voice got soft) Now I want to see what’s going on in the Hall so I slightly opened the door, since my room is adjacent to the hall if I open the door I will have a perfect view of the hall, means I can see the side view of both mom and uncle, bcoz they sat opposite to each other, but they can’t able to see me.Now I can see them both, I can see my uncle’s eyes are red which means he is crying, I know he is acting but still I can’t able to get why he is doing all this things today.Now my mom opened her mouth and said don’t cry “Anna” in Tamil language Anna means elder brother.

Suddenly he raised his head and smiled at my mom and said don’t call me as “Anna” just call me as “mama”. My mom got shocked bcoz in Tamil “mama” means uncle, in Tamil nadu the wives will call there husband’s as “mama”. My mom too will call my dad as “mama”.He continued just now I said iam like elder brother to suresh then how can I become your brother too, I can be brother for only one at a time, and suresh is my stupid brother, so that raja can be my son, and he said sorry geeta iam little selfish. By saying this they both laughed.

He is very intelligent what he says is right in Tamil nadu husband’s elder brothers will also be called as “mama”.So now I understood his intention, he is playing something with my mom, but I was smiling inside me bcoz my mom is very strict he can’t even get closer to my her.

Uncle: so when is my stupid brother is going to come home?

Mom really got anger this time and asked with rough face please don’t say this one more time he is my husband, why are u often saying him as stupid?

Uncle: ohh ohh iam really sorry for that, see how caring you are but see him he always cares about the liquor, he got a nice family, beautiful wife and smart son. But he spends most of his time in wine shop. WTF!!!! He mentioned my mom as beautiful wife, I am sure that now my mom going to throw him out of the home. To my utter surprise mom didn’t reacted to this. He took advantage of this and continued by saying see his beautiful wife is ill here, but he is not in a position to treat her well. That is why I said him as stupid, sorry anyway and he smiled at mom. Mom too smiled back, I was shocked, I thought mom will react to it in opposite manner, but somewhat she enjoyed his comment I think.

Uncle: OK I think he won’t come today, l have some work to do, but I need to talk to him regarding your health, so may be tomo I will come to meet him and he said bye to my mom, and just before leaving he called my name “raja” come here. I went casually near him, he said raja study well so that u can get good job and provide a good life to your mom by saying this he took his pursue and took a 500 RS note and gave it to me. I was blank and said no I don’t need, he said fool this is not for you please take your mom to hospital. Anyway your dad is not going to take her to hospital, I hesitated, but he insisted, then he looked at my mom and said see your son he is not respecting me, suddenly mom said it’s k raja, respect elders, so I have no other option, so I collected it, he said bye see you people tomorrow and he went.

After uncle went I looked back my mom and said mom i don’t like him coming to our house in the absence of dad, mom asked why raja? Mom he always scolding me for no reason, why you compelled me to get money from that Rocky. Mom got anger and shouted at me “raja” what is this? This is what you learned in your college? How could you say like this? Now a days your not respecting elders, see how old he his you just said him as Rocky, do u think he is scolding you for no reason, No raja he wants you to get good job. I remained calm hearing this. Now mom voice got lower, she said listen raja, even your dad won’t take this much care for both of us, he is good person only raja, he really care for us, please don’t talk like this one more time, now go watch the TV, after saying this mom moved to kitchen. I thought to myself that mom started to believe that rascal, what to do? ohh no I forgot to give his money to my mom, so I went to kitchen, mom was preparing tea for me I said iam really sorry mom forgive me, mom turned towards me and said it’s k raja, but don’t repeat this once again, I said OK mom shall we go to the hospital? I asked, mom replied no need raja it’s just cold. You just keep that money for yourself buy whatever you want. Ohh now I thought how sweet is my mom. This is why I loved her soo much. After that I went to the hall and started watching TV. Like uncle said my father haven’t returned home that day till 8 o clock, usually he will be home by 6.30 pm or something and his daily duty is to get money from my mom and he will go to the wine shop, but today he haven’t reached home earlier which means he is going to come home fully drunk, as I assumed, my dad came home at night 9 o clock, when he reached home I was there in the hall, as I thought, he came fully drunk, he can’t even walk, he entered home, I got anger on dad, but I really afraid of him, so I silently moved to my room. And I was about to close my door I heard the noice of my dad calling ‘geeta’. Mom came from kitchen, saw my dad and she started scolding him, she said don’t you have sence you have a son going to college but still your drinking, go somewhere don’t come to my home, dad replied this is my home you go outside bitch. I got anger bcoz dad said my mom as bitch. But I remained calm in my room itself.

Then they started fighting with each other, this is usual to me, but that day there fightings went to the extreme level, so I came out of my room in fear to see what is happening between my mom and dad, the moment I saw dad I got shocked, he was about to hit my mom in face. I ran before my dad and saved my mom. I said dad please stop this, please… please….

Dad said raja iam going to kill your mom, you go to your room else you too will get nicely from me, I said dad what do you want please tell me, without any shame he replied I want money do you have it, I said yes I have and gave that 500 RS to him, he haven’t asked anything about how I got this money and all, the moment he received money he started smiling and said thank you son and he went to the wine as usual. I looked at my mom she was sitting in sofa and crying loudly, I went near her said mom what happened don’t cry mom, mom replied why you gave that money to him, I gave it to you only Na, I said mom he was about to hit you, I don’t know what to do that is why I gave him money. OK don’t cry mom everything will be alright tomorrow. Mom replied nothing is going to change, this is my fate raja from the day I married him I haven’t been happy for a single day. If in case he married someone else other than me, she might have ran away from him, but still iam living with him, bcoz of the only reason, that is you.

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