Molested by my father

I remember this day like it was yesterday my grandmother had left to the store to go get some milk for dinner. Being that she didn’t have a car she would walk or take a bus to where she was going so my dad nee he had plenty of time to do wjat he was about to do. Before my grandmother had left he made sure she had what she needed so that she didnt have to come back then waited till he seen her turn on the sidewalk and up the street till he couldn’t see her anymore. After he had waited he asked me to come to the bathroom with him to show me how to pee without getting any on the seat being so youngand nieve I believed him and followed him to the bathroom. Once the 2 of us got in the bathroom he told me to pull my pants down so I unbuttoned them un did the zipper and pulled down my pants after that he told me to lay down on the floor this part had me confused because you didn’t pee laying down but I did as I was told. After I had laid down on the floor with my pants down to my knees in front on the toilet and shower my dad then sat next to me reaching out and grabbing my private I asked him what he was doing and he said it was ok so at thr time I really thought so. He began going up and down with his hand but he really used his finger tips being that my penis was so small at 4 years old what he had been doing must have felt good cause my penis got harder allowing my dad to stroke it easier.

He stroked my little member for a good 10 min before he told me to try it but once I got to it I didn’t really know how to do it like he was so I almost gave up until he showed me telling me to watch what he does after that I was pretty much a pro at it and jacked my little dick for my dad to watch. But then my grandma came home and noticed me nor my dad where to be found in the house until she opened the bathroom door catching my dad in the bathroom while my pants where down and I was going to town. I don’t know how my dad could’ve been so careless knowing what he was doing was bad shortly after that he got locked up for molesting my sister and I didn’t see or talk to him for 10 years when I was 17.

When he got out he tried getting a hold of one of my sisters and they started talking and eventually talked my mom into doing a visit with him at a fast food place we talked for a while caught up and went on our ways communicating threw texts. At this time I wanted to believe that my dad was a changed man so I didn’t bring up my sexual desire for him I had for all those years since the last time I had seen him with that said I jacked off to the same image of him teaching me how to jack off in my grandma’s bathroom. As time went on he must have relapsed as I woup d call it and wanted one of my cousins to go to his house and Jack him off cause he was horny that didn’t go well cause he got put in jail again for not registering as an affender and he was gone for a year knowing that he wanted her to jack him off I knew he wasn’t a changed man so I pledged that when he got out I would work myself up to telling him my desire for him.

A year went by and he was out first person he contacted was my sister once she told me I looked him up and started texting him we had the usual father son conversations till one day I couldn’t hold back my urge to talk about the past so I started out by asking him if he remembered asking my cousin to rub him down. He got offensive at first trying to deny anything even happened and even after telling him that I would rub him down or suck his cock if he was horny he told me he couldn’t put any of his kids threw thst again. But I wasn’t having it I insisted that he reconsider and that the offer is always in the table then he didn’t talk to me for a couple days my first thought was he was mad and everyone was lying about the situation. Till a couple days later he asked me if I had any private pics at first I didn’t Know what he meant at first till he said he had ones he sent to girls that asked for them I said I bet the like it and he said they do right then and there I had to make my move.

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I asked my dad I if he could send me a pic but he wanted me to go first I didn’t really know what he wanted to see cause I didn’t know if my dad would actually suck my dick or stroke it so I asked him what he wanted to see but he replied by saying suprise him but I said I didn’t know if he would like my suprise cause I wanted to send a dick pic. He then assumed I was a cop so to prove to him that I wasn’t I went for the big money and sent a dick shot he replied be saying that he would suck it I said oh really now you want me he said yeah but after that day we can’t talk about it anymore and I agreed with him. We traded a couple pics my dad has a nice cock just and inch bigger but the same girth and curved towards him and sexted it was mainly me sexting tho I told him what I would do to him telling him I was all his literally every thing he wanted to hear and I would video call him when he wanted to watch me jack off to or wanted me to watch him. After all the texting the day came where we could put all the words into action I arrived at his place and he let me in and playing no games we went straight to his room but smoked a cig first after we finnished them I asked if he was ready and he said yes pulling down his pants and underwear to his ancles on his bed. There It was my dad’s sexy cock in person a little flaccid I then took my hand and placed it on his cock and slowly brought my lips to his tip to then start making out with head getting it wet with my saliva.

While I was working my lips on my dad’s tip he started getting harder and harder his cock forcing me to open my mouth wider once I new my dad was hard I started sucking pressing my lips tightly around his girthy cock using lots of suction to then slowly work my mouth down his shaft to his balls nice and slow sensually, passionately, lovingly working my dad’s cock with my mouth. As I’m sucking his cock I’m making mmm noises with my mouth to add vibration making my dad put his hands on my head but he didn’t try to force my head down he just ran his fingers threw my hair while saying oh son while looking up at him I see he has a big smile on his face letting me know I’m doing my job right. I must have sucked his cock for a half an hour straight just like that till he said he wss gonna bust and wanted to shoot his laod up my ass so I grabbed the vasiline lubed up his cock and my ass we had sex side ways. When my dad started sliding in I could literally feel my tight virgin ass stretching around his cock boy did it hurt but I had to be a good son and take it he started out fucking nice and slow speeding up over time getting harder as he went faster. It wasn’t longer then 5 maybe 10 min before he blew a hot kid in my ass boy is it the best feeling to feel your dad’s warm cum blasting up your ass while his dick pulses he stayed in my ass for a couple min before pulling out. We weren’t finned tho he still had to make me cum and he was gonna give me head till I did so I let him suck for a little but I just had to get a load in his mouth and starred jacking while he worked my tipleading me to shoot the biggest load I had ever shot into my dad’s mouth

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