Mission Farming with Fatima

This is a story about my erotic sex with my neighbor, a few years back. This story is imaginary, but very realistic.

This story is medium sized.

Myself, Ayush, a 24-year old bachelor, living in Indore, having a six foot hight and a medium size “reproductive tool”
and can fully satisfy even the naughtiest bitch in heat. I was living with my parents. I like playing Asphalt 8 Airborne.

I go to gym religiously and never skip and have good stamina and won marathon races few times.
Introducing the heroine of this story, she is Fatima Khan, 38(looks like 30year old lady), married few years ago, husband went to Hyderabad for business. She worked as a manager of a supermarket and earned good money.

My Fathima is an attractive fair Muslim woman with a height of 5’3, fat, hair till her shoulders. Her boobs are medium Sized her ears are like fresh tomatoes
You will want to bite them. I saw her doing yoga on her roof everyday. She mostly wear a sports bra and shorts which show her milky thighs. At night time she will talk with her mother.

We go to same milk booth. She smiles when she sees me. I do the same.
She is a modern lady and does not like her religion.

How shall I approach her and take it to sexual relationship?

She also sees me when I do pull ups on my roof.
I had a habit of smoking cigarettes. She did not like this.
The next day when we went to bring milk she came to me gave me her number and invited me for a coffee. I felt that I was blessed.

Later when I went to chat she sent me some of her photos doing you in full close up. I appreciated her beauty.

That evening when I went to her home it was neat and smelled good. She had a big TV and good lighting.
She was wearing a Red t-shirt and Blue shorts showing an lot of her thick milky meaty fleshy thighs

She was sitting just beside me. I was feeling nervous. She kept her hand on me while still drinking her coffee. I understood that she wanted more. I wanted her to say it. I asked about her husband. She openly said that she didn’t like him. And that her parents had forcefully did this relationship. She got up and played some romantic hindi movie songs on her phone.
Indicating me to dance with her

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We came close, she kept her hand on my shoulder and I on her waist. Fuck man I could feel her breath on my face.

She was very smooth and her fragrance so hypnotizing that I unknowingly pulled her closer increased my grip on her waist.

Fatima was smiling all the time she was enjoying it. Her boobs were slightly touching my chest. And our faces were nearly 6 inches apart from each other. I was soo wild I would have taken a chance and kissed her. But I kept my urges under control.

When we were finished she said, “You dance really well, Ayush”.
I casually asked her if she likes to smoke to which she replied positively but pleaded me not to tell anyone.

We wanted to smoke she started smoking and talking. We really felt more like friends than neighbors.

She asked about my relationship. I said I had a girlfriend(i lied) she seemed disappointed. She said what did I like to eat I said I like to eat idlys. She felt excited. As if she was born to make idly sambar and her life had found some purpose.

She said that she will cook the in an hour till then I can watch some tv. She was really a good woman.

She went to the medium sized red fridge she had and took out some instant batter and went inside the kitchen. After 7 minutes. I went inside her kitchen. She was surprised to see me in there. She said what happened. I replied that I was thirsty(to fuck her).
She was cutting the brinjals.

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