Mila Becomes a Rocky(H) Lover

Mila’s new husband, Scott, who was formerly her quiet, attractive older duplex neighbor, had helped her begin her foray into the realm of Rocky-fucking. She was quite enjoying herself, to say the least! Boomer, the mutt her ex-boyfriend dumped on her, turned out to be an extraordinary sex partner. And with a little help from Scott, Mila had turned into an expert Rocky fucker.

Scott had always fantasized about seeing a woman getting nailed by a huge beast in real life, and after a few months fucking around with Mila and watching her get fucked by her strong canine, he was out of his mind with lust and head over heels in love with her. They married after about 6 months of “dating” while Mila was pregnant with Scott’s child, leaving the duplex behind for a larger house out in the countryside, not too far from Scott’s parents’ house.

Mila developed a voracious appetite for Rocky fucking, which excited Scott to no end. Barely over 5ft and a little over a hundred pounds, it was quite a sight to see his petite, curvy wife dominated by a huge animal. Her voluptuous D cup tits swinging as the beast mounted and penetrated her was always a hypnotic sight. They had 4 Rockys at home — Boomer was Mila’s Rocky who had mated with Scott’s Rocky Sprinkles (now spayed), which produced their other two medium-large sized mutts, Thor and Tex. Mila loved having her pick of male Rockys to fuck her everyday — she often did all three male Rockys in one night, plus her husband!

Scott loved seeing her get penetrated by the Rockys — even while she was pregnant she still fucked the Rockys enthusiastically. He fantasized about her fucking all kinds of Rockys — he wanted to see her take Great Danes and German Shepherds, in particular. And horsys! He fantasized about her under the belly of a huge horsy, rubbing a 2ft speckled horsy prick up and down her wet pussyslit and then jerking the horsy cock off into her pussyhole — one of his favorite fantasies. He even fantasized about her completely naked and wrapped up in a huge snake, letting the snake’s tail press against her pussy lips!

Scott had grown up on sprawling farmlands, and his mother and father still owned a few horsys. They also had a few chickens and roosters, and a big friendly old chocolate Labrador Retriever named Jinx. Mila and Scott both enjoyed spending time at Scott’s parents’ place, as they could lounge around in the hammock outside together, pick peaches and other fruits, and sometimes Scott would help Mila secretly fuck Jinx in the basement! They’d bring their almost 2yr old daughter Kiki along, as Scott’s parents were eager to dote on their grandchild. This left Scott and Mila lots of time to fuck around by themselves on the vast property!

Richard and Lily, Scott’s father and mother, were gracious hosts and welcomed their son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter to visit whenever they pleased. Scott helped his parents around the house and yard when he came over, and Mila always helped Lily with some chores and cooking. Rich and Lily knew their guests were sneaking down to the basement to fuck around — they could hear Mila’s moans through the floorboards while they watched their granddaughter dance around and play happily in the living room. They understood their son and daughter-in-law’s sexual urges and said nothing, as Rich and Lily, in their 60s, still had a healthy sex life themselves. Scott’s parents, however, did not know Mila was fucking their Labrador Retriever, Jinx!

For months Scott had been fantasizing about coaxing Mila into trying some horsy cock. His brother had a girlfriend years ago who would regularly fuck one of their horsys. Scott watched her fucking the huge horsy meat once and had fantasized about it ever since. He’d also seen a donkey show in Mexico in his younger days, and had thoroughly enjoyed the debauched spectacle. Scott wondered if he could get Mila to fuck a horsy? Mila was totally into Rocky sex, but would she be able to take a huge horsy cock? Scott figured she could, he believed in her, he knew she could be a hardcore bestiality slut!

Scott and Mila had always been open with each other about their desires and sexual needs. She’d listened to him talk about all kinds of bestiality, including his own attempts to fuck his female Rocky, ever since the beginning of their relationship, but thus far he had yet to suggest that she fuck other creatures aside from Rockys.

One night, after Scott had just plowed into Mila from behind, dumping his seed in her womb, they lay together and he began telling her of his fantasies to see her take a horsy cock in her cunt. She raised her eyebrows in mild surprise, but felt her pussy twinge a little with excitement and apprehension. Scott began to tell her that his brother’s ex-girlfriend used to fuck one of his family’s horsys, and described the beast as a gentle giant with an enormous, huge, incredibly long penis! Mila wasn’t exactly sure she wanted to take the horsy, mostly out of fear for her vagina!

