Mikey & Mrs. Jones

“Come on Ashley, touch it.”

“Uh uh.”

“Come on, please?”


“Please? Just once?”

“No Mikey! Now put it away before Daddy comes in and catches us.”

“Ashley!” he pleaded one last time.

“No! It’s time for you to go!”

Mikey groaned in frustration and began trying to bend his steel-hard dick back into his pants. He’d thought tonight was the night, finally. He and Ashley had been going out for 4 months and tonight she had allowed him to sneak into her room after her dad and step-mom had gone to bed. But after half an hour of her fending off his roving hands while she deigned to allow him to kiss her, he had finally whipped it out in an attempt to entice her into a little more contact.

No dice.

And now she was kicking him out. He grumbled to himself as he got to his feet and finally managed to wrangle the massive boner into his jeans. Ashley looked up from the bed and giggled as he carefully eased the zipper up over the resulting bulge. He frowned severely at her but she pretended not to notice as she stood also and closed her eyes, puckering her lips for a good night kiss.

She was 16, same as him. Petite, blonde, and beautiful, she stood only 5’2″ and weighed no more than 98 lbs, thanks to sticking her finger down her throat after every meal. She had big blue eyes and full pouty lips that were made for wrapping around a cock. Her tits were a decent 32C, but looked bigger on her tiny frame. She was a cheerleader, popular, and a major-league prick teaser.

For a long moment, Mikey glared at her, fantasizing about throwing her down and raping the shit out of her, but in the end he merely settled for a rapid, angry smack of a kiss as he kept his lips tightly closed. He wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of tongue. He turned away quickly before she could test his resolve.

Heading straight for the door, he didn’t even look back as she called after him, “Call me tomorrow.”

Gritting his teeth in frustration, he went out into the darkened hallway and promptly smashed his crotch into the corner of a table. Biting off the curse of pain, he froze long enough to be sure that the noise hadn’t woken Ashley’s parents, then pulled out his cell phone and used it to light his way. He was almost to the front door when a voice out of the darkness nearly startled him out of his skin.

“Freeze motherfucker!”

Mikey jumped so violently he dropped his phone. He spun toward the sound, raising his hands automatically.

“Don’t move fucker, I’ve got a gun!” It was a woman’s voice.

“M-M-Mrs. Jones?” Mikey queried timorously. At least he hoped it was her. And hoped that she would recognize him. He’d only met her a few times. “It’s me, Mikey.”

There was a long pause. He heard the tinkling of ice in a glass, then saw the glow of a cigarette in the darkness of the living room as she took a slow drag.

“What are you doing here, Mikey?” the voice asked coldly.


“Come here.”

After a brief hesitation, Mikey shuffled forward nervously.

“Oof!” He nearly tripped over the coffee table. Then a click sounded and he was squinting into the sudden glare of a table lamp. He still had his hands in the air, not sure if he was about to be shot. As his vision came into focus, he located the source of the voice. It was indeed Vanessa Jones, Ashley’s step-mom.

Mikey’s eyes bulged out of their sockets at the sight of her. She was a lot younger than Ashley’s dad, in her late 20’s he’d guess, with a dark latina complexion, beautiful face with big lips and huge dark eyes, long black hair, big round tits, curvy hips and a Kardashian ass. He’d whacked off thinking about her on more than one occasion. But he’d certainly never seen her like this.

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