Miranda is served as the main course, tied & spread

Miranda had finally quit her job after six years as a financial planner. It paid well and she had enjoyed it, but it wasn’t her passion. Her dream job had always been cooking.

In the short term, she had set up a small catering business. There were a few clients arranged during the initial stages; friends, family, and former co-workers.

Long term, she had a solid business plan. Eventually, she wanted her own restaurant. She already knew someone, a long time friend, who was willing to lease his property to her at a discount price in a few years.

As Miranda was out having a walk in a nearby park, she sat down on a bench and leisurely checked her phone for messages. There was one heading that grabbed her attention.

The email was entitled: Urgent! Need Catering!!!

Hi Miranda,

This is Jenny Crossman. I was your finance client several months ago. I’m sure you remember me and Richard.

Anyway, you obviously know about what we do and our lifestyle. We’re getting married and unfortunately the lead chef for our food catering was in a small accident and is unable to tend to our wedding, which is next Sunday.

I hear you do catering now and that you’re very talented. Can you handle a wedding on short notice?

Since you know our lifestyle, you can expect that this wedding will have D/s themes and also CMNF. We understand if you wish to decline because of these conditions, but we hope you can keep an open mind for us.

We expect around 50 guests and we’ll pay you $10,000 for a full course meal for everyone, and we expect you to present it per the rules of our wedding.

Please think it over and text me!!!


She had no idea what any of the shorthand slang meant, but she didn’t think it was important. After all, what’s the worst it could mean? The financial numbers and big opportunity left her smiling.

She remembered the couple well. Back when she was a financial planner, she had helped Jenny and Richard use a rather large inheritance to start a series of bondage themed businesses. Miranda thought it was amusing that such an ordinary, middle-class couple would be interested in something like that.

Accepting this catering job was an easy decision. It paid extremely well. She loved weddings. And she thought they were an amazing couple. Being a professional, it would be easy for her to look passed the adult-themes.

She texted Jenny:

Hi. This is Miranda. Yes, of course I remember you. And yes, I’d love to cater your wedding. The short timeframe is no problem!

The message was sent and Miranda felt herself in a giddy mood. Suddenly things were looking good. Step by step.

A text came in return:

Thx!!! Can we meet at my home tomorrow? The wedding will be on our property. I’ll show you around and provide details. You’re a lifesaver!

They continued texting back and forth, sorting out the small details. Then it was unofficially confirmed. Miranda had the job and it made her smile.


The ranch-style property was a thirty-minute drive away from the city. When she was parking her car in the driveway of the property, she saw Jenny coming out to greet her.

They smiled and hugged. It had been over a year since they last saw each other. Miranda congratulated Jenny on the wedding and they made other small talk.

Then came a tour of the ranch-style property where the wedding would be held. At first glance, it looked like the home of an average couple.

Upon closer look, there were eye-catching things. In the living room, there were pictures of the happy couple posing together in skimpy outfits, with broad smiles on their faces. There were whips and crops displayed on different mantles. There were also a few bondage rooms, but Miranda wasn’t interested in seeing those. What was private, stayed private so far as she was concerned.

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