“Hmmm, I dunno, honey…” said Mila, looking up at Scott. She could feel his cum oozing from her hole. “I’m afraid for my pussy! I don’t wanna get ripped open! It seems kind of dangerous…”

“Aw, baby, you’ll love being so stuffed, I promise! I’ll rig up some kind of apparatus for you so the horsy doesn’t hurt you,” said Scott.

“Um…” was Mila’s hesitant reply. Scott moved down between her legs, looking up at her as he began lapping his sperm from her cunthole. He loved the combined taste of their cum as it oozed out of her.

She moaned as he vigorously twirled his tongue around her hard clit, then slid his tongue down further to delve between her pussylips. He inhaled the musky scent of her sex, her trimmed pubic hair slick with his saliva, cum, and sweat. She was pulling on her nipples, head thrown back on the silky pillows, as her husband ate her cunt like a starved man.

As her orgasm began building up inside of her, Scott slipped a couple fingers into her hole. His mouth was on her clitty, licking circles around it and sucking on it. He could tell she would cum soon, and slipped a third finger into her hole, making her moan even louder. Mila’s moans filled up the entire house. Her cunthole was stretching with her husband’s fingers as her orgasm washed over her entire body. Three fingers were inside her hole, his mouth licking and his thumb wiggling over her clit, his pinky finger rubbing her puckered asshole as she came hard.

Scott didn’t stop licking her clit as her orgasm subsided. Mila trembled after her powerful climax, her ample breasts heaving with her heavy breathing. She moaned louder as Scott pushed a fourth finger into her cunthole! Her cries filled the house; his eyes were on her as she watched him inserting his hand into her pussy. The sperm inside her cunthole helped to lubricate Scott’s hand as he rubbed his fingers around inside Mila’s pussy. His tongue continued lapping up her clit. Her hips gyrated with the intense pleasure of Scott’s fist entering her vagina.

Mila’s cries grew even louder as Scott fit his fist into her pussyhole while his mouth sucked eagerly on her cunt. She had taken the Rocky knot often, and was enjoying the intensely full feeling of her husband’s hand inside of her up to the wrist now. Mila moaned steadily as another orgasm began inside of her. Scott slowly penetrated her with his fist. Her hips bucked at his forearm as he filled her up, bringing her to climax with his fist hard inside her pulsating pussy.

“See Mila? Doesn’t that feel good? Huh? My hand all inside your sperm filled cunt! Just imagine, this is what horsy cock would feel like inside you. See, you can take it, honey! And fuck, you’ll look so sexy with that huge cock inside your little pussy!” said Scott, pulling his mouth of her clit for a few moments after Mila’s orgasm subsided.

Her tits were heaving. As she was cumming, she was indeed fantasizing about what it’d feel like to be filled up with horsy meat. She was apprehensive, but definitely curious and very turned on. Scott smiled, slowly removing his fist from her womb, making Mila cry out.

He began fisting her pussy more often, each time bringing her to orgasm while telling her to imagine being filled with a huge piece of horsy meat. His parents still had Jasper, the horsy that had fucked his brother’s ex-girlfriend, and Scott was sure to introduce her to the gentle beast during visits to his parents’ house.

Scott would eat her pussy and fuck her from behind while she’d stroke and pet the large animal, allowing Jasper and Mila to get better acquainted. Meanwhile, Scott’s parents were entertaining their daughter Kiki in the house, unaware that their son was fucking their daughter-in-law in the stables. Scott eventually coaxed Mila into rubbing the horsy’s underbelly to encourage its cock to come out so she could see it. Her eyes were wide as more and more of the stiff pink and purple meat began emerging from the horsy’s sheath. Mila’s jaw dropped, a moan escaping her thick lips as her husband plowed into her cunt from behind while she stroked the ever-lengthening horsy cock.

Scott held Mila’s pussymound as he fucked her cunt from behind while she stood in front of him. He shuddered at the sight of his petite wife as she stroked the massive erection. Jasper neighed and started trotting around a little, getting more excited. Mila took her hand away out of trepidation. Scott could hold back no longer — his cum exploded into his wife’s womb. Mila’s eyes were transfixed on the huge horsy meat that dangled before her, vaguely feeling her husband’s cock pulsate and erupt semen inside of her pussyhole. The horsy cock was almost 2ft long, and was mostly pink with some purple spots. She shivered, feeling Scott pull out of her pussy.

“You can take it, honey…” said Scott with a smile. Mila smiled slowly as she straightened her dress, her eyes still wide and on the huge horsy cock as Scott’s cum dribbled out of her pussyhole.

