military man’s Cheating Wife’s Disclosures details her exploits in philandering

I couldn’t believe how easy it was. 8 AM – dropped my husband off at the airport. 10 AM – I was being fucked by a handsome stranger in a hotel room two miles from the airport. Yeah, that’s right, I’m cheating on my husband.

For all you judgment types, this might be a good time to find another story. There’s some good fetish pieces or stories about men convincing their wives to fuck other men. The things I’m going to reveal here may upset some people, especially when I get into the details of my indiscretions. It may interest you to know, most – no, all, of the wives I know have cheated on their husbands at one time or another. The only difference between them and me; I do it on a regular basis and don’t feel guilty in the least.

This morning was a typical scenario, so let’s start there. I prepared to drop my husband, who I’ll simply refer to as Dumbass, off at terminal 6, by dressing in a short leather miniskirt, a form fitting top and 5 inch strappy high heels. Dumbass thinks I dress this way to give him something sexy to remember for his nine month or longer deployments.

“I can’t wait to come back to this,” he said as he kissed me goodbye and grabbed my ass one last time. Dumbass looked good in his service uniform, as he grabbed his on-flight bag and headed out the gate to his flight.

The truth is, in these heels and showing lots of leg, I can find a willing male without having to even having to leave the concourse. I headed to the nearest lounge and ordered a whiskey sour. It’s the kind of drink early in the morning that says the woman sipping it is looking to get laid. I found a table and put my purse by the next chair. The first man by was an older distinguished type in casual slacks and a golf shirt. “Hi, I’m Charley, is this seat taken?”

“Oh, I sorry, I’m holding it for my husband,” I replied. He moved on. I thought I could do better.

Honestly, guys take this as a lesson; don’t start out a pickup session by handing out your name and don’t ask to sit by a woman in a situation like this. If a chick is downing a whiskey sour at 8:15 in an airport bar, it’s because we want to get fucked.

The next one up slid in next to me and said, “Hey, arriving or departing?”

“Oh, I’m departing, but have a few hours on layover. I’m just killing some time. Any suggestion?”

Now you’ll notice his line was direct, but kind of tired delivery that was a bit clumsy. What helped him was that he was devastatingly handsome, well dressed and looked like he could pick up a cue.

“I’m just getting in. You could lay over at my hotel,” he said with a wink. He, winked, he actually fucking winked at me. By he looked like he could sling some pipe, so what the hell.

“Tell you what. I’ll go to your hotel, but as a penalty for the lamest pickup line, you’ll have to buy me another drink first.” We both laughed, but I wasn’t kidding.

Twenty minutes later a taxi dropped us off in front of an upscale downtown hotel. His room was on the fifth floor. I’d already insisted on no names between us; I’ll call him The Beast.

After removing his suit jacket, The Beast, kissed me and ran his hands over my body especially checking out my boobs. A lot of guys do that. I have a fairly large set of breasts considering my frame is fairly slender. They’re all trying to figure out is there are natural, which is the case. “You know, it’s easier to tell if they’re real by sucking them,” I said.

He took the hint and unbuttoned my blouse and short skirt. I hadn’t bothered with a bra, so I let him slide down my tiny black panties as he kissed my navel and worked his way down to my freshly shaved pussy. The Beast used his tongue to stimulate my clit and then stood back to admire me. My long wavy black hair cascaded past my shoulders and I gave him a brief pose to show was he was about to enjoy.

“Your eyes are so blue. They look amazing with your dark hair.”

I laughed and appreciated the compliment. Dumbass rarely said things like that anymore, especially after our second child was born. He just saw me now as the mother of his children, although I’m not completely sure our youngest daughter is his.

The Beast was nicely put together. His European cut dress shirt hugged his muscular upper body. He obviously worked out. He stripped it off and peeled down to boxer shorts, before carrying me to the bed and nuzzling my tits. He took his time with those as he began to finger my slit. I spread my legs and felt myself on the edge of a mild orgasm. Usually, with a new lover, I can cum a few times in the first session. Today looked to be no different as I moaned my pleasure into his ear.

