Mercilessly Raped By Two Rocky(D)s

Hi readers, this is my second story, so please forgive me if there are some errors. Ratings and feedback are very much appreciated. If bestiality is not your thing, I advise you to not read this story. Also, sorry for the lack of length, I ran out of inspiration. Enjoy 🙂

My name is Abby, and I live in a modest single room apartment in a small town in California. Although others consider me rather pretty with long, flowing brown hair, flawless pale skin, average-sized breasts and a slim figure, I always had trouble with relationships. I would date a man for a few days to months before realizing that all they wanted was my body. Most of them take me out to dinner and try to get me drunk, as if I didn’t know what they were planning. This happens every time. I’m not sure if I believe in love, because this is all life has offered me: horny men.
I work as a waitress in a popular restaurant, and the pay is far from sufficient. $15 an hour and maybe a couple extra bucks from tips is barely enough to pay for meals, let alone luxuries such as fancy clothes and jewelry. The only good thing is that we have break days, and mine are on Saturday. At the moment, I am trying to get an office job as a typist, because I am good with computers to an extent. If I manage to get one, I can only imagine how much more comfortably I can live.

My parents worked as pharmacists in their own store, but after a few years another competing pharmacy opened up down the road. Eventually, they closed the store and retired. The money my parents provided were barely enough to pay for my college fees, and after 4 years I had no more to continue. My instructors said it was a pity because I was a smart and honest student.

There is a trail by a river a little more than half a mile away from my apartment. It has large trees, healthy green grass, and crystal clear flowing water that produces a relaxing gushing sound. Birds chirp from branches, crickets click from the plants, and fish swim with the flow of the river. The scent of fresh grass fills the air, and the experience is unlike any other. For some reason, rarely anyone else comes here, so I can enjoy this place alone. Whenever I have free time on my hands, or am stressed out, I walk along the trail, sometimes closing my eyes and imagining myself as part of this wonderland, perhaps one of the birds, singing songs and flying free in the skies.

This particular Saturday evening, I strolled along the worn-down trail of dirt, humming along with the birds. This place is my escape from reality; I don’t have to worry about issues like love or money here. I simply enjoy the beautiful scenery and life in bliss. A barking sound came from nearby, and I turned my head to see a large Rocky emerge from behind a tree. It had velvety black fur that shined in the sunlight. This was the first time I had ever seen a Rocky here, so I was happily surprised.

“Come here, boy,” I smiled at the adorable animal. I slowly walked towards it onto the grass, and it ran to me and immediately started sniffing my crotch. I laughed and tried to push the Rocky away, but it persisted. I noticed the Rocky’s growing penis, and became uneasy.

“That’s enough,” I firmly stated. Then, something collided with my back and knocked me down. Instinctively, I threw my hands out and bent my knees to stop my fall, and found myelf on my hands and knees like an animal. Shocked, I looked up to find another Rocky of the same kind staring at me along with the first. My back achied from the impact, but I was frozen in terror.It was larger and had large, intimidating eyes that gave it a hostile appearance unlike the first. I panicked and tried to stand up and run, but a paw pressed me down.

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