Part 2

Weeks went by and Scott was still working on convincing his wife to take the horsy cock. She was still avidly fucking their Rockys, but while doing so Scott was playing horsy sex porno movies on the TV for his wife to see as she knotted the canines. Mila would get particularly turned on seeing the huge horsy cock erupting a flood of sperm into various slut-holes. Scott even had some beast sex videos with men fucking female cows and horsys. He fisted his wife’s pussy every chance he could get, getting her ready to take a huge cock! It seemed she was growing more and more ready for the horsy meat!

Scott knew he had to enlist the help of his father in order for Mila to enjoy her first horsy fucking and for everything to go smoothly. He talked with his father about his intentions and even admitted his wife’s penchant for Rocky sex. Rich was very open-minded, and had been told years ago about his other son’s girlfriend fucking the horsy and wasn’t mad about it at all. In fact, Rich was quite turned on at the thought of a petite woman underneath his big horsy! Now he was even more turned on hearing that his sexy, young daughter-in-law fucked Rockys and was contemplating fucking a horsy, too!

Rich and Scott worked together to fashion restraints for the horsy so it wouldn’t hurt Mila when bucking at her, as well as a platform for Mila to lay upon under the huge animal. On the big day when Mila finally decided to give horsy sex a try, Rich was able to convince Lily to take their granddaughter to the park for the afternoon where she could stroll her around for awhile and whatnot.

Mila was nervous but very excited. Earlier that day, to prepare herself, she fucked all three of her Rockys — taking the knot and sperm and all. Her pussy was still oozing Rocky cum when she and Scott arrived at his parents’ house with Kiki. Lily was happy to see her granddaughter and eagerly whisked her away for a nice day in the park. Rich stayed behind, knowing his daughter-in-law was soon going to have some fun of her own.

After Scott’s mom left with his daughter, he took Mila out in the big yard and immediately pulled her dress off, leaving her naked in the sunshine. She giggled. Then he laid her down on the hammock and fucked her precariously, making the trees shake and more Rocky cum start oozing out of her pussyhole. He didn’t cum yet, so he picked her up while his cock was still inside of her and carried her to the picnic table where he bent her over so he could fuck her asshole from behind. Then he carried her to a patch of thick grass and fucked her from behind while she was on her hands and knees, switching between her dripping pussy and her tight asshole. Mila was loving all the outdoor fun! She was moaning unabashedly as her husband nailed her holes. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to her, her father-in-law was watching their antics from the front window as he stroked his hard cock!

Finally, Scott shot his load inside Mila’s asshole after fucking her ass and pussy all over the yard. Despite being covered with grass and dirt, she loved it! He led her to the stables, his father watching from the window, cock still in hand. Mila and Scott disappeared into the stables. Rich quietly crept out of the house to follow his son and daughter-in-law. When Rich peered in, he saw Mila under the horsy, naked and giggling as she rubbed and pulled on its descending prick. Half the animal’s cock had already emerged. The platform was out and ready.

Rich’s hard prick twinged as he watched Mila rub the engorged horsy meat in between her voluptuous D cup breasts. Scott was watching his wife’s bestial antics, stroking his cock at the sight of her slapping the giant cock against her petite body. Jasper was snorting and getting visibly more excited. Scott then led Mila over to the platform and had her lay on her back under the horsy. As soon as she spread her legs open, semen started dripping from her pussyhole. Rich shuddered and entered the stables, clearing his throat.

Mila gasped as she saw her father-in-law. His eyes were on her fat mound with her juicy, engorged cunt meat hanging from her pussylips. Her eyes fell to Rich’s cock, big and hard, about the same size as Scott’s — 8″ or so. Mila began struggling to cover herself and get to her feet, but Scott assured her that his dad just wanted to watch her fuck his horsy and had helped with the plans to get Lily and baby Kiki to the park. The men walked over to Mila as she lay under the horsy, its huge cock dangling near her face and heaving chest.

Both Scott and Rich’s cocks were raging hard at the sight of naked Mila under the beast. She swallowed hard, and felt a little more turned on knowing her father-in-law wanted to see her fuck Jasper. The men patted the horsy and kept it calm as Mila picked its huge cock up in both her small hands. She rubbed the long shaft up and down, feeling the hard weight of the giant muscle.

“Lick it, Mila. Suck it,” said Scott lustfully, his cock jerking in his hand. His eyes were on her gaping pussyhole that was leaking cum. Mila obeyed, putting her voluptuous lips against the smooth meat and kissing and licking a trail up and down it. The men patted the horsy with one hand and jacked their pricks in the other while watching Mila sucking on the horsy cock. She jerked the horsy prick as she kissed, licked, and sucked it all over. Then she moved her head out toward both Scott and Rich’s pricks, reaching her hand for their cocks.

