Millie Bobby Brown Meets Her Dream Idol

As the fourteen year old teenage girl snuggled into her bed she counted all the ways her life had changed since getting the part of 11 on the show Stranger Things. Her pillow was cool and comfortable and her blanket was warm and fuzzy. She counted all the places she had been and all the fashion shoots that had taken her to those places. She counted all the things she had seen and all the people she had met. And as the young girl drifted off to sleep she remembered the time she had met…

Millie Bobby Brown looked at her reflection in the mirror and tried not to giggle like the young girl that she was but she was just so excited. She had actually met Emma Watson! How many people actually got to meet Emma Watson? She had seen all of the Harry Potter movies not to mention all the movies that Emma had made after the Harry Potter movies. Well, all the ones her family would let her watch. She’d even seen The Circle and didn’t know why nobody liked it. It wasn’t really that bad of a movie except for the bit where the drone out races the truck. And the end wasn’t really that good. But other wise it wasn’t half-bad.

She tried to shake the tangential thoughts out of her head and concentrated on her clothes. Millie had seen awards shows before and had loved the different dresses and outfits the stars wore but she’d never imagined how many different dresses and outfits the stars changed in and out of. Boys were lucky she decided, they just had to wear a tux but the girls had to wear outfits to sit in the audience and then a different outfit to present an award and then a whole other outfit to accept an award. All girls’ clothes should be made with Velcro she decided before giggling again. She had met Emma Watson!

Shaking the silly, star-struck thoughts out of her head she once again tried to concentrate on her latest outfit. The awards show was over, the one she had met Emma Watson on, and it was time for the after party. Millie’s mother was letting her skip her curfew tonight in order to go to the after party, well, for a hour at least, as long as she didn’t drink any alcohol. Her mother was waiting for her downstairs and promised to just find a nice, warm corner of the party and let Millie walk around on her own, her first real Hollywood party.

Millie’s dark hair was nearly to her shoulders now after having shaved her head for her Netflix show’s first season. She had to keep it short for the second season but the producers were letting her grow it out again before they started shooting the third season. She had changed out of the outfit she had worn for the awards show, the outfit Emma Watson had seen her in, and was dressed a bit more casually now. She was now wearing a simple pair of beat-up sneakers and a pair of denim jeans with rolled cuffs. Her top was just as casual with a black T-shirt and a white jacket with rolled sleeves. It was kind of a 80’s look but it went along with her show and she actually kind of liked the look all on it’s own, very retro-chic. Her hair was slicked back in the front letting the back flare out behind her head. Yeah, very retro-chic she decided.

“I can’t believe I met Emma Watson!” she squealed in glee in her English accent like the young girl she was. She bounced up and down on her feet and clapped her hands excitedly, her slender body practically vibrating.

Millie nearly skipped down the hall but stopped herself. If she acted too immature her mother might try to keep an extra watchful eye on her during the party and she so very much wanted people to see her as a mature actress. The elevator opened for her and she stepped in and hit the button for the bottom floor. It was actually pretty lucky that the after party was being held in the same hotel she was staying at letting her mother loosen her leash a little bit.

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