Mom breaks several taboos with her son

A last minute cancellation of a client-meeting meant that Claire was able to head home early. She had already made plans with herself to lounge around by the pool and relax.

‘This must be my lucky day,’ she thought.

A car was parked in her driveway and she suddenly remembered that her son had invited a study partner from college. Once she parked, she got to the front door and heard her son blaring his new Depeche Mode album on the stereo as she entered.

‘Well they obviously aren’t studying anymore,’ she said to herself.

The living room was down the hall and her son had no idea that she was home. She took off her shoes and as she walked towards the living room, she saw her son laying back against the couch with a young lady on her knees in front of him. The armrest and back of the couch blocked her view, but it was obvious that she was performing oral sex on him. It was at that moment which Claire took a step back and slipped her shoes back on so she wouldn’t be seen.

“God that was amazing,” he said to her. “You’re the best.”

The young lady got up and turned the music off so they could talk. As she stood by the stereo, she picked up a family picture sitting on a table and looked at it.

“Thanks,” she replied. “Is this your mom? She’s a real hottie.”

“Yeah, she is,” he replied while pulling up his pants.

Claire’s heart started beating faster and her head was spinning. What started out as a great day turned quickly turned into an oddity. First she had walked in on her son receiving oral sex in their living room. And no less than a few seconds later, she heard her son agreeing that she was a ‘hottie’.

The young lady continued, “The guys she works with must have a constant hard-on whenever they’re near her. She’s got that ‘sexy soccer mom doctor’ vibe going on which is really attractive.”

“They probably do. I hate to say it, but while you were blowing me, I couldn’t help but look at that picture and imagine that she was the person sucking me off.”

“You ass!” the young lady replied, before playfully throwing a pillow at him. “I can’t say I blame you though. If she was my mom, I guess I’d want her to eat my pussy as well.”

“You should see her when she gets dressed up for an important event or some fancy party; she’s stunning when she has that red hair tied up and she’s wearing a nice outfit.”

“Sounds like Freud was right about all his oedipal theories.”

“Very funny,” he said, trying his best to laugh it off.

She smiled at him, “Anyway, I had a great time and I told my parents I’d be home early to help make dinner.”

Not wanting to get caught, Claire quietly took a step back and slightly closed the door and pretended to just open it as they came nearer, to look as if she had just innocently arrived home.

Claire entered the room and no one suspected a thing.

“Oh, hi there,” the young lady said politely. “You must be Tom’s mother. I’m Anne.”

The two ladies shook hands and smiled.

“I’m Claire. It’s very nice meeting you. Were you just leaving?”

She nodded, “Yeah, my parents are expecting me. You have a very beautiful home by the way. And you look great in that outfit.”

“Well thank you,” Claire replied proudly. “That’s very nice of you to say.”

Despite the pleasantries and flattering words, all Claire could think about was how Anne’s lips and mouth had recently been wrapped around her son’s penis, and how she presumably swallowed at the end. And of course she couldn’t forget that Anne had called her a ‘hottie’ and said how she wouldn’t mind if she ‘ate her pussy’.


After Anne left, Claire and her son headed towards the kitchen for something to drink. There was a slight bit of awkward tension on Claire’s part after having heard her son admit that he thought about her in an incestuous manner.

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