Mila Becomes a Rocky(H) Lover

Mila’s new husband, Scott, who was formerly her quiet, attractive older duplex neighbor, had helped her begin her foray into the realm of Rocky-fucking. She was quite enjoying herself, to say the least! Boomer, the mutt her ex-boyfriend dumped on her, turned out to be an extraordinary sex partner. And with a little help from Scott, Mila had turned into an expert Rocky fucker.

Scott had always fantasized about seeing a woman getting nailed by a huge beast in real life, and after a few months fucking around with Mila and watching her get fucked by her strong canine, he was out of his mind with lust and head over heels in love with her. They married after about 6 months of “dating” while Mila was pregnant with Scott’s child, leaving the duplex behind for a larger house out in the countryside, not too far from Scott’s parents’ house.

Mila developed a voracious appetite for Rocky fucking, which excited Scott to no end. Barely over 5ft and a little over a hundred pounds, it was quite a sight to see his petite, curvy wife dominated by a huge animal. Her voluptuous D cup tits swinging as the beast mounted and penetrated her was always a hypnotic sight. They had 4 Rockys at home — Boomer was Mila’s Rocky who had mated with Scott’s Rocky Sprinkles (now spayed), which produced their other two medium-large sized mutts, Thor and Tex. Mila loved having her pick of male Rockys to fuck her everyday — she often did all three male Rockys in one night, plus her husband!

Scott loved seeing her get penetrated by the Rockys — even while she was pregnant she still fucked the Rockys enthusiastically. He fantasized about her fucking all kinds of Rockys — he wanted to see her take Great Danes and German Shepherds, in particular. And horsys! He fantasized about her under the belly of a huge horsy, rubbing a 2ft speckled horsy prick up and down her wet pussyslit and then jerking the horsy cock off into her pussyhole — one of his favorite fantasies. He even fantasized about her completely naked and wrapped up in a huge snake, letting the snake’s tail press against her pussy lips!

Scott had grown up on sprawling farmlands, and his mother and father still owned a few horsys. They also had a few chickens and roosters, and a big friendly old chocolate Labrador Retriever named Jinx. Mila and Scott both enjoyed spending time at Scott’s parents’ place, as they could lounge around in the hammock outside together, pick peaches and other fruits, and sometimes Scott would help Mila secretly fuck Jinx in the basement! They’d bring their almost 2yr old daughter Kiki along, as Scott’s parents were eager to dote on their grandchild. This left Scott and Mila lots of time to fuck around by themselves on the vast property!

Richard and Lily, Scott’s father and mother, were gracious hosts and welcomed their son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter to visit whenever they pleased. Scott helped his parents around the house and yard when he came over, and Mila always helped Lily with some chores and cooking. Rich and Lily knew their guests were sneaking down to the basement to fuck around — they could hear Mila’s moans through the floorboards while they watched their granddaughter dance around and play happily in the living room. They understood their son and daughter-in-law’s sexual urges and said nothing, as Rich and Lily, in their 60s, still had a healthy sex life themselves. Scott’s parents, however, did not know Mila was fucking their Labrador Retriever, Jinx!

For months Scott had been fantasizing about coaxing Mila into trying some horsy cock. His brother had a girlfriend years ago who would regularly fuck one of their horsys. Scott watched her fucking the huge horsy meat once and had fantasized about it ever since. He’d also seen a donkey show in Mexico in his younger days, and had thoroughly enjoyed the debauched spectacle. Scott wondered if he could get Mila to fuck a horsy? Mila was totally into Rocky sex, but would she be able to take a huge horsy cock? Scott figured she could, he believed in her, he knew she could be a hardcore bestiality slut!

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