Mom breaks the ice with all having mutual masturbation – Tanning to Entertain

Touching and licking that wonderful cock only caused me to want more. When and how was it going to be the problem? I’m sure Kent knew my oral cleaning was only going to lead for more advances from me. I did feel I was still in control of what could happen.

Now I had to make decisions that could affect both of us. Of course, I could just continue my exhibitionism, wait till the rare moments arrived for us to be alone or I could do everything possible to have him regularly. Hell, I didn’t even know Kent’s maturity level. I guess I would be foolish to think our secret wouldn’t get out. I knew Mike would eventually know. What effect would it have on him? And how could I head off Mike discovering it without freaking him out?

I needed to find a way to show him I loved him, and although my actions were ‘different’, I knew I was only attempting to satisfy my desires. Maybe I should have been more open about the state of my failing marriage with his step-father. I couldn’t wait for Jimmy to find out. I had to get out of my marriage without hurting Mike. I knew his relationship with Jimmy was more of toleration than acceptance.

Mike and Kent were in the den late on the next Saturday night. Again Mike as relying on Kent for transportation so I knew if they had anything planned for the next day Kent was going to be staying over.

I had been boosting my courage with a couple of strong drinks and decided it was time to show the guys the more ‘real’ me. I put on a sheer black blouse, a little makeup and went downstairs.

Kent was the first to see me as I entered the room. And then Mike. I walked past both of them and sat on the couch. The blouse was unbuttoned and without panties, I didn’t leave anything to their imagination. I crossed my legs to hide my pussy. I wanted to get the talk to be about sex, so I asked Mike if he knew where Jimmy kept his porn DVDs? Laughing, he said he did. I told him to go get us his favorite. He hustled up the stairs to go through the 50 or so disc.

I looked at Kent and asked if he liked my blouse. As I did I opened it with my hands and slightly threw my shoulders back to showcase my boobs. His smile told me all I needed to know. I uncrossed my legs brazenly. Only when I heard Mike coming did I close the blouse again.

Mike had brought three-disc with him. I told him to let me pick the one to watch. As he approached me I could see he had a ‘boner’. I guess the idea of watching porn with his best friend and his Mom turned him on. All three tapes were of young women with young men and ending with an all-out orgy.

. I said if they wanted beer it as OK with me. Kent went to retrieve the beer as Mike set up the television. I got up to fix a much weaker drink than I had earlier as I wanted a clear head for what I had planned.

When I returned, I told Mike to start the disc. After a few minutes of worthless babble, a long hair blonde began to rub the crotch of some guy and started to take out his cock. Both guys were looking at the TV with occasional glances at me. I opened my blouse and nonchalantly began to rub my nipples with my palms. I saw both of them looking at me. I told them I liked to excite myself as I looked at others ‘fucking’. The word surprised both of them. I teased them by asking if they had ever jerked off watching the action? Both sad they did but not with anyone else in the room. I told them it didn’t bother me and it as OK if they wanted to do it now.

Neither made a move to open their shorts. So I upped the ante. As I watched the blonde sucking off one guy another entered her from behind. In response, I opened my legs and put my right hand on my protruding labia lips. I could see Kent looking at Mike and finally standing up and pushing down his shorts and briefs. His hard penis bobbed as it was released. Mike looked at me and followed Kent’s lead.

I eased the tension by telling them we all were doing something we had many times before and it was no big deal for any of us. I knew it as a lie. I doubt they had ever watched a woman masturbate much less one they knew well.

Mike was the first to begin stroking himself. I turned to watch. He avoided looking at me but didn’t stop when I told him I was impressed with his package. Kent started in a couple of minutes. I watched as he stroked its length. He looked at me and forgot the movie. Soon Mike was doing the same.

I opened my legs further, placing one leg on the couch to give them a better view. I watch each one as they stroked their tools.

Telling them not to cum yet, I began to finger my clitoris. I asked if they liked watching me. Mike didn’t answer. Kent said he loved to see a sexy woman playing with herself. I asked Mike if I was embarrassing him. He said I wasn’t but it was awkward watching me. I told him to forget I was his mother. Telling him to look at me as a woman, and adding’ a horny woman who needed sex as they did’. He said it was still awkward. I told him to think of me as a woman again. Kent was stroking his penis slowly, I guess in an attempt to keep from shooting his load.

Now that I had Mike talking, I continued the conversation. I told both of them that a woman could have multiple climaxes and I was going to cum to show them. Again, I warned them not to cum. I suggested they take their hands off their cocks and just watch. I put my legs up and opened up my legs. Closing my eyes, I began to pull on my nipple with my left hand and rub my clit with my right. I slipped three fingers into me and pulled them out, raised my hand to my lips and cleaned my juices. I kept my eyes closed as I worked more feverishly on my clit. Soon I began to moan and knew I was seconds away from cumming. I finished with a total body shutter. I only realized then that both of them had sperm covering their stomachs, hand and just about anywhere a young man could shoot.

I told them I was going to take a shower and they ‘might’ want to also. I walked up the stairs, wondering what might be said, hoping I hadn’t ruined my relationship with my son, or Kent.

The next morning I fixed breakfast for the three of us. The guys came down as if nothing unusual had occurred the night before. I couldn’t stand it. I had to know if I had ruined it for all of us. I pointedly asked Mike if he was OK with what had happened. Without hesitation, he told me he was OK with it and hinted we might want to do it again. Kent stayed silent. I told them I had enjoyed seeing them playing with themselves and it made me ‘hot’. I said I was ready anytime they wanted to watch porn again.

As Kent and Mike drove them off to do something, I got on the couch and relived the evening in my mind.

I played with myself as I thought about the possibilities for the next time.

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