“You, like oral, don’t you?”

“What woman doesn’t?”

He dove his head between my parted legs and began to lap away at my labia. My head swirled as The Beast explored my opening with this talented tongue. I lost track of the amount of time he was down there, but began to feel like it was approaching another climax, although wanted to save that for the main event. Instead, I pushed him over and pulled off his shorts. His cock size was about average. Most men are averaged size. That’s why it’s called average. Still, I mentioned how large he was and only hoped I could get it all into my mouth.

I had no trouble getting him down my throat and making a show of it. I fondled his balls and watched his face. I wanted him to cum in my pussy. “You look ready,” I announced and straddled myself on top of him. I lowered myself onto his erection and rode The Beast for fifteen minutes before I came. He lasted another five and we cuddled and kissed for quite some time after. That last part is something Dumbass hasn’t bothered with in years, either.

I looked at my watch around 11 AM. “I’ve got to get back to the airport. I’ll get a taxi by myself.”

The Beast walked his fingers over my damp back and said, “Why not call to see if your flight is delayed. We could go another round in a while.”

I made an excuse that I needed to get seated early. I cleaned up and kissed him goodbye. There was no doubt he was a good fuck. But I was on a roll and felt like hunting new prey. Without looking at his face, I could tell he looked at me longingly as I exited his door.

I went down to the restaurant, ordered a mixed salad for lunch and called home. “Anne, its Callie, how are the kids?”

“They’re doing fine. Are you going to be out late? No, problem, I’ll keep them busy,” she replied.

Anne was a good friend. Both of us have husbands in the military. We watch each other kids, when one of us goes out to fuck around. She recently confessed to me that she’s taken to hitting up lesbian bars and calls herself Bi Until Homecoming.

I started out my first couple of years faithfully waiting for my man to come home. I married too young; I was just 18 and realized after a couple of years, I’d missed a lot by being talked into being a service wife. We were married three months, when Dumbass got sent overseas. Our son was a year and half old when he first met his dad. I hoped Dumbass would get out and work on raising his budding family, but a he re-upped and after six months of his depression and drinking to deal with it, went back for another year overseas. The upshot, he’s career military and I’m his wife in waiting. He sends money home, but I still have to work to make ends meet. I rarely see him and when I do, he isn’t really there. By the third deployment, I took to finding out what I’ve been missing in the years between 18 to 27.

Yeah, I’m a horrible unpatriotic dirty slut, traitorous cunt, disloyal bitch. Whatever, you care to call me. I quit feeling guilty the second time I cheated. What a night that was.

I got invited to a party by a friend of a friend. I didn’t know anyone, which is a good thing when you looking to screw around on your man, because nobody knows you. The gossip doesn’t get back home that way. It was at a nice house a few miles from our two bedroom apartment. There were a lot of men there, mostly young single and on the make for pussy. I had on a pair of raggedy denim cut off shorts and a tube top, for the warm summer night. I got lots of views from interested admirers, but decided to see how far I could push things.

I finished my second drink and went out to the patio. A couple of long haired guys were chatting. One had shoulder length brown hair and a couple of tattoos on his biceps. The other was a surfer blonde dude, with his hair in a ponytail. We exchanged pleasantries. I figured them for a couple years younger; I was 25 at the time and they were definitely not connected to the military. They both were checking me out, most likely trying to figure out who would make a play for me first. I wanted both and moved to break the ice.

“You guys mind if I smoke a joint?” I said as I pulled a doobie out of my purse. They both nodded while I lit up and took a deep drag. I handed ponytail the gonja and we proceeded to chat and get stoned. Tattoo boy was named Tony and ponytail was called Sky.

