Men becareful if you upset your wife or partner

Rosey, was a 45 year old, married lady whom I made the acquaintance of through a mutual friend. She stood five feet eight tall and although what would be commonly referred to as a bbw figure, her largish breast had very responsive nipples. She was a very sexy lady who reveled in being told what to do.

It had been almost twelve months since our first contact over the internet, basically as friends to chat with, even though she was married the sexy banter was fun and over the last two months the sexual fun had become too good to call a halt.

After our second meeting, she informed me, as we chatted on line, that her husband regularly demanded sex with out any fore thought about her own feelings or wants. Usually causing massive rows if she even dared to think of refusing him and never caring about whether her needs were satisfied or not; as this had gone on now for a number of years she could not see it ever changing.

One day whilst chatting on line, She mentioned her husband was being an absolute pig again and joking she said she wished he would have an accident for being so uninterested in her needs and feelings.

I asked “What is your sense of revenge like?”

“I could never hurt him no matter what he has done” she said thinking I was planning an accident for her Old Man.

I assured her that I was not thinking of an accident befalling her other half, I simply said “I was thinking more of giving him a taste of his own medicine”

“I would have no worries carrying out a revenge plan, especially on him providing no one actually got hurt” she replied.

So here is the story of her one time revenge over her pig of a husband.

Part of Rosey’s make up was that she preferred to be told exactly what to do, so any actions she carried out could be guilt free, as she was only obeying orders.

Therefore I informed Rosey, she should purchase some carrots, big ones but not too large. Next day she should peel a carrot before, whilst home alone, beginning around 9.00am she should place the peeled carrot up her pussy.

She was then to lay back and fuck her pussy with the carrot thinking of me at my home taking time to lick her pussy to numerous orgasms. During the rest of the day she should keep the carrot inside her and frequently masturbate herself on the carrot.

Rosey informed me that she managed several cums on the carrot and it felt really weird parading around in front of her unsuspecting husband with it wedge inside her pussy. On more than one occasion she had to be really careful how she sat down and she admitted feeling it being pushed inside her on more than one occasion.

When it was time to go to bed, she should again make sure she orgasmed on the carrot and if possible to leave it inside as long as possible. Then remove the carrot and pop it into a plastic bag, put it safe until the following day. She managed to go off to the bathroom on the pretext of going for a shower.

She gave herself a leisurely fuck on the carrot managing not one orgasm but three. To prevent the carrot falling out she wore a pair of lacy panties during her shower. She confessed that the feeling was wonderfully strange as she showered with her cunt muscles gripping on the carrot deep inside her pussy.

Just as she was finishing her shower, her husband knocked on the door saying “I have an early start tomorrow, so I am going straight to bed. Don’t disturb me when you come in”

Now no longer fearing her husband may want his conjugal rights, she realized she need not pop the soaking carrot into a re-sealable plastic bag, instead it could marinate over night in her pussy juices. She quietly came out of the bathroom and wandered downstairs, went into the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea.

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