Milf’s Big Surprise

In a small neighborhood somewhere, there lived a quiet man name Charles, let’s call him Chuck. Marriage had not treated him well and ended before it really got started. He made his living in website design and maintenance. So, he mostly worked from home. Chuck was always taking good care of his yard and house. The neighbors all knew him on sight as a clean well represented man.

Across the street and down a house or two lived Mark and Kelly. Mark was stout and muscular. His body was well defined and beefy. He had that kind of body type and look that led you think he is a gym rat. Kelly on the other hand was lean, a thin waist with a nice teardrop ass, wiry lite brown hair and bright staring eyes. She always hung on her husband Mark whenever they were near each other. Mark acted aloof and distant around her. Occasionally there were loud voices coming from the backyard or inside from an open window. No one was quite sure what was going on.

One day Mark knocked on Chuck’s door. There was a leak in the bathroom faucet at his place. He’d pay for the repairs. Chuck studied the way Mark presented himself. Mark’s muscular features were intimidating to the uninitiated. It looked like he always got his way. Chuck was a little put off but didn’t allow himself to be bothered by it. He accepted the job. Maybe he would see Kelly close up. Monday would work. First thing.

As Chuck walked over Monday morning, Mark with a red face and bared teeth stormed from the front door looking straight at Chuck. Growling under his breath, ‘Just take care of it!’ Again Chuck was put off. That was rude. He looked towards the front door and there in a white night robe was Kelly. Her face was also red but she looked like she had just had some sex and was still breathless.

Kelly stared at Mark’s truck as it drove away. She caught Chuck’s eye and stepped back into the house behind the door to let him in. She looked down ashamed, hiding hersef behind the door. Chuck asked where the bathroom was. Not that he needed to know. He already knew the floor plans of the houses in this neighborhood. But he was being polite and courteous. It also gave him a chance to look at Kelly.

Without looking up or saying a word Kelly pointed down the hall and Chuck stepped through. The bathroom was where he expected it to be and got to work. He was halfway through the job when Kelly, still wearing the nearly see-through rob appeared in the doorway. She didn’t try to hide herself this time. Her face was still flush and she teetered still weak from whatever had been going on before he arrived.

‘What’s she up to’ he thought. Chuck looked at his work, “You two have a good morning?” He was taking a chance assuming Mark had given her some morning wood to start the day. “Mark?” she said snidely under her breath. Then she turned her head looking away. “Let me ask you… “ Kelly said breathlessly without looking at him, “Do you think I’m sexy?” Chuck was shocked. He looked up.

With that she drew open her rob to display her tanned body, naked from head to toe. Her skin was smooth and every inch of it was shaved clean. Sure, she had small breast that sagged a little. But her large areolas and nipples looked like they had been recently teased. Her gash looked red and plump, the tip of her clitoris stuck out from her tight shiny lips. Another sign that she surely had been aroused recently. Very.

Chuck was floored. Kelly was a MILF if there ever was one. She was hot. She had the kind of body that was made for sex. All the right shapes in all the right places. “Yeah, sure. Very sexy.” Kelly quickly stomped her foot in disapproval. Her head was still turned away and she looked down like she was about to cry, “That’s all?” Chuck tried to intercede, “Are you clean all over?” It was just something that came to him.

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