I stared up at the moon and said, “Holy shit, that weed is strong. I get stupid horny when I’m this wasted.” I didn’t take the two for Bible thumpers and sure enough they took my hint.

We make it back to Tony’s place a block away and within minutes, my shorts were on the floor, next to my colorful wedge platforms and tube top. I hadn’t bothered with underwear at all that night. I took turns kissing both of them and then worked at sucking both of their cocks. Sky’s pubs were shaved and his cock looked bigger, even though they proved to be the same size as measured in my mouth.

“I’ve never been double penetrated before. Who wants the back door?” I asked.

Tony lowered me onto Sky’s stiff schlong and I adjusted to the intrusion in my rectum quickly. He then entered my waiting pussy and the two proceeded to pump me with the next half hour. I came at least three times; I lost count, before the two shot their loads almost simultaneously. I remember screaming out as I had my final climax with the two.

We were so involved, no one noticed that Tony’s roommate had come into the living room and was standing there watching us fuck. Both Sky and Tony sat naked and watched as I undressed the roommate, whose name I never bothered to learn and began to suck on his rapidly hardening penis. When he was completely erect, I got down on my knees and he took me Rockygy style while the other two tried to get theirs back up. He came quickly, but I didn’t care. I was done having orgasms for the night, I just wanted to be as nasty on my birthday as possible. Dumbass had completely forgotten and this was my present to myself.

Sky managed to get semi-hard and worked my puss a bit longer, but wasn’t up to finishing. I pulled on my shorts and top and left without leaving a name or phone number. I was done with these guys and ready to move on to new conquests.

As I sat in the hotel restaurant contemplating past adventures, I noticed a few men stroll by the table to check me out. Not many would be ballsy enough to hit on a woman eating her lunch alone, but one man approached and stood directly across from me.

“Excuse me, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I noticed you when you came into the hotel with that man. And now you’re here alone.” He paused and looked a bit nervous.

“Yes, I’m alone eating lunch. And?”

He turned away and looked embarrassed. He was older, perhaps in his fifties, but still a nice looking man with gray temples and dressed in an expensive suit. “Are you a hooker?” he asked in a soft voice.

His face went flush and he said, “I’m not a cop. It’s just the ways you’re dressed. I was just looking for a good time.”

This was a new one. I’ve been called at a lot of things, but this was my first time being mistaken for a hooker. “No, I’m a military widow and I’m just here for some cheap meaningless sex.” It was mostly true.

“I’m sorry to have bothered you. I just wanted…” He turned to walk away.

He was older than any guy I’d ever fucked, but then again he was doable. I decided to throw caution to the wind and pulled him aside. “Look my husband’s insurance policy isn’t much, I could use some extra money for funeral expenses.” My heart began to beat faster. I wondered if I’d need to be bailed out on prostitution charges tonight.

He smiled and whispered, “I can go $500 for the afternoon.”

We rode the elevator to his 10th floor room. This was ill advised, but I was so excited, it seemed worth the risk. He counted out the bills and explained he was on a company expense account. I explained I’d never done anything like this before, but was in dire need of quick cash to make the mortgage. No cops rushed the room after the cash hit the table, nor as my cloths hit the floor. He looked at his new purchase admiringly and had me unzip him on my knees. I pulled down his trousers and took his erection in my mouth.

He worked me until he said he wanted me on the bed and proceeded to have at me in a standard missionary position. He actually asked if I would mind if he kissed me. I decided to allow it, but regretted not keeping things on a more professional basis.

He managed to pump me for another ten minutes and then came inside me. I let him rest and said, “You’ve hired me for the rest of the afternoon. Is there anything more I could do for you?”

“You were fantastic. You’re so beautiful. I don’t think I could go again, but would you be willing to entertain one of my customers? I’d pay extra for that.”

So far, I’d worked for less than a half hour and make five hundred. I was an official whore on top of everything else people could call me. Why the fuck not?

