Michelle being humiliated by Angela’s farts

Michelle was so very scared, being tied like this to her own bed, gagged for nobody to hear her muffled screams. Then moments later Angela sat her huge ass right on small Michelle’s face.

This caused Michelle to scream like crazy under her ass. A fart to the face made Michelle thrash even more. Angela, without saying a word carefully placed her ass in leggings on Michelle’s long nose( which sat proportionally on her face, her nostrils being long and narrow) and forced a smelly fart right in it. Michelle could do nothing but smell it. Angela pulled her leggings and brown panties off and then rubbed her ass all over her face.

She opened her huge butt cheeks on a scared Michelle’s nose. STAY TUNED FOR THE FULL STORY SOON. Also, I will be writing a story in which Lois Griffin and Meg Griffin are fart slaves to a visitor in Quahog. They are smothered by her huge tits, forced to suck them, and worse, forced to inhale her big ass GAS.

Now I will just tell a few fart fantasies I’d really love to see:

1. Kat Dennings smothering Beth Behrs in her boobs.

2. Melissa Mccarthy farting on Sandra Bullock (blonde).

3. Nicki Minaj doubles her ass size and has Kerry Washington as her fart slave.

4. Berlin farting on Kelsey Obsession.

5. Megan Fox being a BBW’s fart slave.

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