She began alternately sucking and jerking her father-in-law’s cock, her husband’s cock, and the giant horsy cock. The men were ready to blow at the sexy sight. Jasper was ready to fuck, too, his cock fully erect at nearly 2ft long and thicker than her arm. He tramped the ground excitedly, and Mila knew the animal was ready to penetrate a womb.

Scott helped Mila down on her back, securing her legs in stirrups attached to the platform and preparing the horsy for restraint. He knew the animal was about to raise up and start bucking his haunches at Mila. Rich and Scott helped the animal’s front legs up and got them strapped and restrained on the apparatus they had constructed for the impending bestiality scene. Once the horsy had risen up, its turgid prick stood straight out towards the prone, petite woman beneath it. Scott walked up and began teasing Mila with the horsy meat, rubbing it all along her wet slit, making her moan. Rich continued jacking his cock at the lewd scene.

Mila held the huge horsy dick in both hands, jerking it hard as her husband rubbed the head of its cock all over her pussy. She shuddered as the flared cockhead pressed against her clit. Scott knew he’d hit the sweet spot, and continued slapping and rubbing the huge horsy cock against her clitty while she grinded her hips at it. What a beast slut! Scott loved her even more seeing her hips gyrating in anticipation of getting some horsy meat in her hole! A bit of pre-cum oozed from Scott’s own cockhead as he looked down at his sexy wife.

She moaned as she felt the huge, rubbery cockhead parting her slick cuntlips. The animal was quite excited, and began bucking its hips once it felt the warmth of Mila’s cunt around its cockhead. Scott guided the huge cock into Mila’s hole as her cries filled the stable. Rich jacked his cock even harder at the sight of the horsy meat entering Mila’s hole. She began wailing, feeling split open by the gigantic prick filling her cunt. The cock was huge as it was, but the animal’s forceful thrusts to get further inside of her was enough to make Mila nearly pass out.

It felt like the horsy was splitting her pussy apart! She groaned, her face flushed and sweaty, her dark blond hair matted with sweat. Her thick lips hung open with the pleasurable pain filling her loins. The horsy bucked again, shoving a few more inches of meat into her cunt. Scott kept his hands on the huge shaft, guiding it into Mila’s pussy. She moaned steadily as her pussy stretched around the huge cock, feeling incredibly thankful for all the loads of cum lubricating her hole for the ginormous piece of meat.

Both Mila and Scott’s hands were on the giant shaft, guiding it deeper inside of her. Scott’s father walked up and began rubbing on Mila’s nipples and clit while the horsy cock entered her further. Her moans of pleasure made both Scott and Rich’s pricks even harder. The animal bucked at Mila again and again, slow and hard, delving as deep into her as possible. The horsy cock bottomed out in Mila’s cervix, not even halfway inside of her. She wailed with the orgiastic pleasure that was overwhelming her.

“Ah, yes, fuck, don’t stop, yes, rub my clit, oooh yes, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum with this giant horsy prick inside my pussy, ooh yes, yes, don’t stop, Rich, rub my clitty, oh yes, yes Scott, jerk that cock hard inside my cunt! Make him cum in me! Make him cum in me!” Mila exclaimed.

Scott jerked the horsy cock steadily, pumping the large shaft that reached deep inside his petite wife. Mila was breathless, her orgasm about to explode throughout her body. Rich kept a hand on his cock and a hand on her clit as she writhed beneath the huge, bucking horsy. Mila wailed loudly as her orgasm surged from within, her pussy muscles clamping down around the large cock in her hole. Jasper snorted and thrust inside her one final time. Mila cried out.

“Oh my God, he’s cumming in me, shit, fuck, oh my God! Ohhhhh!” wailed Mila as she felt the hot spurts of semen flood her insides. Immediately horsy cum began leaking out of her pussy around the huge cock inside of her. Scott gasped at the sight, his own prick nearly exploding. He pulled a couple inches of the cock out of her as the animal continued sperming inside of her, making more horsy cum drip out of her hole. Scott continued pulling the horsy cock out as Mila squirmed, feeling the spurts of cum shooting into her pussyhole again and again. She was about to cum again, almost immediately after her last orgasm subsided. Rich was still rubbing her clit and pumping his cock at the sight of the animal ejaculating in the petite, busty woman’s cunt.

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