I was delivered by Mr. Johnson, as I was now referring to my first ‘client’ to a room on the same floor.

The client was an older Asian businessman and very polite. He was very gentlemanly as he watched me remove my clothing in a slow silent striptease. I sat in his lap grinding my pussy into his undershorts covered crotch, but could sense his erection. This time when he moved in for a kiss. I apologized and said that was the one thing I wasn’t allowed to do. I make up for it by massaging his back.

Mr. Chen, as I called him, then took me Rockygy style and rammed me as hard as I’ve ever been fucked. I bit my lip to avoid having him know that I had just had a real orgasm, instead waiting until he was near to ejaculating to produce a politely fake climax.

I was tipped $100 by Mr. Chen, so as I rode back to the airport, I counted $1,100 in cash, four solid organisms and a brand new way to cuckold my Dumbass husband. I’m sure we’ll divorce eventually when the kids are old enough to handle it, but in the meantime, I have my way of dealing with being a lonely wife.

Judge me if you want. Say what you will. This isn’t even the worst stuff I’ve done or for that matter will be doing.

What put me on the path to being an unfaithful – a disloyal fucking bitch, according to some – wife? It was never something I set out to be. I started out keeping the home fires burning and waiting for my man to return. At the end of the first tour, my husband came home and swept me off my feet as soon as we enter the doorway of our little apartment. I’d arranged a sitter for our toddler that evening and I was consumed like a bottle of water by a man that’s been wandering in the desert for months.

He carried me into the bedroom and I was stripped naked and I proudly showed off the body that I’d spent months working to restore form giving birth to our son. His hands were rough, but felt so good as they ran across my tender flesh. He remained in his fatigues, as I was cradled naked in his lap, his hand caressing my damp vagina and softly playing with my clitoris. I moaned out my genuine pleasure. For months, I’d waited for him, not even pleasuring myself for weeks in anticipation of this very moment.

“I want you to take me any way you’ve ever thought about. Nothing about me is off limits to you,” I cooed into his ear. “I’m yours do have as you please. Anything you please”

He licked his lips that the thought. “Is the offer just for the night?”

“It’s for as long as you want it, baby.”

I honestly hoped he’d use his perverted imagination to defile me in ways I’d never experienced. My eyes rolled back and I achieved a powerful climax and shamelessly announced it to the room. I began to pull away the Velcro of his camo blouse and slide it off his shoulders. His skivvy shirt was the next to go. At last he lay spread before me on the bed, naked, tough and hard. I was as excited to have him take me as when he first deflowered me just I’d turned 18 before we married.

I took his penis into my mouth and began to lick his stiffness. I ran my tongue around the hood of his circumcision and he shot a load of cream directly into my mouth. I was surprised, but tried to swallow as much as I could. He yelled out, “Oh, fucking shit.”

“It’s Ok, baby. You’re just excited. We’ve been waiting months. I came a bit myself, this morning when I saw you on the tarmac.”

“God fucking damn it. Shit,” he yelled. It took time to calm him down.

When we started being intimate, he could ejaculate into me and remain semi-hard while remaining in position. Within minutes, he could get himself hard enough of another round. I was sure he could easily have another go with me tonight.

I massaged his shoulders and rubbed his entire body. He began to get hard again and I carefully performed oral once more. This time he found his way to my waiting pussy and pumped away as my legs wrapped around him. I’d painted my toenails hot pink, which he always said made me look kind of slutty. That was exactly what I wanted to be tonight.

We went a half hour and then that turned to forty five minutes and then seemed to drag on past an hour. I wanted to say something, but his pride had already been wounded. I spied him looking at the clock, just before he faked an orgasm. We both rolled over on our backs perspiring in the warmth of the summer’s night. He fell asleep without saying another word. I drifted off a short time later.

About 4 Am, I woke up and found myself alone. I heard him moving around in the living room and realized he must be in a completely different time zone. I called out, “Everything alright, babe?”

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