Mom, Nana and Son team up to seduce bitchy prude relative.

After the wild night with Mom and Nana, I wasn’t sure how the next morning would go… I was especially nervous about how Nana would react once she’d had a chance to sleep on it.

Nana had been quite drunk last night. Would she regret the reality that she’d fucked her grandson, eaten out her daughter and lost her anal virginity?

If past experience taught me anything, the answer would be no. I’d learned that women were just as sex-craved as men, given the chance. Many women hid behind an exterior of propriety and societal expectations… but most, given the chance, would allow their inner succubus to come out and play.

The fact that I was currently fucking my Mother, my Nana, my celebrity Wife, my Mom’s Domme Mistress, and various casual hookups was strong evidence that my theory was true.

Yet my latest suggestion, urging Nana to seduce and fuck her other daughter and her daughter’s daughter (Nana’s granddaughter, my cousin) was a bit much. At some point this crazy house of sex cards could come tumbling down… especially the more people we involved in our twisted, wicked, secret, but super fun incest games.

Of course, I was thinking this as I was woken up the best way ever… morning head from my mother. This I would miss when I moved in with my beautiful bride… who wasn’t a morning person… partly by nature, and partly due to her evening job.

After I deposited my morning load down Mom’s welcoming throat, I asked, “Did we push Nana too far last night?”

“Oh, I think she was a very willing participant,” Mom responded, as she licked my mushroom top to savour a last drop of sperm.

“Oh, I agree. But I meant having her promise to seduce Aunt Elizabeth and Laura,” I said.

“I’m not sure she’ll succeed, but Mom does enjoy a challenge,” my Mom pointed out.

“That definitely seems to be a family trait,” I joked, although it was the truth.

“Wanna go and wake Nana up with a nice dp?” Mom asked.

“Those are words that would have been utterly crazy when she visited last Christmas,” I joked, as Mom draped her naked body against mine.

“And yet now it’s reality,” Mom smiled, leaning in and kissing me.

We did indeed wake up Nana with a slow and sweet dp, before she begged us to ‘fuck the living shit out of her,’ clearly having no regrets about last night’s sexual debauchery of incestuous lust.

It was an hour later, as we ate breakfast, that Nana began, “About Elizabeth.”

“And Laura,” I added.

“Yes,” she nodded. “Are you sure they need to be a part of this?”

Before I could answer, my new bride Miranda walked into the house and called out, “Hello, anyone awake yet?”

Mom called back, “In the kitchen.”

“So I’m finally going to meet your wife,” Nana asked, giving me a look saying loud and clear that she was still put out at not being invited to the wedding.

“Like I told you, Nana, it was a spur of the moment decision,” I said, “we were in Vegas and there wasn’t time to fly you there… we didn’t invite anyone at all that we weren’t already fucking,” acting like a defensive grandson and not like a guy who just twenty minutes ago had deposited a load of cum in her super tight asshole.

Miranda entered and I pointed out the obvious, “You’re awake early.”

She noticed someone new and smiled, “And you must be Samantha. Curtis has told me a lot about you.”

Nana took her hand and smiled, her tone not even remotely hiding that she knew everything, “And I’ve heard a LOT about you.”

“All good, I hope,” Miranda said, still smiling.

“That depends on your viewpoint,” Nana said, still pushing it.

I interjected, clarifying everything, “Nana-slut, don’t go acting possessive on me. You belong to me, not the other way around.”

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